So How Are Those Local Titanfall Servers Holding Up?

Late last week EA and Respawn announced that Australia and New Zealand was getting its very own Titanfall servers and we all rejoiced. It was a way faster than expected solution for something that was about to become a problem. So I thought I'd throw out the question: how is everyone finding the new servers?

My hunch is that everything is running super sweet and smooth because, if it wasn't, my inbox would probably be lighting up with emails from folks who couldn't get online, or still suffered from lag.

The one exception seems to Optus customers. Some of you guys still can't get online. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still chasing answers from Optus about this situation. Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.

Anywa — really keen to hear how you all went: any problems, great success? Let us know in the comments below.


    Getting pings of between 10-25. Not a single moment's lag since they went live, not a single dropped game.

      85 - 140

      It's alright, though I find I get better pings with the SEA servers being that I'm from Perth and the AUS Server's are located over east :(

        Damn. I wonder whether it makes much difference though, since I'd been playing on US West at like 160 and couldn't really notice a problem.

      I'm in Tassie finding I'm getting around 60-70ms on Voda MBB and it's incredibly smooth. Prior to that best I was getting was 240-300ms with the overseas servers, which kinda felt like playing Quakeworld on dial-up.

    Hasn't been too bad but the rated pings on Friday night were up at 200ms, since it has gone down a bit each day to 60ms, now steady 53 (according to the main menu screen anyway). Did have a couple of games lag out and crash my party back to the menu twice. Generally been really great though

    The first day on PC I had a lot of issues finding a game. Since then it has been fine. Not a single game with a ping above 40.

    Quite a few lobby cretins, but that's not the servers fault. :D

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    A few hiccups along the way, but generally it's been a great experience. Constantly getting about 33ms, so much better than the 140-160 I was getting from SEA.

    I get a great connection when I can connect, half the time I get stuck on the loading screen though (Optus customer).

    yeah no worries for me. ping is normally about 50 on my shitting internet and no dropped games

    First match on aus servers 15kills 0 deaths, had no probs since, was almost worth getting the extra practise on 150ms.

      I love it how my ping on my Aus server is 65535... not sure if glitch or something, but im with optus and my internet is working fine. Its really annoying...

    I still get dropped from matches regularly, but the experience is a damn side better than what it was on Thu and Fri night. Loving the game though.

    Mostly get some really good connections however had a few games of bad lag yesterday. Reported it to Respawn etc with no response but came good after half an hour or so. Playing on XB1.

    As Sabrescene said, fantastic when you can get a game (usually outside of peak periods), between 3pm and Midnight though, you've got a snowballs chance in hell.

    Optus Customer in Melbourne.

    How the hell did they go from MW2 to this!? I'm really tempted to pick up an Xbone for Australian servers.

    I must be the exception. I join the AU servers, get about 25ms but the game is so so laggy. I join the South East servers, get 150ms, and no problem. NBN network and all. I dunno what's going on...

    Been loving it. It's a little choppy at times but that's entirely on my ISP.

    Although I will say it's a pain in the arse that they do that whole MMO thing of 'you have to be connected to the server to see anything past the start screen'. Timing out in the private lobby is just dumb.

    pings are good from brissy between 20-40, connections are MOSTLY stable, the odd "reconnecting to server" msg for a second or so (multiple people in multiple states while playing, not just me)

    My biggest issue is the same thing as with BF4 the "netcode" while good, i still have issues every 5 games or so where i'll unload at point blank with an SMG get multiple hit markers but the enemy will take no damage, then when i watch the kill cam, i see every bullet missed. (while my gun barrel is basically touching them)

    As well as the being shot behind walls and around corners, i have shadowplay recordings of my being WELL around a building, but on the other players kill cam im still about 20 meters from where i am on my screen.

    other than that the game is a hell of a lot of fun.

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    30ms pings on average, it's a lot more competitive with everyone benefiting from it tho

    Been great so far! Averaging a ping of 20-30 but been as low as 5!

    Anyone else getting issues with the AI skipping around the map like this -

    Its driving me mad. It looks like packet loss but only with the AI. Pilot V Pilot interactions are near perfect. Its not my internet as i have no issues with other games and im getting 25ms to the Beta Australia server.... :(

      Noticed the same thing on my end too (playing from Melbourne on optus). Doesn't really bother me, but it can be distracting from time to time.

      Yes. Noticed this last night. Was happening on the aus server as well as the SEA server. Annoying but not game breaking

        Funny thing is, it doesnt happen for me on the SEA servers but the other players lag. I think its having bandwidth issue's, not uploading enough data to the server perhaps? Im not a tech guru so that might be a silly theory.

          Same issue here lads. Though it's a small gripe when were all getting decent ping response. Haven't had above 35ms since the Aussie servers went online, K/D average has gone up considerably.

    Yeah - I'm having a really good time with the game. No server complaints.

    One of the things I'm finding interesting is that people who use CoD/Battlefield tactics get hammered. I ran into a six person team last night, and I managed to take out the entire side in one room in a single glorious death from above attack. They were all covering each other as though I was going to come at them from the same height. They were all around level 25, so it seems as though they haven't quite unlearnt their CoD strategies.

      can you elaborate? I haven't picked it up yet (it's in the mail). How does it play differently to COD? Is it just due to the vertical movement?

        It's much faster and more vertical, both in terms of the basic controls and the movement. You see people jumping around during gunfights in other modern shooters, but obviously its much higher in Titanfall. It can be helpful just to jump out of the action rather than behind cover. It's also possible to surprise people by coming at them running on a wall, rather than where they would expect.

        The really nice thing is that it makes camping really tough (which is further exacerbated by cloaking).

    I think I had one lag spike, but I could also be wrong about that. Performance has been great.

    Been getting between 20 and 40 havnt had a single lag issue and im an optus customer

    I average around 37-40 ping, which is about what I got with COD-BLOPS2 and was still very playable. I get connection issues every now and again, and last night the AI mooks were rubber banding like crazy but the other players weren't.

    From Perth it still uses the SEA servers. Get about 80 ping but it is still playable. Had a blast playing last night. Calling my Titan down on an enemy Titan and destroying it brought me so much joy. I did get kicked once and it complained about renewing an Origin ticket or some shit. I was really cursing Origin at that point.

    I'm playing from South Sydney and got 33ms all weekend. When it's good, it's really good and that's 95% of the time. However, I had one dropped game and a few games where other players on my team looked like they were lagging about all over the place for short periods of times.

      South Sydney as well. 30-33ms at all times, no dropped games.

      Not many people feel like teamwork, though. Origin name GreatestPokedad for anyone who wants to actually do some team play.

        Yeah I didn't notice much in the way of team work so it was really rewarding teaming up with a couple of mates on XBL and running around together in Titans!

    We had an titanfall Lan over the weekend!740&authkey=!AM54_tzEiSjm3JI&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jpg

    when we had 8 of us on the same connection (100mb fibre) we were getting 68ms each

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