Another Damn Assassin's Creed Game Just Snuck Out

Another Damn Assassin's Creed Game Just Snuck Out

Let's see now, there's Assassin's Creed Memories, Assassin's Creed Unity, Assassin's Creed Rogue and the recently-announced Assassin's Creed Chronicles. That's not nearly enough Assassin's Creed. How about a new 3D action-adventure game for the iPad?

Available for free download today in the Australia and New Zealand iTunes App Stores, with a planned international release date of 2015 (via Impulse Gamer), Assassin's Creed Identity gives players the chance to create their own honorable killer type and send him (just guys at the moment) romping through Italy, merrily stabbing as they go.

Another Damn Assassin's Creed Game Just Snuck Out

I've fiddled with the game for a little bit this morning, being a fake New Zealander, and so far it's a 3D action-adventure game with rather touchy touchscreen controls. Tapping to run, tapping walls to climb, that sort of thing.

As your assassin levels up they will get skill points, which when applied start a training timer. That timer can be sped up for Abstergo Credits, purchased with real money. Other for-money fare include encrypted items (can't say I like the sound of that) and premium outfits.

Assassin's Creed Identity has a ways to go before its 2015 release, so who knows how it will wind up. For a closer look at the game in its current form, check out the video below, courtesy of TouchGameplay.


    You know Ubisoft, I was just thinking the other day of how there wasn't nearly enough Assassins Creed games coming out.*

    * = I'm lying.

      They took the CoD 'Yearly releases' and ran with it...

        So does that mean by the end of this decade, there will be a lot of assasins, that we need to get a guidebook on how to distinguish them from 1 & another, I mean is there going to be in the FINAL GAME a gathering of these characters, where you can expect them to be killed off left, right & centre?. I mean come on ubisoft, sooner or later, you'll be trying to find more space on a SUPERCOMPUTER by going down this path of greed

        Don't be so harsh, as long as they keep pumping out quality games, gamers will keep buying them. 1 year is a long time.

    "In the early 21st century, AC games were released annually. Towards the middle of the second decade, Ubisoft began to accelerate the release timetable. The years between releases became months, and then weeks, days, hours, seconds until the release timetable became perpetual. We call this moment "The Singularity" and it was the reason our modern technology failed, and society collapsed. It's been 20 years since The Singularity, and the human race has been nearly obliterated. What's left of civilisation has been divided in to two warring factions, and you must take up arms to defend your brethren against those who would do you harm: the Templars..."

    - Plot outline of Assassin's Creed 45: The Singularity

    I'm only just playing Assassin's Creed III now. The pile of shame daunts me. I fear to go near it.

    I think Assassin's Creed is like a Moguai, you spill water on it and it reproduces.

      I think maybe they just fed it after midnight. :(

    At least they're shitting on an already bad franchise instead of ruining a good one.

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