New Tomb Raider Is Coming To Xbox One

New Tomb Raider Is Coming To Xbox One

It's called Rise of the Tomb Raider, and it stars a Lara Croft that seems haunted by her past experiences (the trailer shows Croft in what appears to be a therapy session). Interesting!

You can watch the trailer here.


    Who do I kill if this is an Xbox One exclusive? I need this on PC...

      no one, its coming to PC, not exclusive, this is just bad journalism or misinformed

      Nearly the whole Microsoft show was multiplat. As a Halo hating Xbox owner it was pretty disappointing.

    Or what about my PS4? Tomb raider started its console adventures on PS

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    Really looking forward to this title. I'm wondering if there is going to be a notable difference between the xbone and ps4 version or if its the usual console=30fps PC=60-120.

      Ps4 was 60 fps heh.

        I know and the xbox one version was not. But other titles such as AC4, Watch dogs and more are usually 30 fps on both consoles and higher on PC.

          But aren't we talking about tomb raider? You can expect tomb raider to be 60 fps for now since from the trailer it looks like they are using the definitive edition texture which will most likely be the same engine I guess.

            Psst, that trailer looked like complete pre-rendered dross.

              It's always pre-rendered when it comes to E3. I don't think SQENIX will bother making a new engine for the new Tomb Raider since they rarely make new engine.

        It was hardly a locked 60fps, though. Many dips into 30's and 40's.

          Never said it was locked to 60 fps :). I know there are dips.


    WTB more delicious bow action plox!

    Aww sweet, a new Batman game. Kind of surprised they decided the prefix was more bankable than Dark Knight, but hey, that's why they're the creative types and I'm just some guy.

    The tortured hero routine. What happened to the bad-ass Croft? Oh well, at least we still get some Tomb Raider.

      But that's the point of this prequel story-arch, this is how she became the bad-ass Croft we know and love, these 2 games show how she goes from a "normal" human woman to the unstoppable bad-ass known as the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft.

      I see what you're saying though, a sequel game with Lara Croft Classic would be nice...

        Oh yeah, I do get where they are going. But it is kinda cliche (Then again, what isn't). Personally I was fine with the character that we had before Uncharted, she wasn't what was broke.

        I played TR when it was a genre defining classic, now it seems to be a bit of a 'sheep' to other action adventure shooters. It's not bigger and better anymore.

        But I can by cynical and like I say, at least this way we still get some TR games.

    So by the look of the shots in the office I'd say Lara has joined the Assassin order

    This is the only E3 news I was really hoping for.

      Well, that and no reports of "The Division is cancelled"...

    Nice music. Too bad they lifted it from A Beautiful Mind.

    Game looks interesting, though. Might be a really nice way to explore PTSD in a game.

      Ah! I thought I recognised James Horner's work. At first I thought the tune was from 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', but it seems it was from one of his earlier (and greater) works.

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