Is Miyamoto Really Responsible For Unrealistic Dual-Wielding In Games?

Did you know the infamous pirate Blackbeard (I hear he’s scarier in real life) carried no fewer than six flintlock pistols with him at any given time because they took so long to reload?

You wouldn’t know it from playing Assassin’s Creed — Connor is really good at reloading those pistols — but that’s what Youtuber XboxAhoy says in his new video exploring the origins of dual-wielding firearms. He also says that Shigeru Miyamoto, the beloved creator of Mario, Zelda and more, may be responsible for the first instance of unrealistic dual-wielding in video games.

Of course, trying to aim and control two guns at the same time is completely impractical in real life, but since when have video games been constrained by the real world’s rules? That’s part of the fun, and ever since I started dual-wielding shotguns in Goldeneye 007 on N64 I’ve been sold on the two-gun tango.

Even if you don’t agree, though, at least video games aren’t entirely to blame. According to the video, it’s really Hollywood’s fault!


    • It is strange when they use it in articles, on things with character limits I can understand but in articles I don’t get it.

      EDIT: Just checked what does and apparently it allows tracking of link usage etc, so it makes a little more sense now.

  • Can’t watch this at work, but my first memory of Guns Akimbo was from an old Build Engine game called Blood. It predates Goldeneye by a few months.

    It was on the same engine as Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior. It was way better than either, by the way.

    • Earliest game I remember doing it was Marathon – dual pistols, independent firing left and right. Predates Blood by 3 years (1994 vs 1997) but I doubt it was the first.

        • Definitely not the first, because Bungie developed Pathways into Darkness before it and I’m pretty sure there was an earlier Mac port of Wolfenstien 3D

          • I didn’t know about pathways, but what i was getting at was it was made specifically for MAC which was (and still is really) almost unheard of.

          • Sure, but that’s just because anything being made specifically for Mac in the 90s was a rarity.

            I grew up with a Mac. The Marathon games were amazing for the time.

    • Blood 1 was my first exposure to guns akimbo and he mentions it in the vid (even says its shamefully underrated which it was; such an awesome game).

  • And here I thought it was John Woo films like Hard Boiled that involved the protagonist mowing down hundreds of guys with a pistol in each hand?

      • Oh sure, but the usage in games I feel was influenced by John Woo stuff a fair bit. I remember something – might have been Shadow Warrior? – calling him out specifically.

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