Minecraft's Main Character Is Kind Of A Jerk

Minecraft's Main Character Is Kind of A Jerk

When you think about it, Minecraft can be a bit of a jerk simulator.

Most people in Minecraft go around killing animals, destroying the landscape and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Keshen8 knows this and made the video above.

Chill out, Steve.

Minecraft in 20 Seconds via r/videos


    I've recently discovered the joy of TNT and creative mode. I set it up all around a town and blew that mother sky-high. There was nothing left but a massive crater. Oh I giggled maniacly!!!

    Ah tnt, the closest thing you will get to being a planet destroyer other than being a certain bounty hunter

      Orrrrr you could crash moons into planets in Planetary Annihilation. Just saying ;)

    Minecraft you build, kill and farm for your own lonely benefit, stripping the natural resources out of the land until there's nothing left, purely for the purpose of building ever taller and more intricate structures because otherwise you just eat and sleep and grow bored.

    So, like humanity in general.

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