Off Topic: The Paste Game

Throughout the course of day, I copy and paste many things. Mostly links, or the occasional image. But I always have something in that clipboard, waiting to be pasted! Do you have the courage to paste whatever is in your clipboard into the comments below! DO YOU?

This is the paste game. You must post whatever you have copied last into the comments below. No cheating! Be honest!

I'll go first, but mine is really boring. I apologise in advance!

Yeah, just a crappy old link to a crappy old article. OH WAIT, I WROTE THAT!


    Hi Lee & [redacted] lease and all paperwork is being sent to you today for [Redacted], Ballarat. Regards [redacted].

    I had to redact personal stuff and stuff not directed to just myself.

    Can't post what's currently in the paste buffer because of NDA, but the thing that was in there prior to that was this link:

    "@Html.Telerik().StyleSheetRegistrar().DefaultGroup(group => group.Add("telerik.common.css").Add("telerik.windows7.css").Combined(true).Compress(true))"

    Index is out of range, Someone help! :-p

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    "I'll pick up the odd Star Trek novel for a quick read but I'm trying to concentrate on games atm so not much spare time for reading unfortunately"

    I write comments and replies on notepad so I don't constantly have a browser open at work


    My colleague was badly singing an INXS tune and asked me if I like them. I do quite like some of their songs and proceeded to tell him about the rumours of how Michael Hutchence may have died. He'd never heard of what I described as 'choking yourself to an orgasm' so I searched it and sent him this link.

    Also, if you were to reccomend a sound card that can utilise all of it's features what would it be?

    . An

    Well that wasn't very interesting and I'm not even sure what that is from.

    bzgrep "753213" --color=always web-audit.log-app02.equ.bz2 | grep "STOP"

    I tried to paste what I had in my clipboard but the site told me I had to add a comment before posting.

    Knowing the last thing I copy pasted, totally do

    I have received the December account for payment so just need the spreadsheet so that it can be submitted please.
    I have also requested a new account for Jeanelle today (Thursday). Approval should come through shortly. Can you just send me the details once created.

    The 2013 International Six Days of Enduro took
    place in the bright sunshine of Sardinia where
    riders from over thirty nations strove for victory.
    The Official Review features full highlights from
    each of the six days as the riders tackle over
    1000kms of the toughest terrain Sardinia has to
    offer including the Tempio MX circuit for the
    traditional final day showdown. There’s coverage of all five categories contested: World
    Trophy, Junior World Trophy, Women's World Trophy, Club and Individual. Big name stars
    such as Antoine Meo, Alex Salvini and Daniel Milner dominated the men’s proceedings
    while Australia’s Jessica Gardiner took on Sweden’s
    Jessica Jonsson for the Women’s crown.
    It was fast and furious from start to finish and you
    can relive it all with the Official Review

    Yeah this restaurant is not looking good..

      well, it's 25% good, order 4 times the food and one portion of it will be fantastic...right?

    , looking down into a hellish valley. The sky is dark, but the world is well-lit.

      I'm writing scripts while at work. Don't tell my boss.

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