Watch Junglist Play Dark Souls II As A Onebro

Watch Junglist Play Dark Souls II As A Onebro

The Onebros are a unique breed. Dark Souls as a franchise is hard enough, but the Onebros try and finish the entire game without levelling up, which requires a special sort of insanity. As a result of early access, frequent Kotaku contributor Jeremy ‘Junglist’ Ray has already finished Dark Souls II — naturally — but he’s also managed the near impossible. He’s finished the game as a Onebro. Now you can watch the highlights!

And if you’re currently playing and want to avoid spoilers (I consider myself part of this group) Jeremy has conveniently separated his videos into the various different boss battles dotted throughout the game. The one I’ve posted above is The Lost Sinner boss battle, and it’s an absolute nail biter. Junglist comes so close to death through the entirety of this battle and it’s a masterclass in recovery, technique and (above all) patience.

According to Junglist The Lost Sinner was one of the hardest boss battles, which surprised me because I just beat him last night and found it relatively easy (humblebrag) especially compared to the Ruin Sentinels who must have killed me close to 100 times.

They’re a great watch in general. Partially for tips, but mainly because of the drama that comes with such a difficult challenge. Major props to Junglist for pulling it off.

You can check out all the videos from Junglist’s Onebro adventures here.


      • I hear Demon’s is easier because the only class that starts level 1 is the royal class (sorcerer). DS2 is still pretty hard, bit of a tradeoff though. Pretty much no weapons you can one-hand, hence the constant two-handing with the club. Lack of good range options makes some areas rageworthy.

        • Yeah, Demon’s will be easier but still worth a go probably.

          Can you even use a 100% physical shield in 2? Would make it pretty tricky without it. Was so reliant on it on the das1 run.

          • Nah, Blue Wooden Shield blocks 85% physical, it’s the best you have access to with 6 Str. I upped it to block almost 90%, and also upped the inferior Crimson Parma because I like the look of it better and I had more souls than I could reasonably spend heheh. Creates problems against enemies that don’t let you Estus, because even if you block perfectly you’ll have to heal.

            I did play around a bit with two-handing a shield for blocks, in which case 100% is possible. But in the end just opted to roll better. I could see two-handing a shield and waiting for opportune moments with Flame Swathe and wilted dusk herbs, could be a viable tactic against anything not in the Iron Keep.

  • I am very interested to watch this as I don’t know how you’d manage the lack of stamina, vitality and damage output. That said, I keep forgetting weapons just have a power penalty, not an equip restriction if you don’t meet the requirements. I also haven’t used any effigies either and have three bosses down so I guess the vigor thing maybe isn’t really that important.

    • The standard way to do a good SL1 playthrough is to buff the hell out of weapons that have low str/dex requirements, either with a raw or elemental buff

  • I’ve done two level one playthroughs on DaS1, there’s a lot more options on how to cheese in DaS2 so it should be even easier – that being said, I finished DaS2 on SL40. Good to see though. Everyone should try it out.

    • Mmm, with a bit of thought, I was able to get some bosses down mighty quick. Others, though, like Smelter, there’s just no easy solution.

      • yeah, the lack of fire resist at level 1 is difficult. Is there any other 100% fire resist shields apart from gyrm? And not being able to get flame quartz or dispelling would make it tough too. I’ll have to have a think about that.

        • Rebel’s Greatshield doesn’t have 100% but is a good all-rounder. One could use stones to increase whatever resistance is needed for the time, but I didn’t find it necessary on my cleric. Just good for moments like “Oh damn, fair bit of Dark on that attack, better whip out Rebel’s.”

          As Onebro though, it’s just that Blue Wooden Shield heheh.

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