While You Were Sleeping... GTA V

While you were sleeping last night, well, the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer only went and got itself released!

Said trailer can be found easily on our site, but just for quick and easy clicking, you can watch it here. It's actually quite scant on details, with it being a teaser and all, but we've managed to sift through some of the details here.

Also -- Uncharted 3 is released today. Feel the need to read another meditation on the state of game reviews regarding this wonderful game? You should probably read this one.

This is the worst Nintendo commercial in recent memory, and will the PS3 overtake the Xbox 360 in lifetime sales? Find out here.

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    GTA IV???

      Maybe Mark didn't get enough sleep?

        Or he's an imposter from the past, what else could it be?

    The Coolest Things We Spotten

    Clearly not enough sleep. D is nowhere near N.

    Just saw the GTAV trailer, too bad the Kokatu Rumours were true, I was hoping for some London action, or Paris or Berlin something different but doesn't matter, it looks great, cant wait to play it next October.

    Mark Serrels, this is what happens when you come to work after being up til 3am.

    Either that or your lack of sleep has imbued with the power to travel back in time.

    In both cases, I am impressed.

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