Mod Skyrim, Get Job At Bungie

Want to get a job at Bungie, one of the world's most respected video game studios? Easy. Spend thousands of hours writing a Skyrim mod so detailed and intricate, it feels like an expansion pack.

That's what Alexander J. Velicky did, and now he says he's taking a designer position at the studio best known for creating Halo, now at work on next year's Destiny.

Velicky, who was 19 when he released an insane mod called Falskaar earlier this year, told PC Gamer at the time that he put a year of his life into the game with the hope of using this mod as a resume to get a job in game design. It worked. Sometimes there are happy endings.


    Expected it to work. I remember some people in the original article laughing and saying it wouldn't work

    Really an excellent mod, fits so well into Skyrim

    modding is often suggest to new game developers as a place to start with. Oh, and NOT living in australia helps :)

      A good example of this was the lead designer for MW: Living Legends who then got recruited by Crytek... of course the mods development cycle then went to crap, but that is just semantics.

    Happy ending? This is just the beginning. Hopefully to a good, fun and yet challenging and interesting future.

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