EB Games Running A 'Manic Monday' Sale, You Might Want To Get On That

After last week's Steam sales, I'm guessing funds are low. But just in case you feel like spending even more money, be it for yourself or as a Christmas gift, you could do a lot worse that heading over to EB Games' 'Manic Monday' sale which is currently running.

Of course, feel free to grumble about local specialist retail pricing — we all know it's a bit guff — but some of these deals are pretty cool. Some don't really feel like great deals at all, but a handful are pretty nifty, particularly if you're looking for a quick turnaround on some of these deals.

Grand Theft Auto V for $64 is not too bad, as is current gen Battlefield 4 for $48. You can also pick up the awesome Assassin's Creed IV: BLack Flag for $55.

The sales are pretty easily accessible. Just head to the EB Games homepage and go nuts.



    Simcity for $28 is my buy. Finally a low enough price to see if they have fixed the problems yet.

    Don't encourage people Mark! lol

    For a one time a year "Mad Monday sale", these are pretty poor prices. Big W have had both XB1 and PS4 launch games for $68.

    These sales are normally only good for the collector editions although this year is particularly disappointing. Although people looking for a 360 or PS3 bundle are probably doing ok shopping here.

      Targeu's next gen prices are back to normal while Big W are mostly $68 with some of them being $88

    EB needs to learn that running sales after Steam is not a good thing.

    Anyone thinking of getting GTA V, wait until 5pm when they have it as their last hourly super-deal at $55.

    Most of these deals are crap, sure Assassin's Creed IV is $55, but once you factor in the postage, it's only about $10 cheaper than JB, hell, I picked it up on launch day at Kmart for $69.

    Also, I don't think PS3 and 360 can be called current gen, now the Xbone and PS4 are out.

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    So... they are matching the prices usually seen at Big W, Target or JB HiFi??

    I guess that's nice of them??

    I was tempted by the Vita + 16GB memory card for $199. Then I decided that I can wait, and probably buy one in a bundle with a PS4 a year or so down the track. At least that's what Sony will do if they're smart.

      have you been 'buying' your free Vita PSPlus games? You'll be very happy that you have been once you get your Vita and all of a sudden you have quite a few games to play

        I haven't signed up to PS+. But I am indeed thinking about signing up now in anticipation. I figure that when I do get one, I won't need to buy a single game for it.

          I've only ever bought one Vita game (Persona 4, A MUST HAVE!) and the rest were either bundled in, or a part of PS+. Aside from a couple of new releases, PS+ has had every single Vita game I've been interested in :D

    Some of their more interesting deals are non-game related. e.g. a Galaxy SII for $150 isn't terrible, given the going rate on eBay for second-hand.

    Online they had Beyond for $47. Just went in store, it was also $47 - and pre-owned for $42

    Seems like its not just online

      That's not Mad Monday, I saw that in store the other day, just their Christmas sale price. And 44 at JB. I think it's 39 or 40 at one of Target/KMart/BigW.

        Do you know if it's a dual layer disc? I'd rather get it a bit cheaper on a disc than off the PSN, but my ps3 isn't reading the dual layer discs like the big poo head it is.

          According to this


          Someone says the download is 18gb, that would assume its a single layer disc - but I dont think the PSN download size is always reflective of if the disc is dual layer

          Online forums suggest other problems with the game that may not be related to the disc

    I've been keen to pick up Tales of Xillia once it dropped to a reasonable price.

    Price before Mad Monday $57. Special online only price for Mad Monday..... $57 and out of stock.

    I can't say that I've been interested in any of these "deals".

    "This hour only, The Sims 3, $17"


    At JB $19.


    You'll have to do better than that EB. What a joke.

      Also like $5 for the whole thing with EA's Humble Bundle a while ago.

    Well done, you've managed to match JB's prices.

    Isn't it great how a "sale" for us at retail is STILL more expensive than what the Americans pay normally?

      They also get paid less over there. I hate how people throw this around as if it's actually comparable.

        But our Cost of Living is far higher (with the exception of New York). Seriously, Almost all Aus Capital Cities are in the top 10 most expensive cities to live in in the world.
        Even Hobart.

          I was in New York for a month, and cost of living was comparable. In fact food, clothes and such were well cheaper.

            It's weird to think about how expensive a place we live in, isn't it? It's only about $200 more to live up to your standards in Melbourne in New York - http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/compare_cities.jsp?country1=Australia&country2=United+States&city1=Melbourne&city2=New+York%2C+NY

        How is that a valid arguement?

        It's exactly the same product. What our income is should have nothing to do with how much the same product costs in different countries.

          Yeah, we should pay the people who work in game shops the same wage they pay in GameStop. Then their landlords should charge the same amount of rent as they do in the US. Then the grocery store should........etc

        And I hate how people throw the "minimum wage" argument around like it's somehow an excuse for why we have to pay anywhere from 30% to 100% more than either the US or the UK. A certain markup is to be expected. GST, exchange rates, wages, smaller market etc. But when you're asked to pay sometimes $40 extra for the exact same product (particularly if it's delivered digitally), I think it's a bit much to then also expect gratitude for that mark up. "Oh your minimum wage is higher, therefore you can afford this price. Actually, we're doing you a favour. You should thank us we're only marking it up by that much."

    The deal where you buy $50 of xbox Live credit, and get $70 is pretty good. That's just free money

    The Xbox One deal seems pretty stupid considering that you can get everything included for the same price, not on sale at JB HI FI.

    Batman: Arkham Origins for $67? Pfft! I can get it for $49.99 from OzGameShop. EB, this isn't a sale, though to be honest I've yet to compare their other "sale" items.

    Oddly enough, if you check out the EB website and go straight to the page for Arkham Origins, the price seems to come up as $64 rather than $67, though it still says $67 on their home page.

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      Batman Arkham collection is already out, so get that if you don't have 1 and 2 or wait as the stand alone origins which is superseded will be in the bargain bins soon.

      Or just wait for Rocksteady's new next gen Batman game as origins is a bit pants and full of bugs.

        Already got 1 and 2. I've heard about the various problems with Origins, but I still want to play it. Going to wait till it's cheap though, but I thought it would make a great comparison between shops/prices.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have this post-christmas? Although frankly there's not much on here that impresses me.

    The Xbox Live credit thing is pretty good, but what would I spend that $70 on?

      If you were so inclined, it would be enough for BF4 Premium.

      Makes it $50 instead of $70

      I've been using it for Xbox Music (I buy albums etc.) and to a much less extent W8 & WP8 apps.

      ...Then there's Peggle 2 if I decide I care enough.

    I'm sorry I had a look at their website and that is the most appalling list of non-deals I have ever seen. In previous years they did better.

    Not sure there too much to 'get on here'
    EB are becoming famous for sales that are not really sales.

    EB are still in business?I part of me wishes the new consoles had gone the on-line drm route just to see EB burn.

    Ordered Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Sid Meir's Civ V, hopefully the wait won't be too long.

    I guess it's cheap...ish... This is why I shop at JB-HI-FI...

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