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Welcome to Community Kudos! A friendly place where we all get in a big circle and hug each other. It's very different to over at Potaku, where they gather in a square and embrace. This post is to recognise all the best commenters - I'll try and get everyone's name right and stay true to the format laid down by the senior porridge pusher. Here goes!

There possibly was less noms this week than there could have been, because I only jumped into TAY this morning to confirm my email address. But well done to the vigilant few who sent theirs in. I'd ask you to not sign me up to questionable online mailing lists, but only because I already read those emails and don't need them twice.

First up is Pixel the Ferret Viking:

First of all i would like to nom Tech Knight and Scree for organising THE.BEST.DAMN.MEAT ever! soooo much fun, my voice is still croaky.

Mandatory noms for all people in attendance, and for singing the best Bohemian Rhapsody ever.

Secondly all the peeps that gifted me stuff during the steam sale (Freeze Preston, Rize, The Cracks, Tigerion and Shane) they are damn awesome people...

Extra noms for Tech knight for singing Don't Stop Me Now!

So that's what you guys do at the meats, eh?

Next up is Greenius. He noms me for looking after Kotaku. Aw, shucks. This guy, amirite? He follows up with:



He kind of goes on like that for a while, but we got one of our circus ninjas to scour the email for the hidden message:

Kudos to:

NegativeZero for giving me a lift to and from PAX masha2932 for walking through the rain to buy everyone Golden Gaytimes at PAX. GAYTIME FRIDAY! Tech Knight and scree for organising the massive TAYbie gathering at karaoke on Saturday night

and... everyone for being super awesome at PAX!

Anti-kudos to everyone who was at PAX that I didn't see. DO YOU EVEN EXIST NOTORIOUSR?!

Roger that. Negative kudos to NotoriousR. If no one positively noms Notorious now, that'll carry over to next week, and after that it'll gain interest at a rate of -1 per week.

Scree mails in with this:

I would like to Nominate Tech Knight for helping me with the Karaoke meat and taking over it when I wasn't well enough to be a good host. I would also like to nominate Gorzilla and Ser Nobulus because they carried my bags for me at Pax allowing me to navigate stairs and have photos taken. Also those who came to karaoke and had a good time. Oh alright, I also nominate those who didn't have a good time. And of course to everyone I meet up with pax. Oh nomination also to Freeze for buying me RPG maker. Working on that game now so I don't disappoint! I nominate Virus because he gifted me operation racoon city while I was at pax! Extra nominations to Gorzilla because he helped me to move hard rubbish that was too heavy for me to move on my own.

I'm putting a note down here to +1 just about everyone on the planet - those who did and didn't have a good time - but I notice you conspicuously left out everyone in the exact middle of that scale. Bad luck to the indifferent.

Here's ColdCamV:

@dc for being the awesome guy that TAY hinges on for when he disappears we go into chaos.

Hear that DC? Things get wild as soon as you leave the room :P

With both PAX and steam sales going on there is a huge number of noms that are deserved. First nom goes out to @coldcamv for the multiple gifting of fallout:NV So many other people are deserving of noms but instead they can all go to @Scree and @tech_knight for the work they did in organsing the karaoke meat. Everybody was talking about doing a meat during PAX when so many taybies were coming to the one place but it was scree who got the process moving and locked in a plan. Then techie jumped in with the organisation that only a robot can bring and helped make it a reality. Getting at least 35 of us in one place at one time was an achievement and certainly nom worthy.

And the final nom is a little late but goes out to the team at AeroVelo for winning the AHS Sikorsky Prize after it had been first offered 33 years ago. Truly inspiring. Since they aren't about, give the nom to @redartifice for bring it to my attention

On the phone to AeroVelo right now, informing them they've won some stuff from Kotaku AU's desk. They actually sound really excited.

AlexPants conveys this one via telepathy:

- My Brotakus Doc and Shiggy for obvious reasons - Jordi for carting us around Melbourne all weekend - Tech Knight and Scree who I understand were responsible for organising the epic karaoke night on Saturday - Everyone who played Johann Sebastian Joust with us, as seen in this convenient montage video - - definitely one of the best parts of PAX

I didn't get a chance to play JSJ, and I feel very silly about that.

Here come the circus ninjas again for Masha's novel:

I just want to say thanks to the whole Kotaku community who attended PAX for a great time in Melbourne. People met up and were happy to just hang out and walk on the show floor together.It was nice to meet all the new people who had just been usernames and gravatars up to that point and also the other TAYbies who I had met before, it was nice to see them again and just spend a weekend together.

1. Special noms to Scree and Tech Knight for organising a fun night of Karaoke on Saturday. Noms to Cakesmith too for getting people to sing on the night

2. Noms to Greenius and The Cracks for gifting me some steam games during the Steam Summer Sale. Hopefully I get a chance to play the games soon.

3. Noms to Johnarus(I might have got this username wrong) who we met in one of the lines at PAX. He just heard us talking about Kotaku and introduced himself. I hope he feels up to commenting more on TAY.

4. Noms to Sughly for his compliments on the Joust video and for being a good artist. He sometimes draws replies to comments on TAY and they are always funny.

5. Noms to Doc What, Shiggy and Alex for their great work on Potaku during PAX.

6. Also thanks to Mike Tarno for being a cool dude, hanging out most of the weekend and for a fun game of Joust.

7. Noms to F4ction for hosting a large number of people at his house for PAX. I'm sure he saved people a lot in accommodation costs.

8. And finally thanks to you and Alex for holding the fort while Mark is away.

This is gunna be tough! So many cool things happening at PAX, and so many good deeds done in the Steam sale.

Dire Wolf says:

I want to nominate all the people who were at PAX. Also, anti noms for all the people who weren't at PAX.

Snap! That's, like, a whole bunch of people on the new anti-kudos interest system. The kudos bank will be rich.

Shane says:

@benny for answering the call to action and buying a game for @pixel_the_ferret_viking in the dying minutes of the Steam Sales, when Pixel couldn’t log on. @transientmind for sending an iPad for my kid for ridiculously little recompense. And @freezespreston and @izzy for offering up their iPhone 4’s to my technologically-bereft wife (she has an iPhone 3).

Can we all have a moment of silence for Shane's wife, for having to deal with an iPhone 3 for so long?


Okay. Let's continue. Redartifice had happy birthday times, thanks to you guys:

Missed last weeks noms due to PAX, so: kudos noms for The Cracks for sending multiple bundles of Steam goodness my way over the past two weeks! And to all those who wished me a happy birthday (including some like Mythamphetamine and Crazyguy who wished it with games!)

Sughly gets in at the last minute with this one:

I nom: NOONE! Hahaha! Theyre all jerks, I hate them all.

Scandalous! But then he continues...

Nahhhhh I nom @bdkiaf, he's alright I guess. He gave me a free 3ds, so I guess that has to count for something. Yeah give one to him.

And that's it!

So because of the raw effort involved, and adding to an already great thing, this week goes to Scree! Well done on organising all the karaoke stuff, it sounds like a whole heap o' fun. I now officially pass the task of sending you something cool and awesome to Mad Dog Serrels. Enjoy! Wheeeeeee.

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Walking through the rain to get ice cream!? @masha2932, geez... you just have nice pouring out of every pore of your skin dont you

      Ha ha, the kindness ooze is had to clean up though.

      Thanks a lot, I have loved the 'Sughly compliments Masha day.'


        Haha! Well, honestly, its been a long time coming Ive been meaning to point out how awesome you are. See, days not over yet!

        ...but thats the last one.

    WOOOOO! Congrats Scree! Congrats to the nominees! Thanks for the nom too, @coldcamV. You're awesome.

      Well it's true, 36 notifications of how TAYs gone into meltdown while your watching Pacific Rim can't be wrong haha

    I wanna nominate everyone in TAY for being awesome :)

    And now please, a moments silence for everyones wallets... who will be remembered after this years STEAM SALES... never shall we forget...


      You really should stop talking to a figment of your imagination.

        He likes cool things like Naughty Dog games, bokeh and random indie titles I might've overlooked like Mark of the Ninja and 30 Flights of Loving :-)

    HEY! That's not fair! If it weren't for @tech_knight we wouldn't have had a room. He paid the deposit and also helped out a lot when I couldn't. Please give him kudos, not me.

    It was great meeting soo many of you and especially F4ction. Awesome dude for looking after us soo well.

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