Finished Diablo III? Feed Your ARPG Habit With Van Helsing 2

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was a game I really wanted to like and from a "run around with some friends and kill stuff" point-of-view, it was OK. Unfortunately, buggy multiplayer, a confusing interface and a general messiness to the gameplay made it hard to stick with. The follow-up is out mid next month and going from early previews, I'm keen to give it a crack.

With Diablo III having finally found its way, Grim Dawn slowly building towards greatness and Path of Exile providing its own brand of satisfying complexity, one could say the ARPG genre is well-fed. Even so, I'm not going to say no to another contender, especially one featuring a steampunk-theme and co-operative play (despite it being a given with this sort of game).

As Andy Hemphill over at 6aming explains from his dabblings with the closed beta, the sequel integrates the two DLC classes from the original into the main game, giving you the choice of a Hunter, Thaumaturge or Arcane Mechanic. The screenshots in the article show an interface that's still more cluttered than I'd like, but I'm willing to give developer Neocore the benefit of the doubt.

The other issue with the first title was its poor optimisation. I didn't have issues on my desktop machine, but my notebook, which can run Mass Effect 3 at reasonably high detail, struggled with the game even at the minimum graphics settings.

Van Helsing 2 arrives on Steam on April 17. I'll probably still wait for a few reviews before making a decision... and finding friends brave enough to risk an early purchase.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 Preview [6aming]


    If the dev's are hard at work on VH2, can we assume the bugs that cripple the campaign from proceeding forward, may not be fixed anytime soon?

    I had no issues at all with VH1 and played it through twice. It was surprisingly a really great fun game that best of all didn't force me to be online for single player.

    Really looking forward to the sequel.

      Yeah i was never actually aware the game was considered buggy... Never encountered anything noticable either.

    First game was great! Appropriate successor to Diablo 2. Looking forward to the sequel!

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