Further Proof That Destiny’s Skies Are The Best Skies

Further Proof That Destiny’s Skies Are The Best Skies

I’ll give them one thing (actually I’ll probably give them a lot of things, including my money when Destiny comes out) Bungie knows how to do a really good ‘sky’. Destiny, however, pushes things to the maximum. Not since Red Dead Redemption have I been so compelled to just sit on my arse and watch clouds move. This time-lapse video exemplifies everything sexy and glorious about Destiny.

In fact, since the moment I turned the game on, I’ve been waiting for a video like this. I wonder what took so long.

It reminds me of just how important skies or skyboxes are in video games — especially if you’re trying to elicit a sense of scale or wonder. Bungie has always been a master of this. I’ll never forgot stepping onto land in Halo for the first time, noticing that the ‘Halo’ world actually stretch over my head and into the sky. Just that detail, that sense of place — it meant everything. It gave the world a sense of legitimacy.

Destiny doesn’t necessarily need anything to make its story or high concept ring true. It just wants to look purty. Mission accomplished.

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  • Yeah. It sure didn’t hurt Mass Effect being able to see the Citadel above you. Really pushed it from just another space station to it’s own location. Not something I’m incredibly excited about, but this gen should see enough power to spare that most games start getting a proper sky and the lighting conditions that stem from it. It really sells something like a forest location as more than just a change in set.

  • The skies of FFXIV are also pretty good if you got a beefy machine to push it up to max IMO . They also have a day night weather cycle, plus the stars twinkle too, thats pretty impressive detail for me…

  • Oh god i cant wait for this so bad <3 i live in the country so itll take a week and a bit for my ghost edition to come out… but im still gonna but the digital copy on the 9th so i can play it ASAP… so good

  • First time I really noticed the sky was when coming out of one of the Old Russia buildings and it had changed to night, with the aurora shining behind the silhouette of a Fallen dropship coming in… gorgeous. The only problem is that because it’s an always-online game I felt like I couldn’t just “stop” and enjoy it because the game world would continue around me (eg enemies spawning) 🙁

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