What Are You Playing This Weekend?

People, I am at a loss and I need your suggestions. Dark Souls II. Finished. Trials Fusion. Finished. There is a massive hole in my life and I need a video game to fill it. What am I supposed to do here? Fill my time being constructive? Hahahahahahaha!

I have a few options. Without annoying you all too much, I've just received an early copy of Mario Kart 8. This is exciting. I've also yet to play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and I loved the first one. I haven't tried InFamous: Second Son yet either.

So I'm not really wanting for games to play.

But are any of these games going to match the experiences I just had with sequels to some of my favourite game series ever? I dunno. I wonder if these games will be purely functional to me — just plugging that video games shaped hole.

Anyways. That's my current predicament. What are you all planning to play this weekend?


    Probably nothing, but I really need to finish Shadowrun Returns and Child of Light. Nearing the end of both!

      I really liked Shadowrun Returns, and finished it very quickly, unusual for me! I need to try the DLC next.

        I hear it's supposed to be better than the main campaign which I liked a whole lot! :D

    I haven't actually played games for about a week. Technically Halo 1, but that's for recording purposes and I'll probably be spending the weekend recording and editing.

      I've stopped playing PC games until I upgrade my laptop so I can start recording videos, tried on my laptop and it's too slow/poor quality

        Only reason why you would do that is so that you can have genuine first time reactions or train of thoughts and movement during play. Trying to imitate someone new can easily come off as forced.

          Exactly, and I feel having the reaction of seeing it for the actual first time allows not only people who haven't played the game to be wowed but to also allow people who have played it to remember their first time in that scene and maybe make them return to the game for another playthrough

            Eh, I'm kinda doing that with Halo 1. Deliberately making mistakes or mixing up the game to play as if someone new.

    DKC or Mario Kart both seem like solid suggestions to me, especially considering you're still on your masochistic run of difficult games. Both of them can be brutally hard (obviously Mario Kart starts easy but gets ridiculous once you hit 150cc and mirror modes).

    For me, I'll continue my campaign to climb the Starcraft II ladder, and probably lose a lot along the way. Platinum league is hard :/

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      i must admit i didnt find DKC all that hard.
      it certainly wasnt an easy game but i also dont think it was brutal (except maybe some boss fights)
      i personally say dont bother with second sun.
      there are some good bits in it. once the game opens up the freedom of movement is impressive but when you arent fully powered up yet it is infuriating.

      i think i may get back into south park - got it on sale on PSN but have only played an hour or 2

    I'm going to be playing Hearthstone and HoN. Also probably looking at my steam list and being too intimidated to play any steam games.

    Going to a mates tonight for some Fifa and NBA 2K tournaments. I also caved and bought Trials Fusion yesterday. I'm about 45% through career, so will look to finish that.

    Walking Dead Season 2, episode 3 came out yesterday, will be digging in when I get back from town today.

    Just finished story of DFC:TF so now to grind through to 100% it. Its going to be painful.

    When it gets frustrating, will drop in some Titanfall and some Ipad Injustice

    Planetside 2 tonight for the live stream ( www.twitch.TV/quinstatv ) then a little bit of Wildstar beta. Should really finish Assassin's Creed Black Flag if I get the chance as well.

    Hi Mark

    You enquired what you need to fill your time.
    Well i've heard about this great game, don't know if you've heard of it, it's called Dark Souls!
    I think it's meant to be pretty good...

    Pixel (Praise the Sun) Ferret

    Gonna complete Dark Souls 2.

    Once I look at a guide to figure out where to go to complete it (I've done the dragon shrine and the giant memories, not much clue of where to go next! I think maybe back to Drangelic Castle?)

      Have you defeated the Mirror Knight?

        There's a Mirror Knight? Oh god this game will never end.

          Climb up through Drangelic Castle and you'll fight a Mirror Knight who summons in random players to fight you in the battle. After that you take an elevator to a swampy area where the water hides the edge of cliffs everywhere and mages shoot you while you move slowly through the water. At the same time zombies hide within the water to ambush you.

          After that you fight a giant frog with a human skull in its mouth, who can only be damaged when he opens his mouth to attack you.

          You then move on to a crypt that has no light and covered with undead and hex spamming priests. At the end you fight a large knight wielding a bell club, which he uses to spamm instant kill hexes.

          Behind him is a room with an optional boss with an item that's required at the Drangelic Castle to move on to the final boss room. The optional boss has max defense and can't be damaged without 10 minutes of stabbing. But his defence drops for every Giants Soul you have in your inventory, up to a max of 5, at which point you can damage him as normal.

            hmm I don't remember the mirror knight (maybe I have fought him already and forgot!), but I've been through the swamp, killed the frog, been through the crypt and to the optional boss to grab the stuff lying around (but ignored the boss because he didn't seem to care). Then I think I went through the dragon area, through to the dragon shrine and up the large steps and got the item that let me access giant memories.

            I feel like I'm playing it in the wrong order but Dark Souls doesn't have a particular order. I'm just going to see if I can open any new doors in Drangelic castle, I assume there's a big King door there.

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              Well, now you have to travel back to all those giant corpses and access their memories. Do you remember where you saw all those giants?

          You have quite a ways to go i'm afraid!

    Monster hunter train rolls on! Quite excited that my better half has started playing on Wii U, so we can do some co-op hunting together (with me on 3DS)

    Walking Dead Season 1, if I can get the damn thing to recognize my save. Then straight on to Season 2, and if I get time The Wolf Among Us Ep. 2, if I still have time after that I might make a start on Deadly Premonition.

      what is wolf among us like, is it basically walking dead in a different wrapper (which isn't a bad thing) or?

        Yeah, it's pretty much the same in playstyle to TWD, but obviously very different storywise, only played through Ep. 1 of TWAU so far and I really enjoyed it, so I would definitely recommend it.

    Oh, if you need someone to play Mario Kart 8 for you @markserrels... I'll reluctantly do it. :P

    Mark, do you ever truly finish a Trials game?

    I'll be setting some time aside to play the latest episode of The Walking Dead. Also, I picked up XCOM: Enemy Within on the PSN sale this week. Having finished Enemy Unknown on both the PS3 and Android (Nexus 7) I'm looking forward to experimenting with the changes.

    I'll be trying to finish Witch and the Hundred Knight alongside a mix of Demon Gaze and Final Fantasy III.

    just picked up a vita with little big planet, uncharted, final fantasy x and persona 4 so maybe one of those games. Although I still have some games on my 3ds to play too so who knows.

    May I suggest "Super Time Force" ? I'm having a good bit of fun with it and it is perfect for those short stints.

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    DayZ Epoch. The server we're on is really kicking off.

    Oh god... For some reason I've yet to figure out, I picked up Fire Emblem on Tuesday... First handheld game thus far that has actively pulled me away from games on my PC. Playing on Normal+Casual (yes, "heathen", I know :P - I don't like stress, and Norm+Cas is still pretty stressful, as far as I'm concerned). Liking the story thus far, looking forward to spending some more time with it over the next few weeks.

    Minecraft is on hold for the moment, as I've got a level four blood altar, and upgrading to a level five requires four nether stars... which I'm in no way equipped to obtain. Maybe I'll look into getting myself some bound armour...
    TE cobble/stone/obsidian/sand/glass generator with an MFR treefarm means building resources are essentially infinite, so I could start transforming my tower into a floating island... but again, aesthetics in a single-player sandbox is just busy-work, and I'd rather spend my weekend doing something more meaningful.

    As I managed to finish Outlast last weekend, I'm thinking about doing the Whistleblower DLC this weekend. Love the atmosphere in that game, and that the jump-scares are predictable. Got fed up with the sudden deafening of the jump scare sounds, after the noise in one made me jump and completely miss the falling body that was supposed to scare me, but with some volume normalisation, they're actually pretty neat, in a creepy way.

    Probably Stick of Truth and a bunch of games I got in the GOG.com sale.

    I'll probably pop animal crossing back in and see how much everyone can guilt trip me after 5 months of not playing it. Other than that continuing my slow trek through quantum conundrum and the Vergil DLC for DMC. But most of tomorrow is going to be hype for seeing Godzilla in gold class. Should be goood

    Probably going to run through sleeping dogs and skyrim over the weekend. add in a little gta online with a few mates. as always Sunday is hanging with the wife day

    Shadows of the Damned - I'm up to act 5. The end is in site! I really want to finish this game - great story, very funny, inventive challenges, absolutely horrible aiming controls!

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      I think I'm near the end too. Agree also - amazing game so far.

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