Wow, Wind Waker HD Looks A Lot Better Than I Expected...

One of the obstacles the Wind Waker HD upgrade has to overcome is convincing people of the 'upgrade' part. Wind Waker has aged well, there's no doubt of that, but in our memories it's this crisp, perfect looking thing. If you were to plug your Gamecube into your LCD/Plasma today however, it look a little rough around the edges.

This new video, which has yet to be translated from Japanese gives a decent insight into just how much of an update Wind Waker HD is. It's actually way more substantial than I expected. It's almost shocking to get a glimpse into the work that's been done, particularly when I expected something a relatively cheap and easy port job.

I was already excited for this re-release — mainly because I always feel like I didn't appreciate Wind Waker the first time round. Now that I'm getting a more concrete idea of the visual upgrade I'm more motivated than ever to delve back into that world.


    In before complaints about bloom.

    Looks amazing.

      Is bloom the eye blindening lighting?
      I thought it worked and didn't work depending on the shot.
      Hard to say without actually playing.

    Can't wait to play this. This is the first time I've been excited to play a Zelda game. XD

      You're gonna have a great time meandering XD


    Would love to play this, but cannot justify the full price of a Wii U just to get it.. maybe when it gets cheaper. Also wished it had voiced dialogue

      I'm with you all the way til voiced dialogue...EWWW, that would ruin Zelda.
      Mumbles is part of it's charm!!

      Hahaha, first party Nintendo games getting a price drop.

    This does nothing but further convince me that I do not like the new look.

    Forever cynical.

    i was dying to replay this last year but i had lost my GCN copy, when this was announced i was very excited.
    its looking great. still wish there were extra dungeons or a master quest addition but either way im happy.

    does anyone know if the Gannon figure is available in aus

      Nope we got screwed over by Nintendo Australia with both the zelda WiiU bundle and the Ganon statue and they won't be released here.

      The Gannon figure isn't available in Aus, but you can order a copy of Wind Waker with the figure from Game in the UK. It's PAL, so it'd work perfectly fine on an Australian wii U.

      Also the price winds up being about the same as a local copy.

    I don't know why anyone would complain about how this game looks. It's damn beautiful, and looks like it could easily pass as a current release rather than a re-release (and I never even played the original).

      I still hate the character models, but it does look fantastic otherwise.

    Does anyone know if the voice over guy in that vid is Chair Kaga from Iron Chef (don't know his real name, sorry)?

      No its not. And why do you care?

        because I do.

    Looks pretty much how it does on dolphin at 1920x1080 :/

    almost makes me want to get know, one of those things that plays the latest nintendo games :P

    Yes Nintendo - please use old titles to hype up your outdated console!

    Bring us a new Zelda, then we'll talk...

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