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Last week we ran a World of Tanks competition. Today we're announcing the winners!

I think my favourite thing about this competition was seeing first hand just invested people can get in virtual tanks. That was a real eye-opener. As always I tried to pick winners that surprised me, inspired me or just flat out made me laugh!

So congrats to the following...


The Mighty Maus strikes, Like a lumbering giant, Or a dead Gazelle. IGN: GeneralDoom


Favorite tank? I have many favorites depending on the situation.

But if you want a tank you're likely to love regardless of the type of player you are and a good direction for new players, it's hard to go wrong with AMX 50 100 (French Tier 8 Heavy Tank). It tops the charts in both in-battle performance and many other out-of-battle advantages.

Battle performance To start off this part of the discussion, let me first throw out a fact - this is the tank that all good tournament teams and tank companies will usually include.

Even though it is classified as a heavy tank, it does not have any useful armor, not even against tanks more than two tiers below you. But the AMX 50 100 more than makes up for that with high speed and its feared signature weapon: 100mm SA47 gun with 6-round autoloader drum.

Let me explain this autoloader thing - when you started playing, at the lower tiers, you would notice many guns can shoot multiple rounds before the entire magazine is reloaded. As the tiers get higher and the guns get bigger, multiple smaller bullets are depreciated in favor of a big gun that inflicts high damage in one shot. It would take a while for these autoloaders to, occasionally, appear again at higher tiers, and usually they're lighter tanks that use the autoloading mechanism to compensate for a smaller gun.

Not the AMX 50 100, it has a gun that has excellent penetration (the only heavy tank with higher penetration is T34, and that one is a premium tank) and a damage on-par with the American and German heavy tanks. So basically you take a gun that is already good, and you let it shoot 6 rounds before reloading. 6 rounds, or 6 times 300 damage = 1800 damage, that is 200-300 damage more than the full HP of tier 8 tanks.

Combine that firepower with good speed, and armor is less of a problem as you can easily kill a lonely enemy yourself while taking only two or one hit yourself, sometimes none. Many good tactics can be used with this tank - playing like a medium tank and hitting the back of the enemy (except you have way more firepower; a single AMX 50 100 inflicts great damage and 3 can wipe out a team), rushing ahead to take a position and killing any early rushers, holding a position by instilling fear with your gun.

Tips with using AMX 50 100: - By shooting the front/rear sprocket/idler wheel you can destroy the track and do HP damage at the same time. With the penetration of the gun it is easy to achieve, and with the 6-round drum you can keep the target permanently tracked and, if possible, unable to attack. Then it's relaxing as you keep doing that until the target is destroyed.

- Trade blows with the enemy. You can fire 6 rounds while getting hit twice, once, or even zero times. Either catch the enemy off-guard and fire 1-2 shots before he reacts, or bait his shot and after he has fired you can attack with impunity. Remember to destroy the track to prevent escape. Works better with teammate support.

- Avoid fighting multiple enemies (unless it's to support your teammates in a large engagement, if so by all means shoot the enemy from the front with your high penetration, or go behind them). The advantages of having an autoloader is diminished when fighting against multiple enemies, and you're left with the disadvantage of having no armor.

- Makes a good sniper too! Problem with sniping tanks is that they have either A) low damage per shot, or B) long reload, so missing the shot hurts, and plus C) they can only damage a faraway moving tank once before it escapes to safety. None of that applies to AMX 50 100. Rapid-fire between shots ensure some hit, good damage per shot, and enough firepower to kill the poor soul. Out-of-battle advantages

Firstly, as mentioned above, the AMX 50 100 is highly-demanded in teams. Get into a tank company and win some gold in TanK Company Frenzy events. Or just for the joy of victory.

Secondly, the 100mm SA47 gun is also the best gun of Lorraine 40t, a tank which is a total nightmare to drive if you don't already have that gun researched.

Third, ammo cost. Around 1000 credits per shot is about the same as other tanks, but this tank can already display its full potential with the standard ammo providing high penetration, without spending lots of credits or gold for premium ammo. In comparison, some tanks that are also excellent in their tier when using premium ammo, for example (tier 8) T69 and KV-5, have normal ammo with abysmal penetration, and using premium ammo runs up the bill very quickly.

And lastly, it is the lowest-tier autoloader heavy tank in the game, the only other such tank being the American tier 10, T57 Heavy. So you get to enjoy this beast early. There are other lower-tier autoloader tanks, but they are mainly light tanks and have a wimpy gun, and from personal experience cannot be played like an "in your face, 1800HP damage!" tank. Also, the research path to get AMX 50 100, while not the best, is relatively pain-free since all tanks before it are at least somewhat decent (with the exception of tier 6, ARL 44 - another tank you will love).

Wargaming ID: Bluefunk


Please listen to this music as you read any further.

Let us ask the question again. What is my favorite tank for the job. It always boils down to what kind of tank you need. Ive been playing a while and tier 7 is the highest I've got for the moment. But i think i can put a few words in. I'm going to base my comparisons against the battle tier of my tank.

The Elc Amx is my favorite with the beautiful balance of speed and precision like a veteran salsa dancer it gracefully moves across the battle field taking out its enemies one by one. Its the couger of the tank world. Agile and powerful. Seperate any tank from the pack and its doomed for defeat. It will out run shell fire from an enemy team. If used properly it is the most feared tank on the battle field. It is easy to get high ground in this tank and attack the enemy from above. And with a stealth rating close to that of the t50 it is not only small but undetectable. Its like a midget assassin.

I haven't meet a tank in the tier i cant take on with my Elc Amx. I have beaten kv-1s's in this tank because of its low profile. It also hits with the power and aggressiveness of a honey badger. It just makes the heavy tanks feel silly when i hug their tank. They are like juiced up body builders i just stay just out of their reach. If you like trolling nothing is more irritating than a side hugging Elc amx. If played correctly the Elc can get your own friends to kill you. I have pulled this off numerous times.

It has the perfect weapon for tearing away at an enemies armor it shreds through heavy tier 7 tank armor like butter. In my opinion it has the most powerful gun in the tier. It has enough firepower to go straight through an is-3 if used properly. Its view range may be poor as well as its armor as fragile as taco shells, in the wrong hands this tank is about as useful as a t1 Cunningham but if you put the tank in the hands of an elite tanker he can easily out damage the tier 8 heavy tanks.

I don't think I need to explain any further on the greatness of the Elc Amx. It is the most graceful yet wild tank of the tank world with the movement of a t50 and the bite of a kv-1s it is my favorite tank.


Tilly's not the prettiest. She's a bit slow and overweight. The others rush by and never wait for her. It takes forever for her to waddle her way to the front. Tilly does mind though. She's thick skinned. She'll get there eventually.

Tilly can't one shot the opposition like those fancy derp guns, but she can nag them to death with her fast firing squeeze gun. She picks and picks at them until there's nothing left. Getting off three or four shots for every one of theirs. Tilly' gun is fast and accurate. It stings. Oh, how it stings.

Tilly loves to block a choke point. Soaking up damage and keeping the opposition busy. She faces them front on. Daring them to get past her.

When Tilly is top tier she rolls slowly forward, shrugging off enemy fire and picking off lighter armoured opponents. As a middle tier she rolls behind the heavy tanks as support. Pinning the enemy and knocking tracks off so her big friends can do some damage. And as a low tier she hangs back sniping across the map with her accurate little pea shooter or defending the base.

A lot of people don't like Tilly. They think she's under gunned and silly. But those of us that have take the time to get to know her, love our Matildas and wouldn't swap them for the world.

Even though I have a garage full of higher tiered tanks, I've kept my tier IV Matilda. She's the one I go back to every time. Wargaming ID: Shellcaster


My in game name is CakeOfPeace and my favourite tank isn't my most used tank however I still use it at least once a day. I jump in my teir 5 French light tank the ELC AMX, this tank is incredible its incredibly quick and agile, has a small low to the ground profile and has a terrific gun for a light tank. However it is incredibly fragile most of the time if you get hit your dead but this adds to the excitement of the tank.

What I do each day is load up "don't stop believin by journey" jump into my AMX and run around like a kitten on coffee in the thick of combat weaving between building and enemy tanks marking targets for my team and trying to survive till the song finishes, try It I promise youll have a blast.

on a side note I just want to add this game is absolutely worth a try it is a fantastic game with some terrific people playing it, I kept putting off trying it because I thought it would be too complicated like some of the flight simulators, but wargaming has done an awesome job creating a very accessible game that will still appeal to history buffs.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who took part!


    Damn, wanted that bag. Grats guys, glad to see other enthusiasts on Kotaku! Some great responses here, my favourite was inappropriate_mcneal's, even without the theatrics :)

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