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      And by 'Hello' I mean, POKEYMANS! I'm addicted, clearly. It has been out just over a week and I have put in about 19 hours. I don't even know where I found the time. Unbelievable.

    Until yesterday I had never been in a hammock before.

    My life is now one step closer to being complete.

      Hammocks are pretty damn great...
      Hammocks + Beer + sun + slight breeze = awesome!

        I had it all yesterday, except for the beer. It was awesome.

      Good birthday, by the sounds of it? Sounds like you got the gift of hammocks!

        It was a very nice day - mainly just hanging with the family, doing ordinary Sunday things.
        I had no idea I needed a hammock in my life, but somehow Mrs Shane knew.

          With the hammock/smart phone one-two punch, I predict weekend TAYin' will be much more relaxing.

            Nah, I still need to figure out the hammock dynamics. Whenever I'm in there, the kids try to push me like a swing, and that has a direct impact on the relaxing nature of it. :P

              *shakes fist* No good punk kids! :P

      And you called yourself a Dad.

      Happy birthday by the way.

    Everytime I try to enter friend codes onto my 3DS, it keeps saying I am offline, even though I can download games and videos easily :/
    Tried a few of the "fixes" that are floating around on the internet, but none work.
    Urgh, can't connect to Xbox Live and now can't use some online features on the 3DS, very scream inducing as I also can't connect online with Pokemon Y, but I can with Black 2, what tha??!??

    @freezespreston: That Supanova meat date I threw out there yesterday was just for seeing Shane in Artist's Alley at the actual convention dealy. I'm sure there'd be more Shane meat and greet opportunities. Also nothing's set, just thought it'd be good to work out date early. Only brought it up cause I saw Sughly ask on Shane's Facebook if we had any days in mind...

    Last edited 21/10/13 9:06 am

      Nah it's okay. I'll just go up with Mrs. Freeze on the Sunday.

      Last edited 21/10/13 10:01 am

      If I go at all it'll be on the Sunday.
      We don't really need to organise the Supanova part of the meat anyway, because it's pretty much impossible for a large group to Supanova together.
      What we do need to organise is the Thursday Meat because that's the time Shane's scheduled his TAYbie time, apparently. :)

        I just wanted to relive the magic of the drunken karaoke meat after Supanova last year. XD

    I don't even like Doctor Who, but this is a damn cool trailer. (In a pulpy sort of way. That patented kind that Doctor Who seems to specialize in!) Doctor Who spoilers, I guess?

      I heard that they're actually showing this in theatres. Perhaps Day of the DocTAY/TAY of the Doctor meat is in order.

        I'm going to it in theatre! WOOOOO!

          I didn't even realise it was on at the cinema, and on at 11am as well. Screw the plan to download it first thing in the morning, I'm off to glorious 3d big screen :D


    Alright, so I've been exchanging friend codes with peeps on Twitter for the last little while, but I figure since plenty of people are playing Pokemon right now, people might want to expand their friend rosters to take advantage of the new Friend Safari. And if you know what's in your friend safari, feel free to share that too!

    My friend code is 2895-7288-5741. Add me, and I'll add all subsequent FCs added to this thread.

    Pokemon in my friend safari: Seviper, Trubbish, Toxicroak


      Last edited 21/10/13 9:11 am

        Yes, but adding 3DS codes only works if both parties add each other - I could add everyone in there, but they wouldn't actually be my friends until they also added mine.

        I figured this would be a good way to flag all of those interested, and to share what they might have in their friend safaris :)

        You have Machoke and Sawk in your friend safari! The third possible Pokemon isn't unlocked until both you and the friend have beaten the Elite Four and are both online at the same time.

          Yeah, still a good place to get peoples codes though.

          And besides, you already have the most important person. Me :D

          Last edited 21/10/13 9:28 am

      I have added a few people from TAYNAMES already, mostly ones that comment here on TAY regularly, please add me back with code 4382-2002-0614

      Beardy, I think I need to add you still. Either lunchtime today, or tonight.

      You can add me from Taynames if you haven't already (I think we might already be friends? Can't remember :P) I'll add you once I get home.

      How does the friend safari actually work? I haven't come across it yet, is it post Elite 4?

        Yeah it's post-Elite Four. It's a kind of controlled Safari Zone where each person you have on your friends list generates a set of three Pokemon of a specific type.

        For example, one of my friends makes it so that Sunkern, Ivysaur and Quilladin appear. So through the Safari Zone, you can actually capture mid-evolutions of starter Pokemon. And each Pokemon in the Friend Safari Zone has a chance to have a Hidden Ability that any other Pokemon you encounter in the wild cannot have.

        A Wild Quilladin I caught last night had the Ability Bulletproof instead of Overgrow.

        As a bonus to that... each Pokemon in the Friend Safari Zone is guaranteed to have at least two stats with 31 IVs. And it's rumoured that shinies have a much higher chance of appearing in the friend safari zone, but I haven't seen any actual evidence of that so far. Just people saying they've found shinies there.

    Only have two eps of Orange is the New Black left for season one. So, so good. Can't recommend this enough. Also finished watching The Killing on the weekend, one of the finest shows ever!

    Last edited 21/10/13 9:55 am

      Mrs Shane is hoping to transition into a less violent, less aggressive show when we finish up Sons of Anarchy. What's the tone of Orange is the New Black like?

        I'm telling you, Freaks and Geeks if they went to prison. Much warmer and funnier than the premise would imply. There's been some violence, but it ain't Sons of Anarchy. I think this might be the show she's looking for, Shane! :D Guard makes a point to say in the pilot that "This ain't Oz!"... Some confronting stuff, but violence? Nope!

        Last edited 21/10/13 9:14 am

          I'll have to remember to [redact] it.

            Do it! I admit, even though I had heard the buzz I kind of dismissed this as a dark, gritty prison show. Then Mashaa recommended it. Then @Sughly recommended it. Then heaps of people recommended it. I was wrong. Crazy good show with lots of heart. :D

              Sure, you say that, but I don't think it's a coincidence that you finally bit the bullet after I enthused about boobs.

              Well. I do that a lot - enthuse, that is. But in this instance, about the ones in Orange is the New Black.

          Some confronting stuff, but violence? Nope!

          Might want to wait for the last eps first there cowboy...


            I mean, it's not Sons of Anarchy violence. Haha!

            Also? Cowboy? Perfect excuse to mosey! *moseys*

            Last edited 21/10/13 9:43 am

      Ahhhh how amazing was season 3 right!

      The way they rounded out Sarsgaard's character, so devastating. They handled his whole arc of dealing with his execution so so well, especially considering its such well trodden ground already. Really had a strong grounding to it, felt really like a really believable arc across the series. The ep dedictaed to trying to free him was amazing.

        Oh man, I knew The Killing wasn't the kind of show to have someone burst into execution room with a reprieve, but secretly hoped it would jump the shark and happen. Poor guy. Really great character. I think I preferred the Rosie Larson case in general though, but mostly comes down to preference. Pretty damn strong the whole way through.
        Only criticism about season three was that last episode had lots of exposition in the car at the end.

        Looked for Blu-Ray boxsets on JB yesterday and read the premise for the original European series. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to watch. :D

        Oh man, when Bullet died too. :'( Poor Holder. Loved that scene where Linden found the necklace and ran down stairs like crazy. So urgent I thought there was going to be a bomb or something then realized she was just looking out for the guy. Really cool friendship Holder and Linden had. Missed seeing more of Reggie in season three, though. Appreciated the fact all the show needed to be The Killing though was the two detectives and Seattle.

          Oh yeah, yeah Reggie was cool. That was a shame. I think they explored all they could with that relationship though, I think it was there to mostly highlight certain elements of Linden's character, which it did.

          Last edited 21/10/13 11:14 am

            Yeah, that's a good point. It related to this case, though. (Reggie being the one to commit Sarah into the hospital after Jack called.) Figured we'd get a flashback, but then you're right, probably would be treading the same grounds of season two when Indian casino lady had her locked up.

            Oh man, I miss this show already.

      I've watched the first two eps so far. Liking it a lot. I think I may have heard an American Pie reference in the first ep.

      EDIT: To clarify, I'm talking about Orange Is The New Black.

      Last edited 21/10/13 10:52 am

        Yeah, there totally was. There was a Star Trek reference with Red too. (Who played Captain Janeway in Voyager. XD)

    Hola Tay

    I had a semi-busy weekend! Went to my first ever Magic:TG Draft, did OK! Spent all yesterday helping a mate build a shed...and helping drink his beer.

    A Monday Morning Question, apropos of nothing: If you could own one airship from any game, which would it be?

      Beluga or Normandy. Always Baluga or Normandy.

        Normandy as in the ship from Mass Effect? Because I'm not sure that really counts as an 'airship'

          It sails through the air! You can't take this away from me, Negs! :P

            If you insist, though. Maybe Brian Westhouse's flying ship dealy from Dreamfall.

              ...Oh my god, I so have to finish that, soon. I got pretty far, years ago, but there was some game-breaking bug at some point and I gave up and did something else.

                Dreamfall Chapters is out next year!

      The super blimp from the Wolfenstein game in the late 00s (it was just called Wolfenstein).


        I had to upvote because I loved the shit out of that game, but I have mixed feelings about it as my 4th disc had a scratch on it and whenever you boarded the ship the game would freeze.

      My elite-ranked Kirov would strike terror in the hearts of my enemies.


      Stripper zeppelin! just cause i can ;)


    ...Mild Nature /o\

    Still, first proper shiny :D

    ps. Hello. The train timetables got updated for this week and now my train trip is 10 minutes shorter! Which would normally be good news but somehow it made my day 40mins longer :P Even less free time at home, hooray! I have no idea how they made the trip shorter though, the train stops at MORE stops! :S Just more proof that Cityrail is the devil.

      SHINY HONEDGE! \o/

      Can't remember the nature, pretty sure it was something poo though.

        So have they basically tripled the chance for shinies? Everyone seems to be getting them in Gen 6.

        Well, except me... :(

          This is the first one I've seen since the GBC games, so I guess something must have changed.

          I don't think anything has been confirmed yet, but I would say so. Unless everything's coming up Powalen? No, that can't be it.

          It seems like it's happening to more people than previous averages. I haven't encountered one yet.

      One day I will see a shiny Pokémon.
      *stares off into distance*
      One, day.

      Last edited 21/10/13 9:34 am

        And then, one day, just like me, you won't be paying attention because it is 1AM, and you are just mashing A and then you KO it, and then 2 minutes later you go "... Those shiny sparkly effects... that was a shiny, wasn't it?" and then you will tell this exact useless story years later to people who stopped paying attention after the second comma.

          What? Sorry stopped paying attention after the second comma

            Man, I didn't even make it to the first.

          I read it! I read your story, Bish, and I comprehended it!

          Also replied to your answer on Potaku, but those ingrates edited it! Also we had some communication disruption, so maybe not all of my answer got recorded! Anyway the point of my story is "I will talk about Pocket Monsters, and I'll like it, dammit!"!

          In short, Megas aside, I think that Gen 6 has actually contributed to a much slower metagame and there's almost no powercreep. Even including Megas, I had started to investigate ways to deal with them. In all of the pre-release documentation and announcements it seemed to imply that players could have one Pokémon Mega Evolve per battle. While this is indeed true, the exact nature of this limit was not made explicit. Any one Pokémon can Mega Evolve once per battle. If that Pokémon leaves the battle for any reason, when it returns it will be in non-Mega form and be unable to Mega Evolve again. I think this limit can probably be exploited in a number of ways to shut down Megas. And there's the tried and true method of type matchups. I've OHKO'd a Mega-Charizard Y with STAB Smack Down (base 50 BP), although Zard is hardly the biggest threat. Togekiss hard counters Mega-Garchomp, being immune to both STABs, so I think we'll see it enter high rotation. I had also thought that using Prankster Klefki to Trick an Iron Ball onto a Mega Chomp would be fun, but I've heard that Mega Stones might be treated like Arceus' Plates (and cannot be removed).

            Still on story mode, so haven't hit post-game, though I was curious as to what others thought.
            I tried to download the podcast the other day but it wasn't up, true story.

      They need to add Pokemon psychologists to the game that let you change a Pokemon's nature.

      Yeah, my trips are screwed now too. I live near two stations - one is about a ten minute walk away, and has recently been redone to have lifts and everything put in. The other is about a twenty minute walk away and a seedy little hole of a place sitting in a ditch, with the ticket machine up the opposite end of the station to the one set of stairs into the place. So guess which of the two seems to be the only one to have any trains that travel to the city via Lidcombe now? :P We used to just have none of those between 10 and 2 on weekdays, or at all on weekends, but now it seems like they've cut them out completely. Bastards.

      Fuck CityRail.

      Last edited 21/10/13 9:58 am

    So after playing a bit of Mass Effect 3 multi on Saturday night with @sernobulus and @pyrean I'm starting to get really keen on getting back into it. It's especially fun when you have someone playing a Geth Juggernaut who essentially ignores most of the bullshit attacks some enemies do (i.e. most of the insta-kills).

    Arkham Origins week!

      Already? That came up quickly. For some reason I thought that game was still about eight months away :P

        Your face is still about eight weeks away! >:|


      Fishing! \o/

        The leader is good! The leader is great! Surrender your will as of this date!

      How are the reviews looking?

        Non-existent! :D

          That's not a good sign :(

            Could be GTA V-style though. So confident they've made something decent they don't rely on reviews and an embargo ain't necessarily a bad thing. This is what helps me sleep at night anyways. XD

              It'll be more of a worry if the review embargo ends on release day.

    Morning, ladies and gents!

    How art everyone?!

      Usually digitally. I can't draw for shit.

        Me? Interpretive dance mostly!

          Once at Uni when I was doing some creative industries elective someone totally performed an interpretive dance as their final assignment. It disgusted me. :P

            I would have stabbed them with a pen.

        I *KNEW* someone would say something along those lines!
        Also that it would probably be you!:P

      We're good, we're good. You know uhh just... uhh good. Yeah. Anyway, how are things on your end?

    Well last week was just all kinds of fuckery...
    First the wind screen on my car got smashed ($500 fix /o\)
    then little puppy started refusing to walk, and each time he tried to stand up, he fell over with a huge scream...
    Rushing him to the vet, turns out he has a bacterial infection in his joints, causing him huge amounts of pain... so now he is on 2 lots of antibiotics and is starting to slowly walk again... at least he still eats and drinks but he seems so depressed each time he tries to play and realise he can't walk... it's heart breaking /o\...

    on the plus side played a metric shit ton of Wind Waker on the weekend and it's still awesome \o/

      Poor puppy :(

      Your insurance didn't cover the windshield? I'm covered for a free windshield/year.

        Nah because money is tight and adding that was too expensive :\ might consider it now though because that was too bloody expensive and i drive a lot so it's probably going to happen again.

          I'm not one for optional extras with a lot of crap, but I always get windshield coverage. It's proven so useful too many times now.

            Seconded. Aus roads pretty much guarantee that your car will be raped via the windshield. :(

      At least you know what's wrong with your puppy and that sounds treatable. Our old dog caught amoebic meningitis when he was a puppy and was in and out of the vet for a month or two. He'd get sick repeatedly and they put him on various drugs trying to figure it out and they'd work for a bit then he'd be sick again. Eventually we noticed he was acting like he had a stiff neck and mum mentioned that to the vet and they figured it out from that. And then he went on to exceed the average lifespan of his breed by 3 years.

      Aw, man. Hope your dog pal is okay.

      I wanna like your post (becuase WW too), but I don't feel that is correct. :(

      So.. good luck dude, especially puppy.


    Star Wars

      I only like three of those things.

        You don't like Pokémon? What happened to you Pow? You used to be cool

    I don't why I am doing this but I restarted my Pokemon game. Gonna nuzlocke it up and hopefully do alright. Currently have a Ledian, Burmy (female), Charmelon, Pikachu, Frogadier, and Pidgeotto. Not too shabby so far.

    over the weekend, I was feeling somewhat sub-par, so i took that oppourtunity to play games.

    Pokemons stuff.
    - I realised that I went to more gyms in pokemon yesterday than I've ever been to in real life.
    - Tyrantrum is pretty rad.

    Finally started playing Beyond : Two Souls.
    - Really liking it so far. Currently about 15(?) chapters in. Got two issues with it that are bugging me a bit...
    a) how the story is being told out of order. makes each scene lack context. like 'why is X happening?' etc...
    b) umm... mid game spoilers
    that chapter where you've gotta go into the facility & shut down the condencer. WTF?!?! that just felt totally random and didnt fit in with the tone of what I"ve played so far.

    Today. still feeling somewhat ill. its like 30 degrees outside & I'm shivering. & everything is aching. goddamn colds & fever shittiness.
    coming into work today was totally a bad idea...

      Going to an actual gym and playing Pokemon and getting a Pokemon Gym badge is a surreal experience.
      It's the first time I ever felt like I achieved anything by going to the gym.

    A good weekend of 'singing' AC/DC, Queen, Megadeth, Metallica & Slayer at karaoke for my friend's birthday, watching Brisbane Roar demolish Sydney in the A-League, Cambridge United continue our unbeaten start to the conference (16 games now), I bought a juicer and joined the Brisbane Bandits crew in GTA Online. Is there a Kotaku crew btw?

    All in all, I'm so thrilled that is all over and I can get back to work...

      There's a Kotaku AND Potaku crew!

        It's very confusing. I don't know which one to play in. :\

          If it helps, on PS3 I found dozens of Kotaku folks every time I played, only other Potaku person I ever saw was Red.

            That's what I figured too. KotAU has 300+ members, Potaku has about 60 I think...

              sweet *rushes off to Rockstar Social Club to change crew...I mean, I'm totally doing work right now*

                bah, stupid crew limit, I'll stick to Brisbane for now then until some space gets made in Kotaku

                  Hey man, I'm going to log in and quit the crew now. if you see this in time maybe there'll be time to join. I don't play much of GTA Online any more, so doesn't bother me if I'm signed up!

    "We don't need no education"
    "Yes you do, you've just used a double negative"

    Yep, IT Crowd has ruined that song for me.

      I laughed for a stupidly long time about that when I first saw it.

    Took the opportunity to catch up on the latest Cartoon Hangover stuff last night. So freakin' good!

    For anyone that hasn't heard of it, YouTube-based cartoons made by people like Pendelton Ward (Bravest Warriors) and Natasha Allegri (Bee and Puppycat).

    Also, it has Rocketdog, whose owner looks kinda like @alexpants

    Wind Waker:

    Doing Triforce Quest, have one piece left and involves the ghost ship I randomly stumbled upon once. I have no idea where it is now. That fish I befriended needs to be more specific! :P

      I've bumped into it a few times... The fishy does say which island it'll appear near and during what moon phase... from the top of my head, it'll appear near the island directly west of Windfall island during a crescent moon... but you need some sort of item (which i haven't obtained yet) to be able to interact with it

    Next year’s PAX Australia will be held at Melbourne Convention Centre from October 31 until Nov 2, making it almost three times the size of last year’s event.

    Excite! =D

      So hype. Gonna win that console tournament medal this time.

        I'd be happy to win ANY medal.
        I also hope GW get involved in this one!

          I lost in the final, Loops! I don't even care that it was a piece of cheap plastic, it was my piece of cheap plastic.

            THAT SUCKS! What game??

              UFC Unleashed 3. I lost with 2 minutes left in the final round. Next year I'll get my cheap plastic medal.

      BEST place to have it.
      I just REALLY hope I'll be able to afford to go this coming year! :|
      Seriously - was the BEST weekend hanging out with you lot!

      That kinda sucks for students. That's right in the middle of HSC/VCE/Uni exams.

      But, I'm not a student so \o/

      Last edited 21/10/13 10:20 am

        This year's PAX would have sucked for anyone that wasn't 18 anyway.

      And I'm betting it's STILL going to be sold out and fucking packed! :)

        I don't mind if it is packed, but having enough space that you don't need to queue for 1.5 hours to get into a panel will be good.
        Unless of course they decide they have 3x the panel space so sell 3x the number of tickets /o\

          I skipped most of the panels after spending the first day in queues for them. It'd probably be better with friends though. I'll have to meet up with some TAYbies for queues so we can bullshit about games.

            We only ended up going to one panel even though there was a dozen we could have been interested in. Just wasn't worth waiting for an hour to get in with the possibility of then not actually getting in.

          I'm just hoping they have the same or bigger area for the board games. There weren't really enough tables last time, you really needed to grab one at the start of the day then hold it all day.

      Much better venue. Also better timing as well, should be a lot less cold so the cosplayers won't freeze to death.

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