Why Not Spend 16 Minutes With The English Version Of Phoenix Wright On The 3DS

For the longest time I've watched trailers for the upcoming Phoenix Wright. It's been good and all, but it's just not the same when you can't hear the 'OBJECTION' we've come to know and love. Now Nintendo World Report has posted a 16 minute hands on with the English version of the game. I need this in my life!

In case you didn't know I'm pretty hyped for the new Ace Attorney, mainly because it's been ages since we've had a true visual update to the series. That and... well, it looks as though it's taking the series all the way back to its roots, a fact I find heartening.

Can't wait for this. You can read the full hands on preview here.


    Thank you, Mark. I am glad to have this in my life. Now for the rest...

    It's wrong to spoil this for myself so early

    but it feels so wright

    It's funny, but I find it harder to get excited for this game knowing that the originals are all on the App store for about $3 each.

    I love my 3DS and I normally accept that for a game like this it's ok to pay $50-$70, but the difference in quality between a game like this and a cheap phone download is becoming less and less. How can Capcom justify a full priced game and then re-release them with such a ridiculous price discrepency?

      The phone versions are released years after the release of the original Nintendo handheld versions, long after Capcom has made their money back on the cost of development.

      The cost of porting them to phones is low enough that they can afford to charge much less to a market that wouldn't be prepared to pay for them at a higher price point anyway.

      The original versions of these games are much more expensive for Capcom to develop, and have additional costs associated with their distribution that the phone versions don't which are in turn passed on to the consumer.

    Graphically, this looks so faithful to the originals. :D Will be one of the first games I get when I pick up a 3DS.

    Not watching this as I don't want anything spoiled. Will be getting this day one anyway :D

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