The Latest PS4 Commercial Is Also A Musical

This PS4 commercial just debuted on Monday Night Football in the US. Not bad, huh? Makes me want to sing more than it makes me want a PS4, but hey.

The next PlayStation is out November 15. Just a month away. Tick tock.


    I prefer the Duran Duran version.

    But wondering whether this kind of song would appeal to the many dudebros that watch Monday Night Football...

      I agree. Everyone knows by now that people are one dimensional. Nobody who watches sport could possibly enjoy a musical.

        Hold on there, I didn't say EVERYONE who watched it was a dudebro...

        And I'd be interested to know if Lou Reed was popular amongst sports fans in general I guess. Just curious as to why the song was chosen.

      I was unaware of that version, and after listening to it, I wish to remain ignorant.

      I think the song gets used incorrectly a lot in the same way that Green Day's Time of your Life is also constantly miss used.

        True, there are two levels to the song. Superficially it sounds pretty nice, but if you know it is about an addict then it becomes a lot darker. Just for the record, Lou Reed said Duran Duran's version was awesome :-)

    PS4 + classic era Lou Reed + live action Killzone. I'll be in my bunk.

    (of course, the song will always make me think of this - )

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