People Are Testing Out YouTube's 60fps

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that YouTube was finally launching a 60fps option. And now, people are testing it out, like they would anything new.

What's so interesting about these test video is people are posting stuff that they might not usually put on YouTube. Instead, they're seeing what YouTube can do and taking its 60FPS support for a test drive. It's somewhat refreshing to see people get excited about something like this.

Some of the tests, however, look to be a bit more in depth, while others are just happy with a "Oh, it seems to work."

Keep in mind, to see videos in 60FPS in YouTube, you need to be viewing in Chrome and you must set the video to 720p or 1080p.

As people have more time with YouTube's 60FPS support, expect more detailed tests. Until then, this could be the most important test of all:


    And here i am watching 720p videos on Adsl1. :c

      Lucky you. I don't even get internet. I have to use my phone or take my work laptop home (I'm buddies with the guys in IT so it's cool).

        No 3g dongle? Telstra really tried to convince me to stick with there 3g dongles, i would be surprised if they didn't offer you it.

          Yeah but they aren't cheap and you only get up to 15GB anyway (unless that's changed?). We're also a black spot for unwired and a variety of other wireless options. So I just take my laptop home. I can download probably 5 - 10gb on my laptop without too much drama from work.

            They have 25GB now, but it costs almost twice the amount that 15GB does.

    Now all we need are for games to run at 60fps.

      Last time I played a game that wasn't 60 fps it was on an old CRT...and it was 75 fps.

      *sidles up*

      *looks left*

      *looks right*


      Master raaaaace.

        Yeah, my pc still struggles. When I do in game benchmarks I pass for 70-80 fps, but my aging rig in actual game play with FRAPS running is lucky to get 50fps

      *pauses bayonetta 2*

      I'm sorry, what?

      Last edited 31/10/14 5:40 pm


      But they feel more cinematic at 30fps gosh!

    No idea why but I feel a bit motion sick watching these videos at 60fps...

    Wow... that Avatar footage... even if it's just interpolated from a lower framerate, it still looks amazing. More movies need to be done in HFR.

    Chrome boooooo. FF FTW!!

      Also has everyone forgotten that movies look crap at >24fps?

        The Avatar clip sure didn't look crap... it looked more like it was crossing the boundary between film and stage.

        Only because movie production has been made with 24fps in mind. It lets them be 'lazy' with some of the details which appear at higher frame rates.
        I quite frankly can't stand 24fps movies. Especially in action scenes, when all you see is a blurry mess :s
        Bring on HFR movies!

        stupid kotaku reply thing.y.. :s

        Last edited 31/10/14 5:48 pm

      I know it sounds crazy, what with the way we are trained to take one side or the other with tech things.... but, believe it or not, I heard a rumour that you can have both Firefox AND Chrome installed at the same time....

        You're also allowed to dislike one or the other though :P

        Or even both!

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