Ubisoft's E3 Press Conference: Liveblog

Want to watch the Ubisoft E3 Press conference, and possibly read some sleep deprived ongoing commentary on said conference? This is where you should be right clicking right now. Let's boogie. The conference is scheduled to start anytime now.

7.40 Just got some last minute porridge on the go. I need this fuel baby.

7.55 Just a thought: I wonder how the lukewarm reception to Watch Dogs will affect hype/sales for The Division? Answer on a postcard/comment.

7.59 Okay porridge consumed. Ready for Ubi. They usually surprise us at E3. Hope they can do it all over again today.

8.00 Okay dokey. It's starting. LOUD NOISES. Opening with Far Cry. Please don't let that antagonist be white. Please be good.

8.04 Well this is ultra-violent and sort of well written. But the villain has an undercut. What's that all about?

Far Cry selfies! Hahaha. That's pretty cool. All good games have selfies now.

8.06 Holy shit this guy has a lusty baritone. He should voiceover everything. Fuck Morgan Freeman.

8.07 I love Aisha.

8.08 This is already the best conference yet. Oh man, keep talking Aisha. This is actually good. How is this happening? Am I dreaming?

I am pretty tired... it is possible.

8.10 Why didn't anyone tell me Just Dance had dancing foxes? What else have I been missing?

8.12 Just Dance on mobile phones is a breakthrough people. This shit will cure every disease you've ever had. Fuck leprosy.

8.14 ILU LADY GAGA. I also live for the applause.

8.15 Seriously. Aisha is killing it. That was an A-grade segue. Time for The Division. Aw yeah. I'm still keen for this. I like the slow pace of the combat. I hope it feels a little different.

8.20 Damn, this trailer is good. Really good. I've no idea if this game will be good, but that was a properly affecting trailer. But part of me doesn't trust video games to do this justice. Hope I'm wrong. I might be.

8.24 Man, this trailer is strange. But I love that song. I love it. At the end of the day, though, this is a driving game. Hate to be reductive, but yeah. Again, I hope to be proven wrong. Also — this guy looks like a normal dude dressed like a Final Fantasy dude.

The Crew: November 4 this year. Cool.

8.28 Okay dokey. Time for Assassin's Creed stuff.

Note: I love Ubisoft's taste in music.

Note 2: Please have more than a cinematic trailer.

8.33 Redesigned the building blocks? Okay this sounds more interesting. I have no interest in Assassin's co-op, but I do want a fresh experience from Assassin's.

Oh that drop looked swish. Can't talk. Watching.

This is really cool. Proper stealth, proper indoor/outdoor switching. Massive crowds, feels like a proper city. I like the look of this so far.

8.46 Sorry it was fitness stuff and I really needed to go to the toilet.

8.48 I love World War I history. I love the UbiArt thing. This is going to be good. Oh man, please be good. This needs to be good.

8.51 Valiant Hearts looks amazing. Has now rocketed up my must play list.

8.56 Yves dropping the mic on a brand new game: looks like a Rainbow Six game I'm guessing. It has the whole fake real video game chatter thing.

Dat fake video game chatter.

9.00 That was actually interesting. Trying to reinvent stuff a little bit. I love that 4v3, 2v1 thing. Quite cool.

Anyway, that seems to be that. Thanks for joining me again. See you at Sony at 10.45!


    Did I miss Bethesda's thing today? Sure it was supposed to be on 7.30

      I'm hearing it got swapped with Ubisoft last minute.

    New Prince of Persia, Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil 2 please!

      :(, :( and :(

      Other stuff looked good though :P

        Hey everybody! Look at this jerk who wants good games from under-utilised franchises!

        Just look!

    YAY! My first E3 experience was Just Dance 2015! fml

      I'm pretty sure this dance routine will be what everyone will be talking about...

      This guy must be hated at Ubisoft:
      'We want you to present at E3'
      'Awesome, what'm I gonna be showing off?'
      'Just Dance 2015'
      'Crap, seriously?'
      'Oh, and you have to dance as well?'
      'Can I drink my bodyweight first?'

        Dude got shafted! But he was a great actor and looked like he actually gave a shit!

    Assassin's Creed is looking like Black Flag except no pirating, kinda why I liked Black Flag more than any other AC game.

    That execution he just played though reminds me so much of the videos from the very first AC game

    Was totally expecting that last game to be Beyond Good And Evil 2, so disappoint.

    Edit: Also, Rainbow Six: Siege? What happened to Patriots?

    Last edited 10/06/14 9:15 am

      Thank you from this hapless guy stick at work, for providing an actual name which Mark is clearly not doing, thereby excluding anyone not streaming the video. :(

    Another year, and STILL no Beyond Good & Evil news...? Sheesh, and they reckon The Last Guardian has seen some delays...

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