The Last Of Us Is Coming To The PS4 On July 30

The post-apocalypse is about to get a whole lot prettier, folks. Sony has finally given the remaster PS4 version of The Last of Us a firm release date, and it's July 30 in Australia and New Zealand. So get your DualShock 4 and a box of tissues ready, because I'm sure that this game will be even more emotionally disturbing with all those revamped visuals.


    Shame that we see basically no gameplay (the part where Ellie lands on the bus I believe is rendered in engine but it is all of .5 of a second) There is very little they could do to them, there is a bit of running liquid improvement and and the lightmaps on the skin were enhanced a touch and frame rate appears better at least in the first clip. I will be getting it of course but would have been nice to see even 5-10 seconds of in-engine stuff.

    The cutscenes basically reflect the in-game graphics, its going to look pretty damn good!

    I've been itching to play this a fifth time. Cannot wait.

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