State Of Decay To Go Live In 'A Few Hours'

The zombie-themed open world survival game is set to go live on Xbox Live Arcade in Australia in just a few hours, according to a statement on Undead Labs' Facebook page.

State of Decay had previously been refused classification due to the ability to use drugs - a major stickler for ratings systems around the world. But after a resubmission with a modified version, it was granted an R18+ rating, and it looks like today is the day we'll finally see it.

Undead Labs put this message on their Facebook page an hour ago:

In just a few hours, we will finally be live ALL around the world. That's right, Australia. We're rolling out in the wee hours, our time. It will take time to propogate, and so even though some of you may see it at 5 PM AWST/7 PM AEST, it may take longer for everyone to see it. Tomorrow will be our official Australian release party. If you live in that fine country, get ready to survive

In State of Decay, players need to find their own place to fortify against the infected, but will also need to manage other survivors and venture out for supplies. Read a little more about it here - Chris Person really wants you to play it.


    It's already out!

    Great news. But anyone that wanted it badly enough would of just bought it from the US marketplace like me.

      They must be going after my demographic. The, 'interested enough to buy, not interested enough to dick around with multiple account malarkey'. Less time spent dealing with Live's bullshit the better, for me and my kind.

      Hey Matty....not ever one has a US bank account....i tried using pay pal and it said wrong region with my us account...i did play the trial a few times ;)

        I'm pretty sure you can use any paypal account to buy US MSP from places like play-asia (other sites are available).
        The alternative was to wait until last week, and swap to a NZ region, where you could actually use your own MSP, rather than buy more.

        Personally, I couldn't be bothered dealing with region swapping - it's not like I had no games to play while I waited... Just glad I added some MSP to my account before the steam sale.

        Don't need a US bank account. Don't even need paypal.
        Just find a place online that'll sell you US MS Points and redeem ye code to your US Live account.

        Hey Nema! hows it going mate?

        I just bought 1600 msp US on amazon and put them on a us account i already had set up, no real hassle for me. Ive had more hassle just trying to install games on my pc haha

      Yep me too. I have enough Aud points for this - i dont wanna have to buy US points as well.

    Turns out the download is live for some (but oddly not all). I just started playing The Last of Us so this might have to wait...

    Wake me up when the PC version is available.

    Awh, I'm pleased by the personal touch. Timing is good if it turns out 5-7pm too, because initially when I saw 'in a couple hours', I was all, "But I'm at work, dammit!"

      I assume as I have the us trial I wont have to download it again ;)


    And a day earlier than I expected, too!

    "State of Decay had previously been refused classification due to the ability to use drugs – a major stickler for ratings systems around the world."

    Funny, I don't remember it being banned in any other country around the world. Just our sh*tty "Won't someone think of the children even though this is clearly for adults?" backwards one.

      It was banned in New Zealand and Germany, but we were just a bit slow in the reclassify process.

    Played the US version. Loved it but too short and not enough to do. Can't wait for a full on sequel which i'm sure is on the cards given its success. Something like San Andreas with Zombies. As in, huge open world with country and city locations.

    Lolz why do you people support censorship by buying the censored version? US account + US prepaid points from an online store such as Playasia where you receive the points code instantly via email = uncut game. Not hard.

    You wait longer, pay more and get the censored version! This is why things get banned, you willingly support it rather than make the slightest bit of effort to buy the uncut version. You let the government dictate you despite being an adult!

    I, and many others have been playing the uncut version for weeks now. I'll also be importing the uncut version of Saints Row IV. And no, customs don't bother me. Never had issues in the 10 yrs I've been importing and refusing to let desk jockys tell me that drugs are bad but murder is fine, or any other content for that matter.

    Stop supporting this rubbish! You are adults for crying out loud!

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