While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. I am hungry. I want porridge. But I have to earn my porridge — by bringing you the news, via the power of 'round-up'.

Hideo Kojima is a tormentor. He torments his fans with his trolling ways, torments his teams with his demands of perfection. He even has a running theme of torture in practically all of his video games. So am I surprised that he is torturing us all with screens of the next Metal Gear Solid game on the PS4? Of course not.

This might be the silliest news I've ever heard. Magic: The Gathering is getting a movie series.


Yes, really.

Seems super strange. Last time something like this happened we got Dungeons & Dragons. And Jeremy Irons or no Jeremy Irons, that movie sucked.

Imagine if your favourite childhood characters were badass lunatics? If the kids from duck tales were a crazy band of bank robbers? That's what this art is doing. It's cool.

This post takes you inside one of the world's biggest game companies and Nidhogg is the most fun you'll have stabbing your friend in the face. In the world of video games, that's a pretty big call.

In Short Kojima Torments Fans With Photos Of The Next Metal Gear On PS4 Hollywood Is Making A Magic Card Movie Series. Yup. Inside One Of The World's Biggest Game Companies If Classic Childhood Characters Were Badass Lunatics The Most Fun You'll Have Stabbing Your Friend In The Face


    That picture is a lie, Serrels! Babies didn't sleep last night. I know because I have a baby and it didn't sleep last night.

    That's logic, right? I'm tired.

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