App Review: Another Practically Perfect Platformer For Rayman

App Review: Another Practically Perfect Platformer For Rayman

One day Rayman will let us down again. We’ll look into those beady little eyes and feel nothing but sadness and disappointment. That day is not today. Today is a day to party with Rayman: Fiesta Run.

There was a time Rayman meant nothing to me — a time before Rayman Origins. Origins established a new paradigm for the series — gorgeous, distinctive 2D art design coupled with masterful game mechanics and level construction to create some of the finest-flowing platforming action going.

Rayman: Jungle Run, the mobile accompaniment to Origins, brought that same combination to mobile, with an auto-running twist. Freed from the need to constantly hold a game pad to the right, players could concentrate on the jumping, hovering and punching needed to make it through the game’s wonderfully designed and decorated stages.

Rayman: Fiesta Run is all that, with a delightful twist of lime.

More than 75 levels of fantastically fluid gameplay. New game mechanics — swimming, shrinking (which really makes the art pop) and sliding. Players now progress along a game board-style map, progressing with each lum saved.

We’re not just playing this time around. We’re progressing and unlocking and achieving. This map gives us a sense of purpose. A direction. It’s pretty.

As is the entire game, really. I spent nearly 20 minutes this morning figuring out which shot to top the review with.

Too blue?

Too burny?

Too scary?

I probably should have gone for this guy. I love this guy, even if he’s spitting deadly fish at me. I’ve had worse. The point is every screenshot is a work of art, which makes the unlockable art gallery sort of silly, but I can handle silly.

Rayman: Fiesta Run is practically perfect. It’s the impractical bits where it stumbles. I could do with some more music. I could do without the new power-ups, the use of which detracts from a game designed to be conquered through precision and intuition.

But I am not disappointed — that day has yet to come. Instead I am absolutely delighted to have more practically perfect Rayman to play with. I shall always cherish the good times.

Rayman: Fiesta Run

Genre: Auto-Running Platformer
Developer: Ubisoft
Platform: Android, iOS
Price: $2.99
Get Rayman: Fiesta Run on Google PlayGet Rayman: Fiesta Run on iTunes


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