This Is Why Remember Me Is A Great Piece Of Science Fiction

Maybe you’re on the fence about Remember Me, the cyberpunk action/platformer hybrid that came out this week. Critical reaction to the Capcom published has been all over the map, but Kotaku video editor Chris Person and I found a lot to like about it.

In the video above, we talk about Remember Me as an example of sci-fi social commentary, what it has to say about the Singularity and how it continues a great tradition of French video game development.


    I'm appreciating the attention that Kotaku is giving this game. Considering it's a brand new IP and a first game from the studio, I think it should be judged on it's merits in relation to these facts rather than putting it on the same level of Assassins Creed when evaluating it.

    If a studio's first shot at a big game is anything like this rather than just a port or a new Call of Duty, then I think we should do everything we can to support them.

      Indeed indeed. I'm actually pretty disappointed I'm broke right now cause I need to pick it up, looks like a pretty cool game even if it's a bit rough and the gameplay mostly isn't anything groundbreaking.

      Well put.

      The new IP is interesting enough in itself to warrant a purchase for me. Definitely want to support these types of moves by devs/pubs.

    As far as I'm concerned, the game is pretty damned good so far, I'm just at the start of chapter 3, the first 2 and the tutorial took me 2 and a half hours. I dare say I could have halved the time if I wasn't getting distracted by how gorgeous the game is, reading the really interesting journal entries about neo-paris & the sensens and generally wandering saying "oooh".

    Some of the game's criticism is valid, it is in many ways trying to occupy the space where Arkham Asylum & Assassin's Creed converge and its not as good as either at their core features. The combat is clunky and fairly unforgiving (the latter being a plus in my book, I am a Dark Souls man) and fails to get to the same flowing perfection that Arkham Asylum did. The climbing (and game in general so far) is solidly linear, it feels more akin to the Uncharted style of having one path to traverse rather than the Assassins Creed open climbing feeling.

    I seriously think half of the ridiculously negative reviews are people going in expecting something they don't get rather than having a real issue with the game itself.

    All in all I'm having a blast with it, if the quality remains this good and the game only lasts 8 hours then it's still double the length and about a hundred times the fun of any generic call of duty bullshit

    Purchased on Steam to show support for the effort and new ideas being tried here.
    I haven't made a start, but the UI alone looks great.
    Also, here's a pretty interesting web-based back story with especially intelligent control of sound, if you're interested in web apps:

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