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    Anyone else watch VGX on Sunday? I did and it was bad. No real game reveals or anything.

      I liked the part were it looked like Joel McHale didn't actually care.

        I'm starting to wonder if he figured out how terribly it was going early on and just ran with it.

        And it was still the best part of the show (give or take a couple of particularly lame jokes).


      No mans sky looked good other than that nothing really memorable like the Skyrim announcement or the Phantom Pains reveal

      I'm not going to try and hide the fact that I dislike VGX, Spike TV and Keighley.

      It wasn't an award show, it was a three-hour advertisement. I watched the highlights, then went back and watched most of it once I realised that McHale was tearing strips off Keighley, which was amazing. Joel did more "hard-hitting" games journalism, asking tough questions, etc in 3 hours than Geoff will ever do over the course of his career.

      The questions at Reggie asking him for something more than Donkey Kong didn't get tired quickly. That said, Donkey Kong really didn't look like much different from the one on Wii.

      I'm still not even sure what VGX is supposed to be. It's one of those things that didn't seem to exist before a couple of weeks ago, then suddenly everyone knew about it for some reason.

      I forgot it was on until it was almost over. When I tuned in, there were some people up on stage rapping about bitches. I instantly closed the stream.

      Well VG(A)X is known for not being credible as they have been known to take large sums of mney for spots on the "award" show

    Hey peoples. I have a few codes that fell off the back of a truck to download Gears of War 2 and Fruit Ninja Kinect/Gunslinger (for 360)

    If you're interested let me know what you'd like, and I can email/twitter DM/post here if you'll use them immediately!

    Morning All ! How are we all, I am still battling this flu. Luckily I'm starting to cough up a lot of gunk now so its getting better

    Happy Monday morning all /o\

    I sort of lashed out and bought some stuff and things last night.

    Game Boy Advance SP

    Golden Sun
    Advance Wars 2
    Pokémon: Leaf Green
    Zelda: A link to the past
    Super Mario 3
    Fire Emblem

    Soooo I guess I'm going to do some hand held gaming in the near future :)

      Golden Sun \o/

      If Nintendo released that on the eShop I would go against my digital Nintendo games rule.

        I'm looking forward to it, haven't played it in years :) I got it for $11 online, whether or not I received it and it works is a different story...

        I still can't believe how great Golden Sun was. I only had a passing glance at GS2 due to life and funds etc. when it came out, but the first one was just incredible.

          I never actually got around to playing The Lost Age and Dark Dawn but yeah, it didn't leave my GBA for months.

          Seriously, release them Nintendo. Do it. Why do you hate money?

      Brilliant games, every one of those.


        I couldn't find the original Advance Wars cheap enough so I read up on the sequel and it looks pretty darn good :)

        Zelda and Fire Emblem I've never played but I have high hopes.

          the sequel is great, slightly less difficult than the first if only marginaly

            Great \o/

            I'm looking forward to seeing the battle animations again :)


      Now you just need an e-reader and a set of cards to go with SMA4 there!

        Oh yeah? What do e-readers and cards do?

        Sorry, I'm still new to the Nintendo/hand held front >.

          They transform it into the BEST MARIO GAME EVER!*

          *Opinion may be heavily biased

          Also I just remembered that to take proper advantage of it you really need a second GBA and a link cable. The e-reader was a chunky peripheral for the GBA that scanned in "dot codes" along the edge of cards, which contained all sorts of data. There were sets that gave you NES games to play, Pokemon trading cards incorporated them somehow, there were ones for Animal Crossing on GameCube too.

          The SMA4 ones weren't released down here for some reason though, only in Japan and America. Which is a damn shame because they're the best ones. There's three types of cards - items, demos and levels. The item cards can be scanned in at any time on the world map to add whatever you scanned into your inventory. Including items that weren't even a part of the game originally. There's also a couple of Switch items, which add new features. Eg one of them fills the levels with the vegetables from SMB2, which you can pick up and hurl at enemies. The demo cards either show you secrets in levels like spots where you can exploit a tonne of extra lives, or they might show off a speed run of a particular level. And lastly the level cards. These add a whole new level to the game. It's a little awkward to do though - when you scan a level, you have to reach the end for it to be stored to your cartridge. But you can store up to 32 of them in there (I can't remember how many were released, but it might have been 33). Once they're in there though, you can play them whenever you like.

            Oh man that sounds pretty cool! Thanks for the explanation.

            Have you ever heard of Megaman sets? I'd love to play Megaman X on the GBA.

              Heh, I did manage to get myself some Mega Man cards once. Bought them just because I'd never seen them before, and Mega Man rocks :P

              But as far as I know they were only released in Japan, and Japanese cards don't work with non-Japanese games. Oh yeah! There were also some cards released for Mario vs Donkey Kong. Again, they only came out in Japan, and the e-reader was abandoned before America bothered to release them. They added new levels to the game too.

                Oh sweet! These e-readers seem like a pretty sweet gig.

                I've definitely got my hands full with games for the moment but I'll keep an eye for these if I see them cheap, thanks mate :)

      score, those are some sweet games right there.

    Hola Tay

    How were your weekends? I went drafting (Magic: The Gathering) on Friday, lost two, won one, drew with the guy who eventually came first, which is a result I'm happy with. Spent most of Sat playing Guacamelee, which is great, but got stuck at the final boss. Sunday went to my aunt's for a christmas thing, saw my Pop who's off to travel the Trans-Siberian railroad over christmas (Apparently it's -17 in Ulan Bator) and my cousin and his twin babies. Family!

    A Monday Morning Question: Guacamelee is based off of Mexican culture, especially the Luchadores (Mexican Wrestlers). What's your Luchador name?

      I've noticed you have an interest in MTG.

      As someone who has no knowledge of it at all and is potentially interested where should I start?

      Is it like other TCGs where there are several thousand different types of booster packs?

        Best place to start would be with Duel Decks or similar, as you can play against a mate with them to learn, or if you have people who play already an intro deck- they're not that strong a deck, but they're fairly simple in terms of what they do.

        Failing that, if you want to jump into competition at your local gaming store, you can get onto the current Event deck, which is designed to be strong and customisable:

        I decided that I didn't want to have to fiddle around too much with constructing decks and paying-to-win, so I jumped into the Draft format, which lets me compete on my skills, not on my wallet, while still having an element of luck. it's great fun.

        In terms of boosters etc, the way Magic works is they have "blocks" of sets which are competition legal for a certain time. The previous block, Return to Ravnica, is legal until the block after the current one is finished, so those cards will be "standard" until about August next year.

        I've been playing the current block, which is "Theros," which is heavily inspired by Greek mythology. Any Theros stuff will be competition standard until Aug 2015.

          *takes notes*

          Excellent. Will look into it.

          Also helps with my cousins christmas present because he's into MTG. Kind of where I picked up a bit of the interest from. Or are boosters ultimately useless once you've got your deck figured out?

            Boosters will be welcome- if he's really into it he might have a competitive deck figured out, but there may be extra stuff or cards he can use for other formats.

            If he's been playing for a couple years he may have an extra deck to teach you with too

        Every year they release a new core set and a series of boosters from that set. When the next core set releases the previous one becomes invalid for tournament play. Helps offset stuff like power creep in the cards, since the game's super old (nearly 20 years old IIRC)

        Best place to start is with a pre-made starter deck. But you need someone to play with and to teach you. It's an easy game to learn but there's not much point if you can't play it regularly against people, the cards are too expensive to justify otherwise. Also if you don't know anyone who plays you'd need to maintain multiple decks and get people to use yours.

      El Grande Mojito.

      I'd finish you off by shoving some mint in your mouth, before shaking you vigorously.

      I'd be The Ceviche- Once I downed you I'd douse you in lemon juice (for your wounds) and leave you for 24 hours.

      My weekend was good, been kicking fleshlings around in League of Legends. Been tagging up with a high level player who also is a semi-professional commentator/interviewer in the e-sports League of Legends scene in Oceania, pretty cool :)
      Also, Snipers are OP as heck in XCOM: EU, just using 2 snipers with the "Use your allies' sight as your own range" perk, and using the rest of my squad as spotters for them lol

      Nacho Supreme. Nacho average Luchador.

      My weekend was okay, managed to finally get my 360 controller working with the PC versions of Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, managed to play the first one most of the way through and get a reminder of just how shoddy the job was. Seriously, put the game in a 16:9 aspect ratio and the title cards at the start of missions that are supposed to black out the whole screen leave large swathes of the level visible because the cards are formatted to 4:3...

      I also managed to figure out a random gear script for Arma 3, now I just need to work out random patrols and running a generic script on the death of any unnamed unit and my big survival mission will be pretty much set to go.

    Finished ac black flag this weekend. Must say once the story picks up it gets really good, and quite sad too. Multiplayer on pc though is just wth. Crashes random disconnects and blotchy, haven't encountered much lag

      I just started it yesterday on PS4 and I'm so happy with it. AC2 and Brotherhood are two of my favourite games, so it feels really great to enjoy an Assassin's Creed game again.

        I just couldn't get into the first one at all which put me off the whole series, but with a bit of a wait until something new on the PS4 I'm willing to give it a go. Is it considerably different from the first one asides from different time period, weapons and obviously ships?

          I hated the first one. None of the games have been that same as that one, the second was actually much, much better.

          Regarding AC4 though, you're a pirate, so that's pretty rad.

      Also finished it this weekend. The character arc that Edward goes through I think is pretty good. Teared up slightly at the end, where he looks over and has a Return of the Jedi moment where he sees the dead pirate brotherhood partying together

      The game still had some frustrating bits (I hate those tail the dudes without being seen sequences sooo much, and also the instant-fail stealth bits though at least those were rare) but the rest of the game makes up for it. Probably the best AC game overall.

        Yeah it was pretty good, but was different when compared to ac, I really like brotherhood and black flag was different, but I find both really good in their own ways.

    Bravely Default Stuff

    Been playing this all weekend, decided to do a hard difficulty run-through, however I think I might be unintentionally be over leveled I reckon I'm about 50% into the game most of my strategy is simple default to +3bp and nuke in two turns with 6 bp usage, its surprisingly effective. if you mix in buffs, specials, high mana/bp abilities.

      I've only played it for a couple of hours so I'm still at the start. Really enjoying it though, pretty fun.

      Man this game is fun :D

        Ringabel is so mysterious =) I just feel like a Pandora's box will be opened when he recovers from his amnesia.

    So my friend decided to make me a birthday cake on the weekend:

    Yeah, I probably deserved that after getting him a Luchador mask for his birthday...

    Oh, game stuff - Starbound! Holding off for the moment since there's likely a character wipe coming for major rebalance. Started Dishonored, I'm liking it so far. Ghost / no kill can be a bit random, and no way I'm getting 100% completion on the levels, so I'm just going to enjoy and let the game take me where it takes me.

      I'm not yelling at people to buy Starbound until they're far enough through the beta that wipes won't happen any more. After that point, though.

      Seriously, I already rate this game higher than Minecraft and Terraria as a game, and currently at least on par in terms of building stuff.

      Also, the audio in Starbound is just ridiculously good.

        Ridiculously good soundtrack. I put that and Stargazers on shuffle for background music for friends over on Saturday night.

      I need to do that with Dishonored. I was getting to frustrated trying to ghost everything so gave up. But it just feels like doing it wrong the other way.

        I'm still aiming to go full no-kill, but I've broken ghost to save innocents. Also stashing sleepers on the nearest roof since they seem safe from rats and observation there.

        I found doing that was a huge positive when playing mark of the ninja
        Went through and smashed it all out doing as much as I could but not worrying about failing. Then just went back and redid levels after I had completed. Only another 2 stages to 100%

    I'm back.


      ...dammit-I mean Hi!


      Also, I wrote out a lengthy reply to one of your old pre-recorded episodes (not realising at the time it was pre-recorded). So my words aren't wasted, here:

        I SAW!

        Very cool. I'll try and work it into a show.

          It was mostly just for your info, answering questions you seemed curious about, but whatever you like!

    Things to do today. And I don't wanna do any of them. Also sleepy. Dad's got a friend over and they're digging through the walls and ceiling to fix up something with the new oven. Much noise. Doesn't help I was up til 4am playing Snake.

    Graduation tomorrow!

    Morning smexy ppls!

    I take back my Link Between Worlds Hero Mode tears. If you stock faeries and bottles early on, and go heart hunting instead of dungeon grinding, it's not so bad. I did find some enemies that do 7 hearts of damage though...that's some crazy shit right there!

      I'm impatiently waiting for my copy in the mail. 7 Hearts O_O ouch...

        It may actually be more than 7 hearts, but that's all I had at the time... O_o

    I've finally finished modding Fallout 3 after watching some videos online, ( that's the playlist in case anyone's like me and is a complete novice to modding Bethesda games and games in general, they're extremely easy to follow) and all I can say is why didn't I do this earlier? It's amazing how much even just a lighting mod changes the look of the game. So anyway, after this playthrough of the game I guess I'm now obligated to do the same with New Vegas and Skyrim as well as paying a lot more attention to Skywind.

    Also, put my money down for Wasteland 2. Let's just say I'm in an apocalyptic mood. Borderlands 2 is free later this month on PS Plus I think as well so will be getting that for even more wasteland goodness and doing some split screen shooting. Online gaming has ruined split screen gaming which sucks as that's the most fun you can have gaming without setting up a LAN party.

    Next pay and I put some money in for Star Citizen as well as checking up on the progress of Project Eternity

      Borderlands 2 is free on PS+ this month? :D Awesome, I've nearly bought that so many times!

      Take THAT universe!

        hold that thought, might possibly be North America only. I looked it up a week or so ago and didn't read too much beyond headlines

        B2 may be one of the best made games I've ever played, I've put in 666 hours according to steam. If you get the core game free, be sure to by the DLCs, the season pass is definitely worth it.

        Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty was pretty good and Scarlett herself is awesome, decent selection of new enemies and locations.

        Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is a bit forgettable but it seems geared more towards raid style play which isn't my thing, it does have a reasonably amusing antagonist though.

        Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage is just fucking amazing all the way through and Torgue himself is just fucking bonkers. It's extra funny if you've ever watched pro wrestling

        Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep is pretty fucking awesome, more tina is never a bad thing, shitloads of new enemies and increasingly bizarre situations, extra fun if you've played D&D way too much.

        Last edited 09/12/13 1:22 pm

          Awesome :)

          I've played it on PC until around level 18 co-op with a buddy..but then he got himself a gf and I haven't seen him since. Right when I bought the mechromancer DLC :( I'd like to see what Captain Scarlett is about.

          Now that I think about it B2 did look a LOT better on PC...hmm maybe I should just stick to it on my lappy.

          Who knows \o/

    I had a pretty busy weekend playing pretty much nothing but tabletop RPGs, one of which I DM'd. Recaps as follows:

    Saturday Pathfinder Ancient Rome session recap (with me as GM):

    I owed my players a pretty good session considering we hadn't played in about three months and I think I delivered. A massive group battle against gladiators in the arena in Capua which culminated in a showdown between the party and another group which they had made their rivals. I mixed in magic users and even an elephant (who actually hurt them a lot) so it kept the party on their toes. It was pretty epic when they baited the elephant into charging at them which made it rampage straight into a spiked pit and instantly kill it. The party are now on their way to Rome to participate in Emperor Nero's birthday gladiator games.

    Quote of the session was when one of the players realised one of the NPCs gladiators had used lay on hands, a signature paladin skill: "Lay on hands? That's a paddlin'.

    Sunday Pathfinder Warhammer Fantasy session recap (with me as player, party is effectively level 9):

    We're still lost in this off kilter reality in the Lost Isles and we are attempting to find the lost Dwarven hold of Barak Fadrin. Turns out trying to navigate in a Dwarven ironclad in a realm where the magic is constantly affecting the world around us is pretty tricky. We ended up landing on an island where a large Elven city lay in ruins. We estimated the city had been in ruins since the War of the Beard which was a few thousand years ago. As a ruined city it was filled with Revenants and they were pretty creepy but we were guided by a brilliant white horse.

    The horse led us to some semi-friendly Revenants who told us that their murderer was in the centre of the town inside a large Elven keep. The keep was surrounded by a wall that had been buffed by Elven magic and while the rest of the party were trying to figure out how to get over/under/through the wall, I just bashed on the portcullis with my super magical lucerne hammer and broke all of the enchantments and busted the gate open.

    We made our way to the keep where we encounted some Witchfires who were pretty nasty. We got inside the keep and discovered that the murderer was in fact a Banshee and she was primarily responsible for the Lost Isles being partially shunted between dimensions. It's a good thing we had Rings ot Death Ward otherwise we would have been instant killed by the Banshee's scream. We killed the Banshee which allowed the Revenants to finally rest in peace however some of the Witchfires stayed around and captured the white horse and attempted to corrupt it. We managed to save it by breaking the ritual and I managed to kill a few Witchfires while riding my horse and jumping from rooftop to rooftop and spearing them with my lance.

    It turns out that the white horse was a Dragon Horse which took a particular liking to our wizard so it has become his mount. So our 9th-level wizard who can conjure massive pillars of flame and huge lightning bolts now has a flying Dragon Horse. We looted what we could of the Elven city and our Dwarf Forgemaster/Runepriest decided to strap the Banshee's mithral throne to his back and walk out with it. We're still trying to find the lost Dwarven hold but we might be here for a while yet.

    Quote of the Day when we were figuring out who should get the Dragon Horse, the Dwarf rocks up and says: "Can I turn it into shanks?"

    Y'all act like weekend TAY doesn't exist. But it does you know, in all it's tear soaked loneliness.

      I saw mentionings of gift giving to celebrate the holidays.

      I want in on that.

      If it's not too late, of course.

      Whatsa weekend TAY? Does it hurt?

      Hey I was here, I have no life so I'm always free on the weekends

    So weekend was pretty good, got in a lot of game time on War Thunder (can't stop playing it even though it's a bit frustrating) and finished Lego Marvel Superheroes, which was pretty fun and surprisingly funny. There's a really funny bit in the ending too.

      also tried CoD: Ghosts. It can go die in a fire....

        A slow motion fire fuelled with loads of pointless nationalistic bullshit?

    I had a pretty good weekend. Finished Legend of Zelda LBW, it actually had a pretty decent ending. Played the hell out of Starbound, so much fun. I'm loving every moment of it.

    Also, finally watched The Worlds End (Simon Pegg "end" movie"). It was fantastic, definitely up there with Shaun / Hot Fuzz (although Hot Fuzz is better).

      I enjoyed World's End also. Some really funny moments in the pubs - I laughed. Ending was a bit crap though - Hot Fuzz remains the best one.

        I agree with you on the ending. Also I didn't quite like how the cornetto was delivered. Still I enjoyed it.

      The World's End was good but I found myself liking it more the more I thought about it.

      After walking out of the cinema I would've ranked them: Hot Fuzz > Shaun > Worlds End

      Now though: Hot Fuzz > Worlds End > Shaun

      want Starbound so bad, have to wait for console release

    PSA: Apparently Steam phising emails are doing the rounds.

    URL is missing the 'i' in 'community' (made not clickable, but just in case, don't go to the site) http:/----/

    Does anywhere have a Xbone demo stand? I want to try out the controller, but everywhere only has PS4 stands!

    @negativezero I picked up Akagi yesterday and, even though I knew of her reputation, I ran a few sorties with her. I then promptly put her in my secondary fleet. That chick is voracious.

    How are you finding having the full four fleets? Maxed out most of the expeditions yet?

      If you look at JP fanart you'll find a lot of images where they're all eating together and everyone has a normal-sized bowl of rice except Akagi which will be piled up ten times higher. :P

      It's not so much that she's hungry as that she chews through your Bauxite due to her planes getting shot down in combat with other enemy carriers. Even the bigger light carriers (eg Ryuuhou and Junyou) will chew through a lot of Bauxite if you lose planes. Happens a lot on practice battles. I found a way to reduce the loss is to add extra fighters to the carrier so you have air superiority, so your bombers don't get hit as often.

      Also I think one of the reasons I ended up finding Hiryuu much better than Akagi is that she's more resource efficient. Plus has high luck (because at Midway the other four big fleet carriers were sunk in the opening of the engagement but Hiryuu avoided the air attack, sortied her planes and nearly sank Yorktown before taking a bomb in the hangar that ignited the aircraft fuel) so she tends to crit more often. As I understand it Shoukau and Zuikaku are a lot more efficient to run than Hiryuu and Soryuu, who are more efficient than Akagi and Kaga.

      I haven't played a lot since I unlocked 4th Fleet. Got Haruna to 10 or so and Kongo to 8, haven't re-run 3-2 with my Destroyer fleet. I'm unlocking some expeditions, trying to get to one of the world 2 ones which has really high amount of return from it, with the intent that every time before I log off I send three fleets on long expeditions with high return rates so I can get buckets and bauxite to keep everything going.

      4 Kongo-class BBs + Kitakami + Hiryuu uses a heck of a lot of fuel and ammo :( Like, I think I'm going to have to alternate between them and my destroyer / cruiser fleets every other day if I intend to play more than an hour or two, though quests and expeditions will help offset that a fair bit. Expeditions especially. Check the wiki, someone did a resources-per-hour breakdown to figure out what the average hourly gain from each one is so you can figure out which ones to run back to back to increase your resources. It looked like if you do a pair of them you can get fuel with one and ammo with another, and then with the fourth fleet unlocked you can go for steel or bauxite with the others.

        Yeah I've been doing pretty well with expeditions although I'm currently at the point where I need to level up my HQ to complete the higher level expeditions. I'm currently of HQ level 10 so I need to work on that a lot.

        I decided to swap out Akagi for Hiyou at the moment simply because Hiyou was at a higher level. My secondary is running Shouhou, Akagi, Ise, Tenryuu, Sendai, and Myoko. I've nearly got all of the heavy cruisers I need to clear the composition quests but I keep missing out. Just need Nachi, Furutaka, and Aoba now.

          It took me *forever* to get Myoukou. I got her as a drop from the 3-1 boss. The others I can't stop getting, especially Nachi - I must have built her a dozen times trying to get battleships. World 2 drops lots of Takao and Myoukou-class cruisers.

          The one cruiser variety I really want to get to finish out some compositon quests is the Mogami-class. Mogami specifically. You need Yamashiro, Fusou, Mogami and Shigure to finish one of the composition quests (I think you're basically building one of the fleets from the Leyte campaign) and I've had them all for ages except Mogami.

          Now that I've got the Kongos my focus is moving toward trying to get the rest of the fleet carriers as I only have Akagi and Hiryuu. I've heard that Kaga is a frequent drop from 3-1 so might give that a few rounds. Whenever I try and build a carrier I end up getting a light carrier instead and it costs way too much bauxite so probably will aim for drops. Also want to get Goya / I-58 so I have both the buildable subs and can do the 3-sub composition quest.

          Other than that, once I clear 3-2 with my Destroyers I'll probably put Murasame, Yukikaze and Hibiki aside and try and get Yuudachi and Shigure to their second remodels. Yuudachi especially, since her second remodel when modernized can hit about as hard as a heavy cruiser.

          Other than that my wishlist also contains Nagato and Ooi. Both are apparently fairly difficult to get though.

    Watched Amazing Spiderman last night. Noticed that the Indian guy from Oscorp looked kind of familiar. Then he says “blahblahblah Richard Parker…” and I was like WUT.
    Yes, it’s the same guy from Life of Pi. Is this some sort of crazy coincidence?

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