Sony's E3 Conference Is Here: Watch, Read, Get 'Hype'!

Sony's conference is here. Or at least it will be in about 15 minutes. Come and watch! I've been up since 1.30am and my eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets but I am so ready to do this. LET'S DO THIS!

[head hits desk]

10.45 Just a quick word of warning: in my current state, if The Last Guardian gets announced, I will most like shoot rainbows from every orifice in my body. I hope you are prepared for this, my glorious rainbow death.

Also: I really hope Project Beast is a thing. AN ACTUAL THING. Surely it's a thing.

10.50 What else are you hoping to see? I doubt we'll see much of Uncharted. That project seems to be in a bit of turmoil. Maybe a God of War game? That's a possibility.

10.52 Call me crazy but I actually think we might have a chance of Last Guardian action.

10.53 Agree with Totilo: we haven't had that big reveal yet. All a bit expected. Would love Sony to drop a bomb.

10.56 I guess we still have Nintendo, but without the live presentation, I don't have the same 'hype'.

10.58 I'm ready for this. Actually genuinely excited to see what is shown. Hope it's as lean as Microsoft's, but I don't know if that's possible. They'll have to focus on Vita, on Project Morpheus, on PS3, on PS4, there is a lot of stuff to get through.

11.00 And here we go...

11.05 What the hell is going on? Destiny? Must be...

Yep. Destiny. Funny how a lot of hype for this title seems to have dissipated recently...

11.08 I still have faith in this game. Bungie knows how to make shooting things fun. Too many developers don't.

11.10 July 17 for a Destiny beta? There's one running currently. Still, pretty awesome.

Wait... Destiny first look alpha? Man, I think I need this.

11.11 Who the hell whoops at a new coloured console? Jesus wept...

11.12 The ability to claim the highest fidelity is a big deal. Sony are really milking it here.

11.12 Oh god, I'd recognise Liam Neeson's voice if it was fucking auto tuned on a Kanye West track.

11.13 Oh wait, it isn't Neeson? LOL

This game looks fun. Looks like a game where the small things are fun. I like that.

11.17 See — look at Sony. Leading with a fucking sick looking indie game. This is great. A+.

I don't know what the hell is going on, but I want this game. I want to play it.

And oh shit! I can? Whoa. That's amazing. Brilliant. Great move.

11.20 Not a massive fan of InFamous 2 to be honest. Looks great but, there were just too many other games I wanted to be playing.

11.21 Hahahahaha! Oh shit LBP3! Yes! Dude just rocks up and starts playing like, what's up motherfuckers!

And there's a sackdog? Oh shit. E3 is over. That's a wrap.

Goddamn, this game looks fantastic. But I'm biased. I love LittleBigPlanet.

11.25 This game is adorable. I'm going to play this with my family and we're going to drown in adorable rainbows and shit.

11.28 All of a sudden I'm not so interesting in Conker being in Project Spark.

11.29 This Christmas? That's awesome as well. Didn't see this coming.


Oh man. I'm so excited for this. Whatever it is. I just don't care.

11.33 No gameplay. A bit disappointed, but of sweet jesus, this game exists. I can't wait.

11.34 Okay, this must the Far Cry demo that we posted and was immediately pulled down.

11.37 Sorry, this looks quite good. I'm just recovering from the Bloodborne/From Software news.

11.39 I'm glad that elephant didn't die. Couldn't have handled that. You go big elephant.

11.40 Where is that big baritone motherfucker from the Ubisoft conference? Bring that guy on.

11.42 Well, nice trailer. But the first one had a nice trailer as well, so yeah. Not really too bothered about this one.

11.49 What's going on here! Oh, okay. This is okay. Tim Schafer stuff.

GRIM FANDANGO. Remastered? Yes please. This is good.

11.52 INDIE MONTAGE. It wouldn't be an E3 conference without an Indie montage. WHEEEEEEEE...

11.54 Let It Die? Hmm. What is this? What's going on here.

[Great Journey segue]

11.56 I have no idea what this Giant Squid game is, but I love the scale of it, and I will no doubt be playing this game.

On another note: such an incredible variety of titles here.

11.58 No Man's Sky! Awesome. Was hoping we'd see this!

This game has fucking dinosaurs. It's over man. What the hell even is this game? Jesus it is so pretty. It looks like it comes from the fucking future.

12.01 "Hi I'm Sean, I'm from the fucking future obviously."

I mean, seriously. How is this possible. "We're from this tiny little studio, lol."

How? Sean, how? Tell me how is this possible?

12.04 Okay Virtual Reality time. Hurray! Let's get us a wee release date or something.

12.06 This is some serious power music. Is this the WWE? Is Vince McMahon coming?

12.08 Sony has used the word 'kinect' more times than Microsoft did in theirs.

12.09 Why would anyone get excited about YouTube on PS4. It's on 360! Ah well. Cool news I guess.

12.10 I probably should have saved my pee break for this dude. Dammit. I missed the Battlefield trailer for this?

12.14 I miss Jack Tretton. This guy has a really, really shit tie.

12.18 See this is the fat I was talking about. Microsoft's conference had none of this. Sony dipping into bad habits here. Microsoft was lean. But yeah... Sony's still dropped some actual proper bombs.

12.21 Mortal Kombat X. Thank the lord that guy finally stopped talking. I don't care that it's game I have no interest in.

That being said, I think we need a petition for The Mountain to be in Mortal Kombat.

12.26 This guy's outfit is seriously missing a pocket watch. And possibly a monocle.

12.30 Okay can we get back to the video games. That would be slamming.

12.33 LOL spoiler alert!

(I don't know if I really feel like I need to play through The Last Of Us again.)

(Also I'm not really seeing the benefit of this visual upgrade on my shitty stream.)

12.35 I actually haven't seen this MGS5 trailer. Woo!

12.38 This trailer is actually pretty spectacular.

12.40 Ahahaha — Stephen Totilo you goddamn wizard. How did you call this? How did you know this was coming? Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4? And holy shit at me being able to transfer my 360 save. That's great.

12.42 And now we get goddamn Batman.

Well this looks fantastic. Proper next-gen games are actually happening.

12.46 Well that was certainly cool. Allayed all my fears about this game. I'm excited for this one. Jeez, I'm running out of things to say.

12.49 Finishes with Uncharted 4. Well that certainly was another great conference. Both Microsoft and Sony really brought it this year.

Thanks for tuning in. I'm actually quite excited about video games now!


    PROJECT BEEEAAAAASSSST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it'd be kinda stupid of sony not to show something about The Last Guardian, especially since they've been refuting the IGN report last week. If they don't show it, it could be seen as they are confirming that article, no?

      except youd imagine they wouldnt have been so defensive if they were going to show stuff at E3, because not saying anything to IGN and then going BOOM LAST GUARDIAN BITCHES at E3 would have been huge

    Destiny is a garuntee but I hope for something amazing from a new IP or just something completely unexpected (all games ever made for any sony device now on the PSN)

    I'm here for the Uncharted. If we don't see that, I will be disappointed.

    Wondering if we'll see anything more of the Shadow of the Beast remake / reboot / rewhatever. Haven't seen or heard anything about it since last E3. I was a big fan of the original on the Amiga, but the trailer last year looked like about as generic a game as you could hope (or, rather, not hope) to see, so it wouldn't surprise me if that has been quietly cancelled.

    Eyes so shot that I am wearing sunglasses to look at the screen.
    If they show Last Guardian, then I will join you in a Rainbow Embolism.

    Need to get some solid release dates for exclusives in the next year. After last year they can't just rest on their laurels

    Looking forward to finding out what Project Beast is, but I'm pretty much ignorant of whatever else they could be showing so hopefully I get surprised.

    Really hoping to see Uncharted & Project Beast. Also hoping to hear some updates about PS+ (The first full retail PS4 downloadable, my money is on Knack) and PSNow.

    The Last Guardian gets announced

    Wasn't that game announced like, 8 years ago?
    and recently was announced as cancelled :P

      And slightly more recently announced as not cancelled.

      That could well have been a little marketing ploy from Sony get people paying attention to the game again..

    Is that Peter Dinklage in Destiny?

    Is that Peter Dinklage voicing the floating "not Guilty Spark" thing?

    World Cup and playable Destiny Alpha? I'm now unavailable for the weekend

    damn official feed is too swamped to watch, had to retire to PC

    Liam Neeson AND Peter Dinklage, best conference of E3


      THERE IT IS.
      No gameplay, but I'm still crazy hype.

    the order confirmed to be one huge cutscene....

    seriously, that had zero gameplay (unless you count shooting while not moving that had zero effect on the enemy...)

    god kotaku's live blogging people sound like idiots.

    What? White PS4? No one wants white, everything is black to fit with everything else in home theatre cabinet. Black Wii, black wii u, black 360 ....

      I want white.

        I bet you have all-white home theatre with limited-edition TV and amp in white. :P

          I have a projector, and the consoles look better in white, they are the only things I have visible in the room.

            Ah, cool. Well if you can get everything in white, that'd look rad too! Wouldn't mind seeing some pics actually.

    Well, Bloodborne looks like another game to make me piss myself

    Could the guys doing the feed at least name the frigging games they are talking about?

      the guy doing the feeds today is terrible, doesn't name anything just types "oh shit, oh shit, this is amazing oh shit!". Have to use your imagination and guess what their talking about.

        I don't get why there's so many swears. Like what the fucking fuck, there's never such a high-density of swears in ANY article.

          maybe it's bring your child to E3 day and their letting their 12 year olds handle the blogging? There's 0 descrptions of what's happening on screen

            example they just had a dead island 2 trailier, kotaku summary is nice trailer but they just had a nice trailer. That doesn't tell you the game or what happened in the trailer at all.....

    Bloodborne looking like the game I imagined The Order to be about. Hopefully the gameplay's different though as The Order is disappointing me so far with generic third person shooting + cutscene after cutscene

    Never been able to get into Farcry games though

    @serrels I know you're liveblogging what's being shown, but for the benefit of those of us who are just reading your liveblog and can't actually watch the show at the same time, can you at least tell us which game it is you're talking about? Bit frustrating reading the "OH SHIT THIS IS AWESOME!" and not actually knowing what it is :P

    Last edited 10/06/14 11:38 am

      There's a more descriptive auto updating liveblog here -

        Thanks for the Joystiq link!
        This is so the way it should be done. Screenshots also update as you mouse over comments. Perfect.


      Please kotaku... think of those who can't stream the live show..

      I was just about to say the same thing.

    What! Dead Island 2, What happened to Dying Light?

      It's still coming. I think DI2 is a new dev team?

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