Now There's Something In The Xbox One Case!

I'm not sure if my post had anything to do with this, but after returning from the media room to the expo floor, I was greeted by the following sign.

Sorry for the almost one-liner — it's not my usual style but I thought you guys deserved an update! Hopefully there will be a console in it next time I pass by.


    Whats so special about this that you can only see it at certain times for only 2 hours a day ????

      Perceived Scarcity. Marketing tactic.

        Also if they get all 20 of the people interested in the XBone at the same time, it will look like it's more popular than said 20 ppl trickling in 2 at a time throughout the day.

        I can imagine the marketing brief:

        "Leave an empty box. Make people wonder what's going on. Get people talking about it online, and posting photos of the empty box"

        Seems to be working so far.

      that's their new DRM policy

      Maybe they only built one console and it has to be on display at 3 other places each day!

      I wonder if it's because they need somebody standing there with it to make sure it doesn't get stolen or whatever, and MS don't want to pay somebody to do that on a full-time basis? So they'll bring it along, hang around for a couple of hours, then leave again.

        I doubt it. Microsoft is a company that makes how much money a year? Paying someone $20 an hour or whatever isn't going to break their bank.

      They aren't even the same 2 hours each day. Gotta make sure everyones paying attention.

    Lol i just can't get over how tacky that display case is. Looks like the casing they use in a cash convertors store for 2nd hand watches

      We're making fun of the Xbone for some random display case now? Oh, Internet.

        If you were showcasing something that's as big as the next gen consols you would think they would not half ass their presentation, it's pretty anti climatic.

        "hey Jim set up the xbox one display here"
        "Bob, Looks like ms forgot their display case for it"
        " Just grab the spare 1990s kodak display in the basement and use that, no one will notice"

          It's just... a glass case. Pretty much indistinguishable from every other display case used for every other product at every other convention.

          Let's be honest, if the PS4 was put in that case, nobody would have said anything. But then again, I guess now that the online requirement is gone, all there is left to make fun of is pointless stuff like glass boxes.

            If an XBOX One had of been in that case I don't think anyone would have said anything either.

            One might just be being a bit facetious when making fun of the glass case. You know, in a "har-har, they've screwed everything else up, might as well poke a little fun and have a laugh" kind of way. In that regard I would assume most of the comments here aren't taking things too seriously.

            Your last claim is kind of ignorant though. I don't know if the reception of said glass case would have been any different (though you could argue that if it actually had something in it, people would be far less focused on the quality of the display) with a PS4, but implying that the online requirement is/was the only dealbreaker when it comes to the Xbox is a bit iffy. There are many ways one could poke fun at either console, and Microsoft's marketing this generation hasn't exactly put them in a great spot in that regard.

            TLDR: don't take it so seriously. Just a few harmless jokes about a glass case in the aftermath of already shoddy marketing. No srs business.

              Oh totally. I know the online requirement was/is just one of a few complaints about the Xbone. It probably was the biggest, but I wasn't being entirely serious with that remark.

              Last edited 19/07/13 6:17 pm

                Cool cool. Honestly like I said, if there were actually something in the box I'm sure the case wouldn't have even been mentioned. I mean, this entire article's about an empty glass case... Gotta toss a few jokes around :P

            I'm sure if ps4 had a display it would have been one using a borderless case with contrasting colours aimed at all the fine detailing ect...

    I don't see a TV or anything there... is it actually going to be doing anything even when it IS on display? Or is it just gonna be the box sitting there in the case? Seems kind of pointless...

      The box will only be sitting in the case for a limited time! Doesn't that make you want to see it now??

    I sure hope they don't use PCs with "similar specs" again like that fiasco with the GTX780s.

    I find it amusing that at Comic Con, Microsoft has booths allowing the public to play upcoming games (Ryse and Killer Instinct) on their brand new console, but here in Australia at a convention purely devoted to gaming (as much as I'm aware PAX is predominantly about video games) the general public is only allowed to look at the damn console inside a glass box for only 2 hours once every day. . .

    "Come and see Xbox One"

    Is this a performer called Xbox One that will entertain and amuse while Microsoft pickpocket everyone in attendance?

    The grammar nazi in me is spinning

      jeebas, this display really is doing my OCD in lol.

      > Come & See
      > using "&"
      > &
      > Sign made with ms paint and printed out via potato.

      Would been a good chance to showcase one of their tablets with a video presentation of the xbone times and maybe even the xbone's features.

      Nah we will just put together a tacky paper sign mid way through the day.

        Ha ha! It does seem like a poor attempt to promote the machine.

        And I hate to nit pick, but "Come and see the Xbox One" just looks like the nicer sentence.

      Damn, now I'm picturing a guy in a Zbox One shirt tap dancing on the display cabinet for two hours a day...

        I'm seeing an old man in x-box undies with the number 1 on the front of them. He is dancing to sex bomb by Tom Jones.

    Obviously fearful of a nation founded by convicts

    Hey Kotaku, I want a ticket to either Saturday or Sunday at PAX, do you have one I can have? Happy to wear any stupid costume you give me or hand-out flyers for Allure-Media. I'm like whatever, I just really want to go and couldn't afford a ticket when they went on sale. Pretty please :)

    I'm in the line for the Xbone presentation now at the main hall. It's absolutely packed and Enforcers are trying to squeeze everyone closer together to allow more in. The biggest line I've seen so far.

    Please show something interesting , m$. I.e. something we haven't already seen countless times over the past month.

    Something something David Attenborough voice something something "in the wild"... Hell, I can't even bring myself to put a whole joke together; I'm sick of all this Xbox One controversy already.

    Ok so it says Friday 2pm-4pm, its Friday, you posted this article at 3:15pm......................... Still no XBone...........??

    I found it amusing that at some point during the second day, the empty glass case aquired a black sheet over it, as evidenced by this photo I snapped yesterday (day 3):

    oh and can anyone spot the Assassin? ;)

    I didn't even bother with the xbox one. I wasn't going to line up to get a glimpse of a console. All I care about is what games it has.

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