Hey It's Another Alien Isolation Trailer

And I'm totally cool with that.

It doesn't even matter that Alien Isolation seems to have had more trailers than any other game in history. I'm completely fine with watching this, agonising over it, debating with myself regarding whether it'll actually be good or not.

But it's getting to the stage where I think I'm comfortable with believing this is the real deal, with believing it will actually be good. The internal dialogue is slowly transforming itself into a monologue and that monologue is saying: want, want, want.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, my main concern is how the tension will be sustained throughout the entire game, but for now I'm just excited that an Alien game that disempowers players is being made. That is a very cool thing.


    If this game is good, i'll let a face hugger plant an egg in my chest

    I saw a zombie-like human on fire... All my interest is gone.

      That's an android, like Ash from the film. It's a perfect addition to the game imo.

      I'm not so sure about the other human characters being enemies though. I think I'd prefer if they were mostly just potential victims of the Alien like yourself.

        An Android isn't that bad. Personally I prefer The Alien being your only opponent in this game. It adds to the feeling of isolation you're meant to feel in this game. Anything else would just rip the horror out of it

          That's what I'm afraid the other human enemies will do. Apparently (from hands on impressions) at the moment the noises they make don't alert the Alien, so they can be clomping through a room and not draw attention, but as soon as you make a peep the Alien comes and kills you - that would kill immersion for me.

          I see your point, but I don't mind other AI to interact with, as long as it's all subservient to the Alien threat itself. I don't want to be scared of other humans, so much as being scared those humans have a panic attack and scream "game over man, game over!" leading to all of our deaths. If they can't pull off convincing human AI, then I'd prefer to just be alone with the Alien. Everything looks so real and responsive, I'd hate for dumb human AI to pull me out of it.

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            Pretty much my thoughts dude. *Brofist*

      It's a robot. You could hear it talking in another trailer; it's a nod to the original movie

    The human models look awful, but the rest I am on board with.

      The one on fire is an early model android, but yeah you're right, compared to how good the environment and Alien itself looks, the human faces really stand out as the weakest visual element. The closer we get the photorealism, the more the rough parts will be jarringly obvious.

        Sorry Puck and Poita, but you are both wrong.

        The 'humanoid' character model is an android, but in order to understand why it looks basic you have to understand the elements of the story which you can find out by using a search engine. I know, I know physically typing stuff in using a keyboard is hard work. So I'll tell you straight-up.

        Alien Isolation is set on a space station owned by a competitor to Weyland Yutani, that competitor is called Segson. But they have crappier technology and produce only very basic robotics. The android's they produce are referred to as 'Working Joes' they have cheap skin and are cheap robots, but don't let that fool you they can be lethal. The reality is that there are no humans in the trailer here beyond the character you control.

        Next time you want to comment on how crappy a character looks, it might help if you actually read up about it first. Just a hint, you know.

    AC4: Black Flag still has this beat on the trailer number front.

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