Get Your First Play On The Xbox One At EB Games Expo 2013

The upcoming EB Games Expo will be the Australian public's first chance to get a their claws on the Xbox One, with a massive section promised for people to play a trio of new games for the full duration of the show.

Over 100 consoles will be there, with at least three games on offer: Ryse, Battlefield 4, and Killer Instinct. Microsoft is staying mum on whether Battlefield 4 will be singleplayer or multiplayer. There will also be presentations from game makers developing on the One, and the chance to see Kinect 2.0.

The EB Games Expo 2013 runs October 4-6 at Sydney Showgrounds. It looks like some allocations of tickets are already sold out - you can grab them here.


    I would much rather wait until it is released before I have a go at it. An Expo is good and all, but a release such as this is a milestone. I don't want to wade through thousands of people, wait over an hr, maybe two just to play maybe 3-5 minutes on a controller that has been touched by god knows who. Its a great console but for me? I'll wait till release date.

    I don't need EBX any more, I've got PAX.

      I feel the same way. Hard to imagine it competing in terms of atmosphere.

        The only thing wrong with PAX Australia was that it should have been held in Sydney. I'm thinking Darling Harbour.

          Sorry but I'm voting you down, because Melbourne :P

            I thought all the cold, wind and rain, combined with the long queues because of the small venue, detracted somewhat from the experience, but maybe the Melbourne locals are used to those things :-)

              As Tycho said during the Q&A Panel on the last day of PAX, the first expo is always small. They have to test the waters, then the next year they can get a bigger venue and such.
              Regarding Sydney vs Melbourne, I'm in Canberra, and after being to both this year, I would much prefer it to be in Melbourne. It would be worth the twice-as-long trip.

        Haha, considering your former employers are doing a large coverage of EBX, that is news that will depress my boss at EBGames considerably.

          I'm sure there'll be no shortage of colour & movement. But the camera doesn't capture those feels.

    Wasn't there hands on at PAX Melbourne?

      Hands on a totally sweet, totally empty glass cabinet!

      No, we just got to look at an empty box, until they put a sign in it saying that there would be an Xbone replacing the sign at some stage.

    Me and my brother were walking through the Exhibition Hall on Friday and we happened to see the Xbox One in the glass box. There was literally no wait, we were let in for as long as we want and we were able to get pictures from all angles.

    Oh, and now that I think about it- as we were leaving the Exhibition Hall on Sunday night, we had a second opportunity to get up and close with the Xbox One again, but we decided against it so that we could catch a taxi faster.

    If you didn't manage to get up close with the Xbox One, it was probably just due to bad timing.

    I thought it was a disgrace that the Xbone was not playable at PAX. very poor form that Microsoft didn't recognise that PAX would be one of the best opportunities to show the full potential of their console by letting people play it.

    Save the $50 and wait a month to buy the console. This Expo is on way too late. Make it July or August.

    Considering the tickets for PAX went like hotcakes and the eBay prices were scam-like I missed PAX. Thinking of flying up from Melbourne for EB Expo though...we'll see. Already pre-ordered an X1 though.

    I so want to try ryse......BF4 and DR3 already ordered......kinda hanging to see if ryse is any good?

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