Xbox One Release Date For Australia Is November 22

Xbox One Release Date For Australia Is November 22

After a morning filled with speculation and buzz, we finally know when we’re getting Microsoft’s next-generation video game console. The Xbox One is scheduled to hit store shelves on November 22, with a previously announced price of $US500/$A599.

Previous rumours ran the gamut, pegging the date as early as November 8, though the smart money as pointing to a late November release. The pre-release saga of the Xbox One has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, with policy reversals and changes that seemingly came every week. But, with a retail timeframe firmly set, the battle for bragging rights moves to the place that matters most: storefronts.

UPDATE: the official announcement from Microsoft is right here. The November 22 date applies to 13 regional markets — Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK and USA — with more to follow in 2014.

So, after all the ups and downs, are you planning to get an Xbox One in November? A PS4, which comes out on November 29? Both? Sound off in the comments below.


  • Awesome now can book leave, UK getting the choice of FIFA or Forza5 wonder if we’ll (NZ, AU) get a freebie, still cant believe NZ made the cut haha

    • I know! I thought we’d all have to wait. I just cant wait to play bf4 on pc though. I may not find much time for consoles even though Im buying both…

  • So wait, we actually get it slightly before the US because of time zone differences, right? xD

  • I’m getting a PS4 first, then an Xbox one somewhere down the line. I’m more excited to use an X1 controller on my PC than an X1 itself haha.

    • Yeah that’s probably the only $$ that MS will get from me this time around. I heard that the controller won’t be officially supported on PC until next year though.

      • Yeah that’s true, but if we’re lucky, someone will find a way before then. If not, until then I’ll be looking for programs that will let me use that sexy blue dualshock 4.

    • too bad its not supported for pc! I know!~ SUCKS for us pc people! (It will be supported down the line though)

  • I am disappointed that the Xbox comes out here first, as I’ll be getting a PS4. Oh well I’ve waited this long an extra week won’t hurt.

  • Yay, I can let my bro in law brag for a week about his Xbone and then blow his pea-brain and dreams with my PS4 a week later.

    • Yeah gotta let the dregs of society have their say? I have noticed a really funny thing all the Sony fanboys seem to be the bogan / slimy ethnic/ Yobbo trash of Australia and if you aren’t well call me surprised, the smarter people bought Xbox we have better online gameplay better AAA titles oh and better games because devs prefer the ms platform to develop on. But your “pea brains” can’t comprehend that 😉

      • Smart people buy the system that has the games they want to play. So for gamer gamers that means all three.

  • There are no experiences that look that new to me that would justify buying either console. I’ll see what the new Halo is like, because I’m a fan, and see if that sways me.

    • Same. Titanfall looks great but that is late 2014 and PC also. I’m leaning towards PS4 because I already have PS+ but whatever I have a gaming PC.

        • Yep, but it’ll be on 360 also. I reckon when these new consoles drop in price to 350-400 then they’ll be worth it, otherwise it’s an expensive toy.

          Also after seeing first hand Splinter Cell Blacklist on my 360 I’m convinced that ibis oft will be able to make Watch Dogs look pretty sweet on the current gen consoles!

  • Bloody Friday launch dates in the US. I wont get my imports until the following tuesday at the earliest!

    That complaiing out of the way. Two new consoles a week apart is going to make November very interesting.

  • Wont be getting either until at least a year after release. No ‘wow’ factor for me like this time last ‘gen’. GTA V will keep me occupied for the next 6 months and next year 360 and PS3 game prices will plummet.

  • Getting both. Xbox Day One, but the PS4 not so sure. If one of those bundles that Europe is getting comes here (we’re part of Europe for Sony) then I’ll bite day one, otherwise I’ll wait till next year.

  • Neither console has enough games I want at launch so I’ll wait until maybe mid next year. Unless my girlfriend gets me a PS4 for Christmas. I should start dropping hints haha.

  • I still can’t decide if I want to get an XBox or PS this generation.. last gen I opted for PS3 and I have to say I was a bit disappointed overall.. it seemed that everything, except for a handful of PS3 exclusives, was first developed on XBox and then ported over.. making many games look and play better on XBox..

    Obviously it’s a new gen and all but yeh.. I’m still a little uncertain.

    • With the prices for both consoles being stupidly cheap (and they’ll only get cheaper), why not get both? The exclusives for both consoles would make it worth it.

      • This. As someone who owns a ps3, 360, wiiU and a decent pc I have found the best way to game is to game on all of them.
        I have an X1 (for exlusives, 3rd party and multiplayer) on pre-order and plan on getting the ps4 (for exclusives) after the first exclusive that comes out interests me. May trade in the wiiU as that has been a waste of money so far.

        • Personally I’d see more value in owning the Nintendo console and either Microsoft or Sony than just Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo really differentiate themselves in game style from the rest, there really isn’t much difference between an Xbox and Playstation game, just exclusives.

          • Ain’t no next-gen Marios’ Zeldas’ and Metroids’ yet – that’s the problem. Otherwise I would of snapped one up myself. Nintendo still hasn’t topped the N64 + Super Mario 64 launch.

    • Given the now similar architecture hopefully dodgy porting shouldn’t be as big a problem.
      Although in fairness I pretty much used my PS3 for everything but playing games.

      • Yep. Developers will be able to build one engine that works on PC/X1/PS4. Developers should now be able to focus on the max-out PC version, and just reformat and tweak for the 1920*1080 @ 60hz versions for X1 & PS4.

  • This is ridiculous but the announcement of Bathurst in Forza 5 might well be the thing that finnaly gets me off the fence on which console and when.

    • Once, during Halo, I was driving a Warthog and a marine passenger with an Aussie accent commented on my driving by saying ‘woah ha! This is just like Bathurst’.

  • Woohoo can finally book some time off……i will be getting Xbox day one for all cross platform games and I will get the ps4 down the track once enough exclusives are out.

    my guess is overall the Xbox will be better

  • Still torn.
    Have a PS3 which I love. Mostly for non-game reasons.
    But, all my friends pretty much have xbox’s.
    Also I don’t have much time to game any more.
    May wait a bit and see if there is a few games that I really want on either console.

  • Wow, that was quick. Yesterday they said they were upping the CPU by 150MHz, that the console was now in full production, and they’d announce a release date “soon”. When big corporations say “soon”, they usually mean “in a few weeks to a couple of months”, not “tomorrow”.

    Somewhat torn over whether to choose Xbox this gen… looked at my library yesterday, and most of the great exclusives I enjoyed on the system have finished (Gears) or went spiralling downhill (Fable). Still can’t decide if 343’s doing the right thing with Halo (I hope they learn from their mistakes with Halo 4 – if you’re going to have mandatory tie-in novels, make sure they’re done before the game launches, ffs). None of the Xbone exclusives really appeal that much to me, but the only PS4 exclusive that looks truly interesting is Infamous… that said, PS+ looks like it beats XBL hands down from an Australian single-player’s perspective. But the Xbone controller looks so good…but the PS4 controller looks actually comfortable to hold, now…

    I feel like I’ll be swaying back and forth between the two right up until I pick up my PS4 preorder… Might end up just getting an Xbone next year when the inevitable Halo 5 bundle gets released.

    • Lately it feels like Kotaku kinda skim over anything positive about the Xbone and turn a blind eye to anything negative about the PS4.

  • What I’m most excited about for Next-gen is The Elder Scrolls Online coming to consoles! Now I can lay upside down in my underwear instead of naked, hunched over a keyboard :/ 😛

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