How To Make DayZ More Depressing? Bioshock Voice Tracks

Using various soundboards in multiplayer games is an old tradition. But talking about Little Sisters and Neptune's Bounty in Andrew Ryan's voice? It all fits really well in DayZ and makes the atmosphere even more grim.

DayZ - The Bioshock Scenario [Lycku, YouTube]


    Um, not Andrew Ryans voice. Gold Star!

    Cool stuff.

    Just so you know, that's Atlas's (FF's) voice, not Andrew Ryan.

    "Grim atmosphere" in DayZ? If you wanted to fit the atmosphere you'd use Trevor's voice.

    I wasted $30 on DayZ. No atmosphere in that at all. Plays like crap.

    The standalone is still pretty average apparently...the original mod is still the best IMO

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