What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I have my parents coming over from Scotland to visit, which means I'm on holiday starting from tomorrow, but I won't be playing many games I suspect. It's a shame in a sense, because for the first time in a while I have cast off the shackles of Dark Souls II and Trials Fusion. This could have been my chance to play something easy for a change!

And crazily, the rock hard platformer Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze actually felt like a breeze, despite the fact so many people were complaining about the difficulty. I've been playing this on and off during that last week and I'm really enjoying the manic, expansive and continually inventive level design. I love that this game is always trying to find new ways to surprise players. Every level is just so, so massive. It reminds me a lot of Yoshi's Island in that regard — a game that just threw everything at players.

What else have I been playing? Mario Kart 8, which just looks terrific on a big screen TV. I skipped on Mario Kart Wii so I've been playing Mario Kart exclusively on handhelds since the GameCube. Therefore Mario Kart 8 is such a massive shock to me visually. It feels next-gen. Which is a crazy thing to say.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Working on my review project.

    May take a moment to play a game or two of Halo: Reach for a break though.

    BF4, Hero siege, Hearthstone, HoN and maybe some diablo 3 expansion. Too many games!!!

    Just started playing WOW for the first time a few months ago. Gunna sink some time into that. Might give my Vita some much needed love, haven't touched Persona 4 yet. I also really need to finish Ni No Kuni and The Stick of Truth.
    Yay! Games!

    I'll be playing through Transistor and probably starting an FFX HD playthrough. (Lulu's belts in glorious HD!) There will probably also be a mix of Final Fantasy III and Demon Gaze.

    I found Tropical Freeze wasn't hard at all. It's not shy about sucker punching you but you get pretty much infinite lives, multiple hearts and golden hearts on top of that.
    Personally I'm finally getting around to Arkham Origins. So far it's not terrible. My only real complaint is that movement seems to be hindered compared to Asylum and City. I'm finding I need to plot courses to get to specific rooftops where in the other games I just sort of winged it.

    This reminds me I have to finish DK Tropical Freeze, but it's just not grabbing me like the first one did.

    Probably just play some more Dark Souls 1. Possibly on my laptop from anywhere in the house streaming across steam.

    Diablo 3 has it's hooks back in!

    I'm still trying to clear some of the Pile o' Shame in the background. Gives my mouse a rest after a marathon of Torment level rifts. Recently completed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and The Swapper. Great little games - highly recommended. Still trying to 100% Lego Marvel Superheroes as well.

    EB Games is starting the big ol' mid year sale again. Saw a basic Wii U with Skylanders & a preorder on Mario Kart for $279. So, pending approval, might pick that up and maybe some Pikmin as well..

    Wolfenstein. Maybe some Outlast and Lego Hobbit.

      Is LEGO The Hobbit actually any good?

    Now that the amazing Wolfenstein: The New Order is over and my soul is but an empty husk the shape of a swastika I will probably just finish off Wind Waker HD, Kirby Triple Deluxe and probably start Uncharted 2 or Dishonored (I know I'm terrible I haven't played either of those yet!)

    Other than that just waiting to get un-moderated for those 50 downvotes yesterday :P thanks guys!

    Going to start playing my FFXHD playthrough I haven't touched it in a while. I got my UK visa the other day so I have 50 days to finish FFX and then hopefully do a FFX2 playthrough as well before I depart this country

    You know what, I might play some Donkey Kong too. If I can stop playing Spelunky on my vita. I've also been playing Bully (though I'm getting a bit bored now), and started playing the MGS games, which I've never actually done before. Favourite quote so far is "it's all made from currently existing technology"!

    There will also be some mandatory "Mario game" with my 3yo son on the Wii U. He has super massive mega hype for Mario Kart 8 like you wouldn't believe. I really wish they'd let me buy it this weekend so that he'd stop asking when we can get it!

    Probably try and knock over Wolfenstein before Watch Dogs next week. May fit in a bit of BF4 or Titanfall as well.

    Iracing Indy 500, that's going to be about all I get to play though.

    Back on Terraria. Just got my molten armour and may take on the wall of flesh. Other than that, still have Uncharted 3 to finish up.

      +1 for Terraria. Keen to try out the recent updates!

      This game keeps pulling me back in.

    Currently playing Forza (had it since launch) and maybe a bit of Trials.

    All the Mario Karts on original gear. Pity they took wii offline - had been having a great time in the last two or so weeks.

    yay :) so this week i can officially report that i will be playing more than World of Warcraft for once.... i want to play some more Zoo Tycoon on the one (have had it since launch but only started playing this week). I definitely want to play through more of Wolfenstein (Have only spend about 5 hours getting my ass handed to me in Uber so far). and of course i will be doing some guild raids in wow.

    good times to be had this weekend.

    Getting close to the end of Dark Souls 2 and I'm also very much enjoying Transistor. Such an immersive game.

    Wolfenstein, Medieval 2 Total War and Football Manager 2014 are the plans...in reality I'm going to end up with no time at all to play games during the weekend until 7pm on Sunday at which point I'll be tired as hell. Happens every weekend

    More Persona 4 Golden, I can't believe how much time I'm sinking into this game, totally paying for itself by stopping me from throwing money away over the weekends on more games/tv shows/movies and also cuts nicely into my social time (kinda undecided if thats a good or bad thing).

    I JUST finished GTA V but haven't tried cheats or online - so that's this weekends project.

    Assassins Creed Brotherhood

      Me too! I'm up to sequence 8 so just going around trying to mop up some of the extra missions before I finish off the story

        Nice :), I haven't started it yet but I will tonight :D

    I cant believe nobody else is interested in Tropico 5 :(

      I'm Interested! I just won't have it for another couple of weeks because I'll have Wolfenstein soon and Watch_Dogs not long after.

      Speaking of - Wolfenstein will probably get played this weekend but I'm also dabbling in Always Sometimes Monsters. Which seems neat.

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