People Say Aaron Paul Is Turning On Their Xbox Ones

People Say Aaron Paul Is Turning on Their Xbox Ones

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul's latest role is starring in Xbox One ads. In them, he sits on the sofa, and, according to some, turns on strangers' Xbox One consoles. The nerve!

In the commercial, Paul shows off the Kinect voice command features for Xbox One, saying, "Xbox One on." That command is apparently switching on viewers' Xbox One consoles.

Recently, a thread popped up on popular game forum NeoGAF with member MrPressStart saying, "What the fuck.... Sitting here watching tv and the xbox commercial starring Aaron Paul came on. Next thing I know I am reaching for the controller to turn it off."

On Twitter, there are numerous people reporting the same thing — some of which are amused by the situation and others who are not:


    If you're out all day, I can imagine this quite annoying. Might even say it's a bitch.

    Seriously though, I thought the new Kinect recognises your voice? So it knows you're the one signing in?

      Who leaves their tv on while they're not home?

        Well of course... that would be... if grandma wanted to watch her stories and the commercials came on!

        (Don't ask why these young people live with their grandmas)

          With abbot in power? We will all be living Charlie and the chocolate factory style within the year. (71 version, not 2005).

        I leave the tv on when I leave the house for the dog. He is about 15 years old so he is not really In to doing too much so he may as we'll watch Oprah or dr.phil..........if they are still on TV, I have not watched day time tv for a while.

      Also, it doesn't recognise your specific voice. The kinect visually recognises you for automatic sign ins.

    Colour me confused but how does one's console get turned on when they are not at home? Therefore not watching TV...

    What's even more unusual is that they'd advertise the Kinect-less version of the console in an ad where Aaron Paul is utilizing the voice commands.

    They are the derps that left it on stand-by, giving it a chance to do that. Their fault.

    Hang on...does the Australian version have the "ON" command now?

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