We Might Be Getting A Luigi-Themed 2DS

We Might Be Getting A Luigi-Themed 2DS

It's the year of Luigi, and so if there was ever a time to launch a Luigi 2DS, it would be now, right? Well, it seems there might be a Luigi 2DS in our future, based on these pictures of what seems to be an unannounced 2DS that a tipster sent in.

As you might expect, it's white/green. Actually, it even has Luigi on it. Here are a couple more pictures:

We Might Be Getting A Luigi-Themed 2DS
We Might Be Getting A Luigi-Themed 2DS
We Might Be Getting A Luigi-Themed 2DS

We've contacted Nintendo to ask about these images, and we'll update if we hear back. For now, it's worth noting that there is a Luigi 3DS XL, and this supposed Luigi 2DS has a Luigi silhouette much like the one found on the Luigi 3DS XL.

Thanks, Matthew!


    Can I be a total nitpicker and say there isn't a Luigi 3DS XL at all? There's a Luigi 3DS LL. That's what they're called in Japan. I know it's such a pathetic thing to nitpick but... (another fun fact: you don't get a charger with the LL. That's a ~$10 extra all the shops will have sitting next to the LLs on the shelves)

      What about the Luigi 3DS XL that's coming out in Europe on Nov. 1?

    Pre-ordered my legend of zelda 3DS-XL and a bunch of new 3ds/2ds limited editions come out.
    Do your best nintendo.

    This may get me to buy a 2DS. Love me some Luigi.

    I went for a Luigi 3ds xl and I love it but I've hear about the many benefits of the 2ds including an increased battery life from the 3ds/xl (the 2ds runs the same battery pack used in the 3ds and 3ds xl) and increased durability due to the absences of the hinged clam-shell shape/mechanism used in previous models of ds. The body structure is apparently based on 1 of the most popular consoles of the 2-bit handheld gaming era (naming the game boy, 1989). The rumor is that Nintendo found the hinge mechanism was too expensive for the today's money conscious market (since many countries have just come out of a recession)and on top of that Nintendo found it proved to be a nightmare as well, moving parts have a common tendency to break if they are constantly used and ds screens are know for hinge malfunctions due to the amount of times people open and close them. So 2ds in general is the better Nintendo hand-held to go for (in my opinion) and I look forward to seeing if they release any limited edition models such as the Luigi edition!

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