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    Just finished my seventh Journey in seven days. Could not have asked for a better way to finish this run.

    Played with another white robed player. We did everything and derped about like little kids along the way. It was one of the best games of Journey that I've played. Even after beating it daily for a week, I still have a stupid grin on my face as we played about. And man, that last level! It just gets better each time. Recapping all of the past levels is even better when you're recapping them for the last time for a while.

      I added you on teh PS3. I'm assuming it's possible to link in with your friends? I'd love a co-op first-run.

        I don't think it's possible to deliberately join someone's game, the co-op doesn't really work that way.

        It doesn't connect you direct with friends, it's random.

        Doesn't really matter as you don't speak to one another anyway.

          Ah, okay. I knew about the random connect and no talking, but thought a friend option was still there. Oh well, I guess I'll run it once, then again with some randoms!

            Always run it online! adds so much to the experience

            Also, don't play it for the first time with someone else watching.

    @gutsoup: Caught up with Boardwalk Empire!

    Love the Florida stuff. Probably my favourite arc on the show at the moment. Also, the Jillian/Heroin stuff is pretty interesting, especially how Roy hasn't abandoned her. As horrible as she is, I hope she gets clean and finds some way to be happy. Hope Richard and lady get to keep Jimmy's kid though. The Eddie stuff last week? Holy damn! Also, Eli's son is a monster... not for the prank, but throwing his friend under a bus. It was a genuine accident they should've taken responsibility.

      Boardwalk Pals :D Incoming wall of text.

      it's getting really interesting. I really don't know whether to pity Jillian or dislike her I'm really indifferent about her. Eli's son really is a monster, I had no idea that's what they were up to even when the cops came and got his friend, I guess i didn't think he was that much of a douche. Liking the Florida part too, it's going to get interesting, starting to like Myer (no idea on spelling, little dude that partners with Nucky), he's always been lingering in the background but looks like he's about to step up . Didn't like Eddie committing suicide, he was one of my favourites and I thought he was about to get a bigger role not die :(. Also wondering where the Dr Narcise arc is going, it would seem Mr Pernsley has switched teams, I hope he gets what's coming to him, he's a bit of a psychopath and he betrayed Chalky (who is still one of my favourites even though he's such a jerk). So many arcs going at the moment, I hope Richard ends up happy. And I think Al Capone is about to cause a lot of trouble after last week's episode and his brother getting killed (was it his brother or cousin, can't remember), Interested to see where Nelson is going to fit in. How funny is the prohibition agent, he acts like he's about 10 when he's undercover, so dorky and naive seeming and no one suspects anything, except maybe Eli now, do you know what the symbol was on the hanky he gave Eli? was it something to do with the FBI or something cause Eli got a funny look in his eye when he saw it. Sorry that turned into a bit of a novel :P

        Haha! Don't know what the logo was, but yeah, seemed to focus on it for more than a little bit. A clue! It's good to have a prohibition officer who's not incompetent, but at the same time he seems just as psychopathic as the psychopaths. XD
        Aw man, Nucky was totally the downfall of Eddie going all the way back to last season, getting shot trying to protect him. At the same time all that stuff about his past was kind of troubling, abandoning his family and the like. I guess he's flawed, but wasn't a monster or any thing.
        Cool seeing Margeret again at Penn Station, but I'm not sure how she's going to come back proper. She seems to be out of Nucky's world now and if she somehow finds her way back in it'll be all her doing. I'm still wondering if she went through with the abortion last season. Keep thinking we'll see the Irish guys kid show up soon.
        Sally, the crazy Florida lady is awesome. It's good for once to have a love interest for Nucky who isn't vulnerable or needs protecting or any thing. Loved when she punched him in the face during his woe is me rant.
        In some ways Nelson is the comic relief character. Seeing all the struggle and victim of circumstance shenanigans he gets into. Hard to feel too sorry for him when you remember all the corrupt stuff he did when he was the law.
        Really like Eli. He seems to be coming into his own a bit this season. Was always the weakest link in Nucky's business, but now it seems like he wants to prove himself.
        When Nucky was bailing out Eli's son it really showed what a psychopath he is too. Eli's kids a monster, but there's no doubt that Nucky was the mastermind behind it and then the hint that he expects to be paid back later when asked how much his defense cost.
        Sometimes I forget when the show is set and get surprised that the subway actually existed in New York City. Also weird seeing how Wild West-like Florida still is.
        Still don't know what Chalky's problem is. I think he feels like he doesn't belong where he is. The club was his attempt to be a big shot and Pernsley and Dr. Narcise's run in kind of made him a partner in his own business. He is a jerk, like you say. Compelling all the same.

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      sorry had to pay everyone at work so I'm a bit late :)

    So I've been playing Dead rising 2 Case Zero the last few days and wrapped it up, making it the 5th game I've bothered to get all the achievements in (at least, that hasn't been removed from my completed list due to DLC), and moved onto the full game.

    Man, I really like this game more than I did when I bought it for a friend and put a few hours into it 3 years ago. I was really intimidated by the overlapping story threads in the original and thought I would be equally overwhelmed by DR2, but after playing Case Zero multiple times I feel like I have a much better grip on it. I think there's still a few areas I've screwed up and I'll probably need to start over, but I'm feeling good about it.

    I'm now a lot more interested in DR3, which I was planning on skipping.

      I skipped all the Dead Rising games/DLC after the first one had me turning completely neurotic. Mostly because I would keep MISSING things. I'd get a notification all the damn time saying that someone I had never met had just died, and it was long enough now that I probably could've saved them if I knew what I was doing... also all my nifty equipment just kept breaking, and I never knew what to take photos of and crap.

      Basically, the game was a series of moments of being repeatedly reminded I wasn't playing optimally and I didn't know how to.

      Kind of like why I can't play those Japanese dating sim games. I played a westernized one, once 'Shira Oka' I think. Apparently you need to be in certain places on certain days in order to trigger encounters with different people to open up their storylines, but there's no in-game clues as to when they're going to be in those places so you just to make notes or look up a guide, and keep track of what's happening on which day to make sure that you'll be there, and sometimes these events are mutually exclusive with someone else's so you need to know who has the most opportunities and still keep on top of your studies and AAAAAARGH!

        Yeah, that's what turned me off the first one. DR2 seems more manageable though. I'm sure there's events I'm missing but I feel like I can deal with having to replay multiple times to figure things out. After a few runs at Case Zero I had it down pat. Plus the survivors aren't complete derpfucks.

        The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the psychopaths. I ran into one last night and did not enjoy that at all.


    Biggest thing I felt LA Noire was missing was the central character. Noir is more about the leading man, usually hyper masculine with serious flaws, following him and more concerned about his actions and methods of dealing with things. Cole was too clean and nowhere involved enough. You could change him out with someone else and it wouldn't have changed much since the game focused more on the actual cases. Rockstar wrote a far better noir character that wasn't even noir in John Marston. Max Payne nails it. Bigby Wolf nails it. Cole Phelps was just kind of there.

      I figured Cole more as the Ed Exley type. He wasn't a traditional Rockstar protagonist (wasn't Houser written) but I thought he was deeply flawed as a person. Kelso was closer to the "traditional" noir protagonist.

        The issue with Cole was he really only had flaws because the story dictated it - there was nothing believable whatsoever about his infidelity. He wasn't developed enough as a character for me to appreciate for one second he'd go cheat on his wife with Giselle or whatever - in fact if I recall correctly the reason he got kicked out of the house was because he was supposedly cheating, and the entire time I was just like "buh-whaaaaa?" because it made no fucking sense!

        I understand they needed to write in a downfall for Cole to struggle with but it just compeltely disengaged me from the third act. I didn't mind the ending, I really didn't. But the path they took to get there made no sense.

        Also I would have liked if your degree of success in the case had an effect on the story. You can miss clues and arrest the wrong guy but still be a rising star and get promoted! The cases were interesting, but I agree that Cole is completely tertiary to the story. The game is the setting, and how you feel about the game depends on how much you liked the setting. I liked it a lot, but it had problems.

      LA Noire deserves no praise at all because of that ending.

      The fuck was that? Seriously.


        I legitimately liked it. Haha!

        Back me up @powalen and @shane. XD

          Also, the game had some awesome original music! :D

          Yeah I liked it. The final act wasn't as good as the rest of it, but I appreciated everything it tried to do (and that it succeeded at quite a lot of the time)

          You're on your own!

          (I did like the game a lot but thought the ending was super weak haha)

            Oh yeah? Well so's your face!

        My main issue with the ending was

        Kelso happens to find a movie of all of the villains discussing their scheme! WTF?

    I've gone 2 weeks without soft drink. I can't believe it. I was tempted yesterday at lunch and the movies, but I had iced tea at lunch and a bottle of water at the movies. It's looking more and more likely that this move to give up soft drink will be permanent.

      I ate McDonald's for lunch and now I have McD regret. Congrats on the drive for a healthier lifestyle. :)

        I had KFC regret for lunch yesterday, so I'm not exactly eating healthier ...

      Have a look at the refined sugar content in those iced teas. Usually it's far more than soft drink has.

        Yeah, bottled iced tea is super bad for you. Pretty much any drink except water isn't exactly a healthy choice.

          It's frustrating going through drink selections. I don't particularly like sweet things, I generally take coffee black without sugar, and drink manufacturers seem to assume no one will drink their products unless it's got enough sugar to give an elephant seizures.

          Sour apple juice is the only thing I really like but it gives me a stomach ache after a little bit.

            I mostly drink water or black coffee without sugar (usually espresso). I just wanted a break from those two drinks and I thought iced tea wasn't the worst option.

              You could always make your own iced tea. It's not too hard and you can vary the sugar content or use alternative sweeteners if necessary, plus you know exactly what went into it.


      YOU GOT THIS!!!

      I don't even know if I ever "officially" given up soft drink, or why. I just kind of... stopped having it. I still tend to have it when I'm out, because there's not much else to have. And I absolutely hate water, tastes horrible. Always gotta put something in it, I've usually got a bunch of cordials to choose from, though I tend to try and make it rather weak.

    QLD just passed its anti bikie laws and they're pretty tough. 15 year minimum mandatory sentence for anything bikie related, including entering a pub wearing colours, setting foot in premises listed as a headquarters, or riding in a group of three or more known members.

    Civil liberty groups are going bananas over it, complaining that being busted with a meth lab means 35 years imprisonment.

    I always thought there was the option of, I don't know, not manufacturing illegal drugs but perhaps I'm wrong?

      There are already existing laws to prosecute them under.

      Writing up new laws that are basically "don't be a part of a group of people" as a way to target bikies is a terribly irresponsible way to approach it. The laws are written in such a way that you could apply them to parliament.

        It's specifically written for 26 named outlaw motorcycle gangs. You need to have been identified as a member previously for it to apply as well.

          They had to slap on a last minute amendment so that the bikies' lawyers didn't also fit under the laws. Hope the cleaning lady doesn't get 15 years too.

      But what about those of us with totally pure intent who just accidentally whip up a batch of meth amphetamine when we really just meant to make a coffee?

      Does this mean that if you are busted with a meth lab and are not identifiable as a member of one of the 26 clubs you would get a smaller sentence?

        Yeah, you'd get about 25 years less.

          Can't see how that could survive a high court challenge.
          Increase the penalties for everybody or just bloody well enforce the ones you have. Get a full ATO tax audit of places and people they know are crims.

            Personally, I feel that it's true that 'one rule for everyone' is a pretty noble concept - in theory - in practice it doesn't quite work as it sounds. In practice, the Law is a kind of game, and the only ones who suffer from its wrath in full are the ones who aren't very good at playing it. The high-level, organized crime which cumulatively does the most damage to society, also has the very best 'players'. And because things have to be 'fair', they can play better than the cops, sometimes. Cops can't break the rules to acquire evidence, but criminals can break the rules to destroy it! That just means the cops have to try harder.
            The rules of this game are pretty fucked. Where the reward for playing the game smart is that you get away scott free. And that's... justice? Nope, but it's the law.

            It's a fourth wall scenario, where everyone KNOWS shit is happening, they might even have evidence of it, but so much of it could be unusuable/inadmissable due to being acquired illegally or in ways which say they weren't 'playing the game' properly, so that blind lady justice can maintain her suspension of disbelief.

            Altering the law - and the law is nothing if not alterable - to better reflect the realities of the scale of damage done and the difficulties faced in 'playing the game' against such good players? I have difficulty finding much wrong with that. It's candidly admitting, "Hey these rules are a bit shit... but oh wait. I made the rules, I can change them!"

            The danger to that is the 'Big Brother' scenario where people have their privacy invaded while NOT committing crimes, or have to justify their behaviour - such as being a bachelor and thus having no alibi for most nights they spend in front of the TV - when under suspicion. See: Patriot Act.

            This stuff, specifically naming the Bikie organizations being targeted? Not that kind of scenario.

    Wow, NIN/QOTSA pre-sale tickets sold out in under a minute...

      Frontier Presale on tuesday...

        Yep. This was the pre-sale.

        I need to get 3 tickets so I'm waiting for the Frontier one anyway which has a 4 limit restriction (as opposed to 2 from this pre-sale).

        Still crazy fast. Be interested to know how many were available.

      I want to go but I don't think I could even try to get tickets. They'll be gone by the time I remember to try.

      CANCEL THAT!!!



      Now to rig the coin toss so I don't get a sobby goth kid headlining.


    Was driving to an industry visit.

    Flat Tyre. Giant screw sticking out of it.


      You're not stranded, I hope?

        Nope. Temporary tyre, back to the office. Still bloody annoying though.

          Good to hear!

          Nothing good can come from being stranded in South Australia! :P

            *"Nothing good can come from being stranded in South Australia!"

            There, fixed.

              Hey, I'm actually entitled to make Snowtown Killer jokes :)

            I'm not disagreeing, at least in the parts that aren't, y'know, in the city near witnesses.

    Morning friends. Long time no speak. I'm slowly realising that GTA Online is kind of ruining my ability to get through my pile of shame. Every time I put in a game to play I get about half an hour in and realise that my housemate is slowly getting higher and higher leveled than I am and I really like screwing around with him and I end up putting it in.

    My dad went on holiday to Thailand ealier this year and he got me some trinkets ... He got me an abacus necklace. I don't know how to use a freaking abacus. Hell, I barely know how to use a scientific calculator anymore.

    I nearly fell off my bike this morning, riding this morning it was crazy windy and I was getting pushed all over the road ... had a strong gust start so I began to correct it to get back into the inner wheel line thing, so I'm leaning a bit to combat the wind while I take a corner and then another gust came in and caught under my wheels and I was at a very scary angle for a few seconds. Biggest nope moment so far. That was fun.

    Going to see gravity on the weekend, should be cool.

      I really like screwing around with him and I end up putting it in.Heh. Phrasing.

        ... I didn't even see that, not going to change it. We have a turk and jd type relationship, so it kind of works

        I thought we'd made enough screw comments on this page

    Just went out to get lunch but forgot it was Wednesday so I didn't go to the city which means I missed out on pretzels. Damn you, forgetful past me!

      Why is Wed different?

        There are markets in Brisbane Square on Wednesday.

          Ah, my Brisbane experience is pretty much purely for tradeshows.


        Come Wednesday all Brisbane folks must prepare a shrine with pretzels, so not to anger... the thing we don't speak of...

          Her name is Strange.

      I went to get lunch today but was driven out of the shopping centre by thousands of screaming children let loose during what seemed to be an excursion to annoy Powalen to the cinema.

        It was probably the strike-out version, Pow. Hmph. Children... They should be seen and not heard. And preferably not even seen. (Milford School values - everywhere!)

        (Edit typo.)

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      Oh god.

      That's today!?

      After my... transformation? at Oktoberfest, I'm limiting my diet for a little while.

      But will the waft of smells break me?

      We'll always have last week, Strange. :')

        You mean last week when I almost left the pretzels in the Parents' Room? Maybe it's all a sign I need to stay away from pretzels for a while. :P

          Maybe the pretzels are punishing you for not playing more Beyond: Two Souls, more of the time!

            Sentient pretzels.


              I, for one, welcome our new Pretzel overlords!

              The Pretzels...They make me do things...horrible, horrible things...


    Wind Waker! *shakes fist*

    I can't quit you!

      You say that as though it's a bad thing? I thought you loved it?!

        I've been playing it for like two weeks now, it's one of the longest relationships I've ever had!

          I feel like I need my space. Things are getting too serious. It's not you, it's me!

      Wind Waker, I have left you for another game. A younger game. Ten years younger to be exact. She is gorgeous, addictive and sort of French. She has over 700 things that I want and I'm not going to stop until I get them all. Her name is Pokemon.


        Ah, got to catch 'em all, eh? The thrill of the chase!

          She also has a breeding program that I want to get into.


        The game I'm involved with is also named Pokemon...

        That's a funny coincidence!


    More Pokémon talk? More Pokémon talk!

    So I caught a bunch of Sliggoo last night, because I'd be able to scour for decent nature/ability, have a pair for breeding and the remainder would make for cool wonder trades. Anyway, one actually stuck out as decent:

    He's got Calm nature (+Sp Def, -Atk) which seems like it might be best or second best nature, and the Mischevious characteristic (IV for Sp. Atk ends in a 1 or 6 - good chance at high SpAtk base). His Ability is Hydration - definitely better than the other possibility, which is Sap Sipper.

    So I was wondering how best to exploit Hydration. Rain Dance + Rest is the obvious combo, but that's half his moveset gone, and I think the only reasonable way to round out that moveset would be Dragon Pulse + Scald. Not the greatest coverage. I figure that replacing the one STAB move is probably going to be the right choice, and I wonder if he can learn Sludge Bomb (or similar - I think there was a new high BP Special Poison move added) since it's got the whole slug/slimy theme going on. That would give coverage against Fairy types.

    The other option is his Hidden Ability - Gooey, which reduces Speed of any Pokemon that lands a hit on it (I think this means "contact" attacks). If I can get Sliggoo to appear in Friend Safari, I could get a female with Gooey to breed. With Gooey, I could drop the Hydration set for something that was a more well rounded attacker.

    Edit: The Hydration Insta-Rest trick is really only useful once. If I'm taking the sort of damage that requires me to spam it, then I'm doing something wrong. It might be better to run a Chesto Rest set (this certainly makes Gooey the more appealing Ability) and run Goodra like a Bulk Water.

    Oh, but Rain will buff Scald, which isn't getting STAB.... hmm.

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      I can do backflips on my roller skates!

      That's neat, right? I think it's neat.

      EDIT: Ugh I need to add so many TAYbies for the Friend Safari whatever. Online interaction? Nintendo? The two mixing do not sit well with me.

      Last edited 16/10/13 5:08 pm

        I think what's most disturbing is that, once you've actually swapped FC's, the online interaction in-game is freaking fantastic.

      I know Drought/Drizzle etc got nerfed to 5 turns only, but does manual weather, plus the applicable stone still extend it to 8 turns?

      Scald is a good option, or maybe Surf for a bit of extra power. Though scald is usually the more common option on bulky waters. Sludge bomb or gunk shot (I think its special? ) would give you the coverage against fairies.

        I think weather stones work on ability weather as well, pushing out duration to 8 turns. I'm okay with it, as there's a bit of strategy around choosing whether or not to use up the hold slot with one of those stones.

        Did a bit of digging into new moves, and I've come up with a set - now all that's left it to make sure Goodra can actually learn them:

        Rest (definitely)
        Scald (Highly likely - Sliggoo was caught at lv 48, iirc, and came with Muddy Water)
        Calm Mind (Highly likely)
        Belch (desperately hopeful. This is a new move. type Posion, Special, 120 BP and 90 accuracy, but requires the user to have eaten a berry before it can be used. Would synergise well with Calm Mind into Chesto Rest)

        Alternative 4th slot: Sludge Wave/Sludge Bomb (purely speculative, but I think my logic will probably hold up. Wave is very slightly stronger than Bomb).

        If it can learn Belch, then Chesto Rest is the way to go, and I'll work on getting the Hidden Ability since it'll be much more beneficial than Hydration.

        Oh, did they? So that's why a Sand Stream sandstorm subsided mid battle! I was like... What happened!? :P

    Hey, I haven't read the news in a while! Let's see what's going on!

    16yr Old Boy Uses Stun Gun on 16yr Old Girl at School.

    Well that's a new and terrible way to overcome the fear of rejection. Where's the chivalry? When I was a kid, you only used painful and dangerous weaponry on your mates. And in the back-yard, not school (unless you could get away with it).

    Politicians Get a 9% Pay Rise.

    *spits* Yeah, it's better than the 45% pay rise they gave themselves, but why am I still in year-long industrial action without an increase in pay, over getting something better than a 2% payrise? If 2% is supposedly good enough for us, it should be good enough for those assholes.

    Doctor Embarrassed in Sting Wants Filming in Medical Practices Outlawed.

    . o O (Well no shit he does, he's embarrassed.) Sure, this particular instance was a particularly misleading bit of foul play from those paragons of journalistic integrity at A Current Affair, but that's what defamation lawsuits are for. Recording our encounters is still one of the last defences against injustice that we have as citizens. (On the other hand, if he were calling for ACA to be banned, I wouldn't mind.) ;)

    Summer Storms Threaten Brisbane Water Supply

    Eh? More water = bad? How does that w-- ohhh, it washed a bunch of silt into the water supply. That makes sense. Oh well. Title should've been Brisbane Water Has All Its Eggs In One Basket - worth reminding folks again, considering the droughts a few years ago had us mere hours from being without drinking water on several occasions and we haven't done much about it since. Apart from keeping the Wivenhoe well-topped-up, which... y'know. Worked out great, come flood time.

    Adding GST to Fresh Fruit and Veg will Negatively Impact Australian Health.

    File this one under 'no shit, Sherlock'. We already have enough excuses to eat like crap without adding price to it. I mean... McDonalds' 'loose change' menu is the best(/worst) thing that ever happened to the homeless who can't refrigerate food, but to low-income families where every dollar counts, the last thing you want to do is blur the lines between healthy and unhealthy.

    Politician Uses Taxpayer Money to Buy Bookshelf So Big It Doesn't Fit in his Office

    Yeah, alright... I can't read news anymore.

      That bookshelf one is misleading- it only doesn't fit in his NEW office, it fit fine in his office when he was in opposition (it's Brandis)

        It seems so... utterly unimportant an issue that I can't believe it really qualifies as news.
        (And no, @dc - front page does not count as news. Although... what's my horoscope for today? I'm a Pisces.)

      News, eh? Where are the lists and celebrity gossip? Are you saying's front page isn't news?

        I read a hard hitting piece of journalism today about what your seating preferences in a cinema says about you! It was thought provoking stuff!

          Ooh! My ideal seating is the middle of the row, a third of the way back from the screen. What type of [whatever it is] am I?


            It means you're confident AND decisive!

            Last edited 16/10/13 5:17 pm

              Well he did make the running for the Brisbane Meat group leader.

                Strange is leader! Strange talked to a scary shop assistant for me!

                Indeed, but @dc retained the crown with solid and consistent performance.

                  I think Freeze might be the secret leader of the group. He pretends he's not group leader, but he's the guy who always ensures meats happen when D.C. does the impromptu cancel at the last minute thing. XD

              Holy bullshitasaurus! That's the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time. Why would you make me click on that link, DeeCeeeeeee...WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

                It's news! Why else would it be on that site? :P

                Holy bullshitasaurus!

                Bahahahhaa! Oh man, that's an amazing term!

                  I surely hope the hugasaurus and bullshitasaurus never cross paths! D:

              ...What the hell did I just read?

                A future Pulitzer prize winning piece of investigative journalism!

      It's funny, as someone that works in the Water Industry there have been multiple proposals for new water storage facilities to supply water for Brisbane. Every time something has gone through, the greenies have jumped up and down about killing trees or snails or some shit like that.

      So basically in the greenies' priority list "having enough drinking water so all humans / animals / plants in Brisbane don't die of thirst in the next drought" is at the bottom.

        I took the ten minutes of my time to make sure I numbered all 1-82 boxes on the senate. Greens were last. Stop The Greens were surprisingly in the top quarter!

      That 9% is made more annoying when you realise its $12,000 a year.

      What I could do with an extra $12,000 a year *gazes off wistfully*


        Fucking mongrels. I'm in the wrong job. I can be a fucking mongrel too! I'm sure! If I tried very hard and didn't care about the respect of my friends and family anymore... Hm.

        i could solve all my problems and plenty more with a bonus like that! we have to fight tooth and nail to get an extra $2 a fortnight though :\

        Oh man, that much would solve ALL my problems. All of them.

      I caught an intro on ACA last night (and I'm sure you all know just how much I love that show...)

      Like fark man.. how many times to they wanna beat the same fuckin drum... :\

      16yr Old Boy Uses Stun Gun on 16yr Old Girl at School. 
       Well that's a new and terrible way to overcome the fear of rejection

      Hmm... *strokes chin*

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    I propose sometime this summer Brisbane TAYbies and Sydney TAYbies have a simultaneous interstate Wet n' Wild meat! (I won't be going, cause of the pasty white skin and scrawny frame thing... but I enjoy when others meat! MEATS!)

    Last edited 16/10/13 5:13 pm

      Why do they charge by height though? That's weird?

        Because if you're under a certain height then you can't go on a bunch of the rides, thus should only have to pay for the portion of the park you have access to?

      You can't tell everyone to do something you won't do yourself.


        Besides, I doubt @dc has anything on the pasty white of my legs. The only place I wear shorts is in the gym. My skin is so white you could bleach chalk and it wouldn't be as white as my legs.

          I've got the unenviable combo of pasty white, giving Bigfoot a run in the hirsute department and having an unfortunate body shape comparable to a unevenly filled flour sack.

            I'm a skeleton. I can eat a whole cheesecake and you can still see my ribs. XD

              You're the sort of person I loathe and secretly envy :(

                Cheer up. It'll probably crash when he's in his 30s. No-one's metabolism lasts like that forever. :)

                  As long as there's stress and anxiety, there's scrawniness. Atleast if I stop being scrawny, I might be happy. :P

    @shane when you're finished with the ds games could you send/give them to @gorzilla?

      Shane likes giving things to people, I wouldn't be surprised if he's already given them away! D:

        I don't give away other people's games! :O


            You passed the ethics test! *scribbles note into Shane's file*

              Wait, you're keeping files?


                You passed the deductive reasoning test! *scribbles notes into Red's file*

                  You're actually looking for Reds under the bed?

                  Joke's on you, I'm hiding BEHIND THE CURTAIN!

    The things you have to screw around with just so the game knows you're not on triple screens anymore.,,, :(

    Talking with a friend from my old forum group who I haven't spoken to in aaaaaaaaaaaaages (he decided to jump on Skype, and it's connecting to me through MSN :P). Found out that one of the others from Brisbane is playing (in a band) somewhere down here at the start of next month, and that another of the ones from Melbourne is now engaged.

    Then he gets to the part where he starts trying to pressure me into getting facebook. BACK OFF, SALESMAN!

      Yeah, forget Facebook...Twitter's where it's at. :D

        Ew, that's even worse :P

        Forums. That's the best way to do things.

          I used to be like you. Then I was TAY-pressured into Twitter. It's actually really handy. Plus it's like Mega-TAY if you follow all the TAYbies.


            I can't deal with possibly missing out on things. Whenever I log onto the forum, I have to check through all the new posts before logging off again. TAY is hard enough to keep up with and it drives the others in my group mad that whenever they look over at my computer I seem to be on Kotaku instead of doing work. If I had to try and keep up with twitter and/or facebook too, I would probably die. Be it from overwhelm or at the hand of others, it'd happen.

            Plus I have the whole paranoia thing going on. Lucas lives out in the real world, Gook lives on the internet. The two worlds should be kept as separate as possible :P

              Lucas, eh? *scribbles notes into file*

                ...who taught you to write.

                  Pack of highly intelligent Colobus Monkeys who escaped from a research laboratory. They taught me. I taught them.

              You'll succumb, they always do. Just ask @dc what his opinion of Twitter used to be, and how long he held out before becoming just another Twitter addict.... :P

                Pshaw. You're talking to a guy who still uses a Windows 98 machine, and is still signing in to MSN daily despite the fact they allegedly "closed" the service over six months ago. I've been resisting the peer pressure for years upon years, they always give up long before I do :P

    Dear Naughty Dog,

    You've had a team working on a PS4 title for quite a while now. Please, let me see something. Anything. To say I am keen to see it would be an understatement.

    Yours in anticipatory excitement\

    PS: Hnnnngh. C'mon already.

      It's the team that made Uncharted 3. They can take their time.

        That was their first game after splitting into two, though. Second game was The Last of Us, a thing of freaking beauty. I suspect next game won't have the problems of UC3.

          Team A made Uncharted 3, Team 1 made The Last of Us.

          After the split, I think it's clear which team is worthy of being called the Fighting Mongooses.

            Haha! But the things learned by Team A helped the Mongooses! Remember Uncharted 1 and 2 were made by ALL these people. If The Last of Us was released first it'd probably been all kinds of flawed too. The good people didn't just all go to The Last of Us team. :P (I hope. :D)

            Last edited 16/10/13 9:41 pm

          Yes and it was also very clearly rushed out the door to meet deadlines. There's a postmortem out there where they admit they had to crunch like mad to make it, and Naughty Dog is one of the developers that doesn't do crunches normally.

          EDIT: And by that I mean I'd rather Sony lets them take all the time they need to make something awesome again, instead of rushing out a broken, frustrating mess.

          Last edited 16/10/13 10:23 pm

            Oh yeah, don't get me wrong. If they feel the need to take their time then I'll happily wait.

    So, primary school is still scary if you're an adult. :P

    Just had the orientation night at my son's soon-to-be school. I'm not scared of the teachers anymore, but I'm definitely scared of the other parents. A couple of them even spoke to me. Eek!

      Try sending your kid to the same primary school you went to as a kid and half the teachers are still there. I feel like a 8 year old every time I drop her off.

        That would be...disconcerting. To say the least.

      Oh man! Home schooling! It's the way of the hermit!

        It's also the way of the organised. So, not my way. Unfortunately. My daughter's curiosity and willingness to learn was killed by school and I really don't want that to happen to my son as well.

          School isn't for learning. School is an institution where children are segregated by age and removed from society for most of the working week so that they don't impede its function.


          IMO the kids that do best in school are the ones that learn early on how to find things out for themselves. Understanding doesn't ever arise from rote memorization.

          Last edited 16/10/13 10:26 pm

    Whoa, the Orange is the New Black pilot was amazingly good. Warm, funny, scary... well written stuff. I highly recommend it!

      I just came to post the same thing. I'm hooked.

    Those of you interested in fantasy and music artworks may be very interested in this Kickstarter:

    How the hell is that possibly $656 worth of dress? It looks like a pillowcase...
      And this one's $501?! There's like 2 hours work, max in those. Plus they're really ugly. Fucking "fashion".

        This one's over $1000 and it makes that poor model look terribly misshapen. Imagine how weird it would look on a regular-bodied girl.

        Edit: Forgot to put the link in but I'll spare everyone and leave it that way. It was the first one if anyone's interested though.

        Last edited 16/10/13 10:16 pm

          Number 6 is $5218.

            D: I guess at least that one has some work and actual design in it. But holy crapsticles is fashion overpriced. Especially when you consider how much of it is actually made in sweatshops in less fortunate countries.

        Mrs. Freeze said it looked like she turned up in her partners T-shirt.