While You Were Sleeping

So did you actually get any sleep? Or were you playing GTA Online until the wee hours of the morning? In fact, switch that question: how did you go actually getting online in GTA Online? Seemed like a lot of people were having trouble.

So yes, biggest story from overnight was this: Grand Theft Auto Online finally going live. Kudos to them, Rockstar acknowledged there would be difficulties to begin with — they said that in advance — and they were right. I went to bed pretty early last night. Did the issues get a bit more stable as time went on?

Other big news: Half-Life 3 was trademarked in Europe over the weekend. Whoa. What does that mean exactly? Nothing much if I'm being perfectly honest, but come on! It's Half-Life 3!

This week's South Park is all about Minecraft. I'm pretty excited about this. The World of Warcraft episode was a stone cold classic.

And finally, this is a post about the High King of Skyrim and how little crap he takes and these aren't video game levels — they're real places! Incredible.

strong>In Short GTA Online Is Now Live Yes, Half-Life 3 Was Trademarked Over The Weekend, But Don't Get Too Excited These Aren't Video Game Levels, They're Real Places This Week's South Park Is All About Minecraft The High King Of Skyrim Takes Nobody's Crap


    I managed to make a character on GTAO last night but that was as far as I could get.
    To be honest I didnt expect to be able to play it, any massive online launch will have issues.
    So I gave up and went to bed \o/


      Yeah, got to character creation (a few times - there were a couple wipes, by the look?) but couldn't get the tutorial race to start.

        Once I finished my character it crashed, I didnt get to the tutorial either.
        I hope my amigo was saved as he actually looked a bit like me.

        I heard that you could select other R* characters as grandparents but I couldnt see any available, just granny/grandpa 1, 2, 3.
        Is there something special one needs to do?

        Last edited 02/10/13 9:40 am

          No idea. I thought it was something you got when you activated the Rockstar social club, but maybe it was only collector's edition.

    I got about 3 hours sleep then the people over the back fence started playing really loud doof doof and having loud domestic discussion (re: arguments) from about 3am. I did find time to download the Ace Attorney Dual Destinies demo though, that was pretty cool.

      What were they arguing about?

        I have no idea, that was part of the problem, I love a good domestic as much as the next person but not being able to hear them over their doof doof and their alcohol addled vocal chords was some next level frustration

    Couldn't get on to GTAO - got as far as the opening cinematic and then it hard froze!! The character creator is... Weird

      I really dislike the character creator. The influence of lifestyle stuff is OK because it's pretty intuitive. The heritage stuff? Completely unintuitive. It still alters the same things that regular sliders would, but doesn't give you as easy access to them. It's just frustrating.

    Character created. I agree with transientmind that the character creation was a little unintuitive but I was happy with my likeness by the end even though he looks a bit like a zombie. But that's cool.

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