Meet The Arseholes Ruining Online Gaming

Meet The Arseholes Ruining Online Gaming

You can hear terrible prejudices bubble up when you’re playing a Killzone, Call of Duty or Halo match online. This stuff is bad when you’re in the heat of a tense deathmatch showdown, trying to just have fun and win. It’s even worse away from the game.

The Bigot Gamer collects all sorts of overheated sexist, racist, homophobic chatter heard while playing online multiplayer games:

This site is a social experiment. The more occurrences of discriminatory behaviour by more and more individuals posted to this site will prove to the Ann Coutlers of the world that Bigotry is alive and thriving. And when people think they are anonymous, they don’t hold back. Oh how the hate flows when you think there are zero consequences.

… we are not trying to stop discrimination in the gaming world. We’re just trying to expose it in easy, click-able links.

Without the context of kill-or-be-killed combat, you can really sit back and soak in the ignorance of the people putting their bigotry on display. Who knows, building a repository like this might make people think twice about acting this way in online games.

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