All The Best Ways To Farm In Destiny

Destiny has only been out for a week and already folks are talking about farming. The best spots, the best techniques, etc. We've already posted about one of these spots, but this Reddit post has the most comprehensive list of techniques I've seen so far.

It's essentially a video list of all the best ways to farm just about every type of resource one needs to survive in Destiny's eco-system.

It's a super helpful list if you're short on something and need to collect it as soon as possible. Also, you can watch a conveniently created playlist of all these farming techniques here if you so desire.

There's everything here, from spinmetal farming on Old Russia to Chest farming on Mars.

I've posted one of these guide videos above so you can get an idea of what you're getting into here. Farming is not really my cup of tea in any game, but it might be necessary for some of you at certain stages of the game. Hope you all find this useful.


    You know, it wasn't too long ago that "farming" was frowned upon and was looked at as bad game design. Now it's apparently the norm and designed to be so.

      Given the MMO element of this game, some form of farming is pretty much inevitable. Especially since there are collectable resources (Spinmetal, Helium, etc) Same with any MMO.

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        Hasn't Bungie been saying that Destiny is a social game and most certainly not an MMO?

          Its so social that unless you are in a fire team you have 4 options for communication.

      BEST GAEM EVAR! GOTY 4 sure. Bungle has done it agen! Even bettar than Halo 3! 10/10 would grind again.

      This is why we can't have nice things.

    Sort of wish I knew what all the end gamers are up to I saw a bunch of level 26 5-6 or so running back and forth around the interceptor bay on mars I have no clue what they were actually doing.

      Probably farming relic iron for upgrades for legendaries/exotics.

      There is a roster of public events usually with lvl 26+ bosses or a serious number of mobs. I am lvl 22 and lvl 26 elites are freakin hard.

      Farming like this takes ages, I'd prefer to just run 3 man lvl 20 strikes you always get at least 3 blue engrams and there is always the possibility of legendaries or exotics dropping. Plus you level your gear quicker.

    This is the first thing that i have read that is making me second guess buying Destiny, the last thing i want to do is run around a map collecting plants.

      "That's why we need to just log in and stay in the forest, killing boars..."

    So how does having a character decked out in legendary gear affect PvP in the Crucible. For example, do all of the Auto Riffles deal the same damage between all characters, regardless of whether it is a Legendary item?

      Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Crucible doesn't take into account the attack stat of a weapon. Impact is the only damage factor in PVP. I am unsure if Legendary item vs Common item of the same type has different impact without being unbalanced?

      Skills seem more important. I am sick of being insta kill shoulder charged by titans. Heh.

        Yep. Damage is normalized for weapons but you do benefit from the tough/recovery/speed stats as well as the abilities you have unlocked in your trees. Impact varies from weapon to weapon, fast firing low impact assault to slower firing higher impact. Your weapon mods will have some effect on the performance such as last round in the magazine bonus damage etc but shotgun A on player X will do the same damage if player Y was using it. I don't know if your armour stat factors in though, my guess would be no.

          Really appreciate the answer nexi. I was originally going to make the statement that farming for legendary gear would be useless if weapons stats are somewhat standardised between people during pvp. This was before attempting a lvl 22 strike, and now I realise that I need all the stats I can get haha.

          And speaking of that Titan charge @thewintercold, I found out the hard way that a Titan charge will win over a tank's bulldoze ability in pvp the other day.

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