Off Topic: Describe How You Play With One Word

Okay, here's a humdinger — and it's only slightly off topic — I want you to describe how you play video games in one single word.

(And if you feel like it you can totally explain in greater detail why you chose that one word afterwards!)

Me? I think the word I would use it...


I'm not always very good at things, but I'll stick it out. I like to learn things so I'll play really difficult video games until I learn them. This is why I like games like Trails HD or Dark Souls.

Now you go!



    EDIT: Actually read the article. Pretty similar to yours, really. A lot of the same reasons apply. Except it also means that I may find myself pushing through the to end of a game that I'm not really enjoying, because it's mindless enough and I started it, dammit.

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      Tip of the hat to you my friend, for understanding the difference between 'how' and 'why' ;)

    When I play with one word it's usually a case of misusing it for comic effect

    Oh okay I'll play along properly!


    I'm the guy who'll find that weird section where the level geometry doesn't quite join up because I tend to want to look behind everything


    I like to be engrossed in a story and world. I don't like other people there influencing the way I play.

    depends on the genre.

    I try to be a single lifer and hate dying in games. So things like MGS, Tom Raider, GTA I might say "cautiously." However, put me in a car where I can't die eg. GT6 and I'll happily bounce off everybody and everything so perhaps "psychopath."

    In turn based strategy or RTS I build bases and defend while researching tech so "defensively." If it's human multiplayer, I wouldn't trust me, standing behind me, so "Machiavellian."


    I wish there was a word that summed up only getting to play occasionally, but then playing for 8 hours straight instead of sleeping :)

    *edit* I guess 'bingeing' would come close.

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      Weird... two sporadically in a row....what are the chances.

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        Posted at the exact same time no less.

          Soul mates. Kiss now. Do it!

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