What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It’s embarrassing to admit it, but I still haven’t finished Dark Souls 3 yet. I’m having an unexpected amount of difficulty with the game’s final boss who is, by the way, complete bullshit. In the best possible way.

What are you playing this weekend?

I’ve also been experimenting a bit more with my Oculus Rift. Have to admit, I’m a little disappointed by the lack of content available on the official store at the moment. I feel as though I really need a few more meaty experiences.

I’ve also been toying with giving The Witcher 3 another go, but that seems like it might be too much of a time investment at this point.

What are you all playing at the moment?


    Going to start a new vanilla Stellaris game with the release of 1.1.
    Overwatch with some friends when they're on.
    Looking at getting Brigador too.

    Spending a crazy amount of time on planes for a work trip to Czech Republic and Belarus, so no Dark Souls III for me this weekend, next week, or next weekend :(

    Will have to make do with Majora's Mask on my 3DS and MGS 1 and 2 on my Vita. Life's tough.

      Sorry for your loss :-(

        Don't be mean Jim Jim, @batguy hasn't left his 3DS or Vita on the plane yet

          You lose one 3DS in the most stupid way possible and people never let you forget! Honestly, who hasn't left their 3DS on a plane?

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      Last I saw of his achievements he'd cleared up to the armour, so I don't know if he's talking about the prince.

    Fallout 4 with mods (on my Xbox!)

    The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Blood and Stone expansion :D

    I'll lie to myself and say that I will try and finish some single player games but I'll end up playing Overwatch and Rocket League exclusively.

    Been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online, will probably give it a break though if no one joins Mr for multi

    US server

    I will finish Dead Space this weekend! Yaaaass!!!

    And then I will kill time with either The Park or Rise of The Tomb Raider till I get Mirror's Edge on Tuesday.

    Been saying for 3 weeks I was going to play Doom, but last minute changes of plans scuttled that - life seems to conspire against my plans. So nothing. I will play no games at all. I'm not even going to try, lest I be recruited by some long lost relative to help them move house or something.

    Well saturday's supposed to be pretty rad so I'm making some coffee and heading to some botanical gardens to get a start on the scarf for @Masha2932 other than that probably more dark souls since I finally beat that dancer or DOOM because DOOM I'll see what I'm in the mood for.

    Plus drinking because I'm an alcoholic.

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    Right now I'm just playing Overwatch endlessly, desperately trying to do other things before eventually giving up and Overwatching again.

      Same. Downloading Overwatch right now, was going to play warhammer today but building a goat shelter before the storm hits the east coast.

    Uncharted gets most of my time. I am pretty sure I will finish it this weekend.
    Valkyria Chronicles will be up next which I have been playing in short bursts. (picked it up for $24)

    Off to watch a Cosplay contest this weekend. Will be bringing my 3DS and hopefully pick up some strong Fire Emblem teams to test myself against.

    Gettin through Dark Souls 3, just reached the Cathedral of the Deep.

    Witcher 3 expac Blood and Wine - which after just 20 minutes is amazing already.

    Annnnnnd that other little game, Overwatch.

    Dragon age I. It's pretty relaxing really, you just stomp around uncover some stuff on the map, pick some herbs.
    Overwatch, try and give it a decent shot this weekend.
    Steins gate. this game is really cool, not what I expected at all.

    My plat run of Dark Souls 3 will have to wait a bit longer to be finished, out and about this weekend so just 3DS stuff - fire emblem and maybe some more Pokémon HGSS random stuff.

      Im completely stuck on gettinf 30 proof of concord kept to get the ring or spell covenant reward, have you done it? Wolfs blade swordgrass wasn't the worst to farm but this shit is killing me!!!

        I've got the same issue. I'll take my character through NG+2 to achieve everything else, but those darkmoon items will be the only bit missing.

        Also why I'm not in a rush to finish this run since I'm hoping they fix the bugs with that sooner or later.

          Damn! Are the aldritch and mound maker items easier to get? Im having no trouble with sunlight medals but I havent messed with those 2.

            Aldrich isn't broken, and you can farm the deacons just as easy as the wolf stuff.
            Mound makers can be racked up just by invading successfully. I had a lot of fun working my way through that lot as a mad bro.

    Realised a couple weeks ago I had yet to actually finish Dragon Age: Inquisition. So I've been making a big push to get through that. God it's long. hitting 40 hours in and I think I'm getting there.

    If I manage to knock that off, probably some Uncharted Multiplayer or Doom again. Lest I get tempted by Overwatch.

    Dark Souls III: Last two optional bosses.

    Uncharted 4

    Mega Man III: Drunkenly fired up the legacy collection last night after a few months off and began a new game on MM3. Was a blast - keen to persevere with it.

    Mix of Overwatch for the PS4 and Hitman on PC ( I want to try out DX12)

    Fallout 4 - Far Harbour DLC. I'm getting to the pointy end of the main storyline, so hopefully I'll finish it over the weekend. Last night I played the "retrieve DiMA's memories" mission, and it gave me some pretty serious Portal flashbacks - it was quite different for Fallout.

    An odd one out; project 19999 still a massive oldschool everquest fan boy plus started the new witcher dlc which looks rad. Happy gaming

    some GTA V online tonight with mates, probably some FIre Emblem Fates and some multiplayer Assassins creed Unity with mates. and maybe put in some time on Black Flag to try and finish that off too, but im a completionist, so no way ill finish that over the weekend.

    Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, Forza 6 Porsche DLC and Overwatch. Gotta try and get back into the Witcher 3 as well.

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