I Feel Sorry For Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog

Those of us old enough to remember the original Sonic the Hedgehog games know he was once the violet to Mario's rose; the primary competitor to Nintendo's platforming protagonist. Those of you too young to remember probably just know him as a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Regardless of your attachment to the spiky blue mammal, best to prepare yourself for one of those "What did I just watch?" moments as the realities of being a real hedgehog are explained in cartoon form.

From what I can gather, this is a promo clip for "Animation Domination High-Def": a regular Saturday "block of cartoons" aired on FOX in the US. In isolation, it's oddly informative, very disturbing and the song... ridiculously catchy.

It's also mildly NSFW, featuring a bit of animated gore, a few swear words and lots of the brown stuff.

I'm going to hold on dearly to my Sonic memories, even if they're now slightly tainted by the thought of him pooing his way through each level, occasionally devouring his young and, ah, "anointing" himself with substances from other animals.



    I just love the original theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4jd0UWGPgY

    Its cartoon series had a very dark edge to it. And indeed, very catchy!

      Used to collect the sonic archie comics that followed the same story line (guessing the comic came first ? was a long time ago now :P) untill the newsagency just... stopped stocking them :(
      they were not living in happy times :P

    I never find these scientifically accurate version of cartoons funny, witty or entertaining.

    And of the few of them I've seen I find immature because they need to throw at least one dick reference in.

    There is absolutely no reason for this to be "scientificantly" accurate apart from tapping into a developing culture for whom science is naught but a neat little anthology of interesting facts wrapped with a bow of "science is awesome". Science is bloody awesome, that is why I do science, but I hate the counterintuitive reductionism afforded in translating science to the general public, and more importantly, the romanticisation of science for economic benefit.

    It would be some much more accurate to call this "accurate" Sonic the Hedgehog, or "factually accurate" Sonic the Hedgehog.

    i clicked on this thought yea pretty right, then i clicked the childhood ruin one in the related video section, learned that one of the people who played the voice of my fav land before time character (ducky) was murdered by her dad

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