Australian Documentary 'Game Loading: The Rise Of The Indies' Needs Your Help...

We wrote about Game Loading: The Rise Of The Indies back when it was a twinkle in its creators eye, but now things are barrelling along for this great looking documentary. There's an extended trailer... an almost-funded Kickstarter page.

I say almost because with six days left, Game Loading is just over $6000 short of its $40,000 goal, which is a shame considering that a huge chunk of this docu is focused on the Australian indie game scene. In short: I want to see this movie made!

I've been impressed with the trailers so far. There's a solid amount of talent involved and it seems to be shaping up well. Kickstarters typically get a spike in donations during the last week, so I'm hopeful that the crew will hit their target, but if you like what you see and you're interested — why not donate?


    Backed. Thanks for highlighting this @Serrels ! Looks good!

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