What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For the first time in a while, I've been truly spoiled for choice. I have Destiny, I have an early copy of Alien Isolation, and I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Bloodborne Alpha. So, yeah. I won't be stuck for games to play on this long weekend.

What are you all planning to play?

The only issue with the Bloodborne alpha, as far as I can see, is that it's limited to a specific set of times, times which are a little bit inconvenient for Australians. Like, you literally can only play Bloodborne at certain times, it's not just a 'flick on and play when you like thing'. I'm not sure why, but I suspect it's because a limited amount of codes were sent out, and From Software's priority is testing the online portion of the game.

Regardless, I might just have to pretend it's the World Cup or something and wake up at stupid hours in the morning to play this game. I'm pretty excited for it.

What are you all playing this weekend?


    Shadow of Mordor, loving it and think meeting a few mates tomorrow night on Destiny should be good has been a while.

    Also me and the mrs are moving to Melbourne later in the year, the Apartment we are looking at currently has unlimited internet for $60 anybody got an idea what sort of speeds that would be?

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      If you are interested in internet plans in Australia, there is a big community over at http://whirlpool.net.au. I am in SA so couldn't give you a guide myself :)

        Cool cheers mate, I'm not holding my breath for much in terms of speed, I assume its standard ADSL, we are taking over a lease from a friend.

          Depends in the suburb, really. Out west on ADSL2 I'm lucky to get 14MBPS on LAN, 8MBPS on wifi. Friends on NBN in the east said they could get 25...

            Suburb is Prahran?

              Yeah, that's pretty close to the city. Doubt you'll have any problems. Might even get NBN, lucky bugger.

    I have been on an MGS ‘marathon’ this week. And by marathon I mean I’ve played MGS: Twin Snakes and I am about 2/3 the way through MGS 2. So my plans this weekend are to finish MGS 2 today and then onto this little game Serrels keeps going on about called Metal Gear Solid 3. I will get to MGS4 next week and then I’ll be done with MGS for a while. (I have more!)

    I also want to have some more time with Destiny (PS4). I've been off it for a couple of weeks initially due to some health issues. Then I have been side tracked by other games. Games are a great distraction when you have ongoing health issues.

    The problem is that I have so many games to play and I am overwhelmed with choice. A good problem to have though I guess. It’s hard to focus sometimes. So at the moment I’m focusing on MGS.

    Between MGS and Destiny I’m going to look into the Rogue Squadron trilogy and some sort of couch multiplayer with a couple of buddies over the weekend. Probably something on Wii U or 360 like MK 8 or Trials Evolution and Halo co-op.

    Have a great gaming weekend everybody!

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      Experiencing MGS4 while playing all in a row will be interesting. It takes so much from all the other games that I was in tears of nostalgic joy when I played through 4 on release.
      I wonder how the emotional impact will stand for someone who has not had 15 years of memories from the games to draw upon.

        I remember back just before MGS 1 came out and all the hype surrounding it. I totally bought into it and loved it. A lot of nostalgia for that one. Then a few years later I tried MGS 2 on Xbox. For some reason at the time I had trouble getting into it. Maybe because I'd been playing Splinter Cell? (I'll get to finish that series at some point too)

        Did the same with MGS 3. I even bought the 3 disc Subsistence edition for PS2. Again, I only dabbled. Then I bought MGS 4 about a year after it came out and only had a quick look.

        The problem is I collect too many games that I will eventually get around to. My pile of shame grows faster than I can actually play the games. There's just too many games I want to play and not enough time. A problem I'm sure a few of us are familiar with.

        I always loved the series and wanted to eventually finish it off properly. Then about a year ago I got MGS Twin Snakes for GC. So I thought that will be a great way to get back into the series and finally finish the 4 main games.

        Twin Snakes has reignited my enthusiasm and I really enjoyed finishing MGS 2. I'm only a few hours into part 3 and I'm getting right into that now too. Can't wait for 4.

        But yes, I suppose it will be quite a different experience for me. Glad to hear that you have had a great experience.

        Oh, well, that's turned into a bit of a long winded response!

        I have liked MGS from part 1 but never got around to the rest until now because of poor time management.

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          Yeah I see what you are saying. My post if I spoiled massive plot points in 4 would make heaps of sense. Let's just say it tidies up HEAPS and is a massive swan song for Solid Snake. So once you get through the games you will still have past events and characters to reference. You will have to remember to check back and let me know how you went.
          Or add me on PSN (AdrianArkayn).
          As for long winded response, no not at all.

          Twin Snakes was really cool but I don't like the changes to Snake. They are a bit baffling. I would of rather they just stuck to using the MGS2 engine but did a scene for scene remake. Snakes is no back flipping, bullet dodging, matrix ninja :)

            I am intrigued now. Can't wait to see it through to the end of 4. Well as I have had several visitors over the last couple of days I've only played about another hour of MGS 3 since my last comment here.

            Totally agree about Twin Snakes and Snake's super Matrix bullet dodging moves. Did not fit at all and it was a bit silly.

            I will let you know back here or perhaps PSN would be the way to go. I have played 1 on PS1, GC, now 2&3 HD on 360 and 4 will of course be on PS3. Yeah I'm a bit of a console wh*re (I do PC as well). I'll add you on PSN. My ID is Police-Cops FYI.

            I also have Peace Walker HD and Portable Ops to play but I might get to them a bit later. I may have had enough MGS for the time being. We'll see how I feel after 4.

            Eventually I will pick up Revengeance (what's with that name?) and MGS V Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes but I think I'll leave out Metal Gear Acid. Not really my thing.

    Destiny. Stuck on 20 trying to get my first Legendary. Maybe run a strike with mates Sunday arvo.

      If you really want to hit 28 quickly you need to realise that even with the updates RNG will still be a tough nut to crack, so to take a little of the RNG away you should be farming strange coins and motes of light. Farm up rep and crucible marks too as the faction based equipment will be needed to get you through vault if the RNG gods are not smiling on you.

        Yeah... Dat RNG. Guess I'll hit the strikes and crucible tonight. Any thoughts on which faction to go with? Not even sure how to obtain their sash/banner/standard/ thing...

          You buy the faction rep items for under 3k, then merely equip it while doing any activity that would normally generate rep and it will instead go to that faction. With faction gear I tend to aim towards what is most useful to my play style; ie right now I pretty much exclusively roll as defender as its pretty much compulsory in nightfall and the raid, this means that I am more likely to need strength and discipline as I only need my ult as a save rather than as a wave clearer. With that in mind I levelled Dead Orbit first as those are the stats that their armour specialises in. Two of my armour slots are provided by Dead Orbit, everything else was from either Xur or Queen.

    Hyrule Warriors.

    though i will play some of the new Watchdogs DLC too'

    Most likely going to work on my Halo 2 project. Been busy lately but now I can put more time into it.

    As for games, still playing Halo: Reach and Pokemon Y.

    Maybe go through my backlog, or organise some co-op play.

    Mostly work. While I'm at work I'll probably be reading more Game Of Thrones in any quiet periods, and maybe some Desert Golfing if I get time.

    When I'm home It'll be as much Skylanders: Trap Team and Forza: Horizon 2 as possible.

    I'll probably end up playing a bit of Destiny with friends if they're available. Otherwise it'll be a mix of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Atelier Rorona Plus and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

    Woo! 3am to 6am for the Alpha!

    Monday being a public holiday I think I'm going to have to do it then since the only other day is tomorrow and working a full day after will suck.

    Besides that Destiny wasn't doing much for me and Diablo 3 I pent way too much time on so I've started another playthrough of Final Fantasy VII.

    Moving house so like you all my games and consoles are boxed up and unusable so Games will be swing copters and desert golfing till my phone goes flat

    Destiny Destiny Destiny. Going to try and level up my alt character to 20 in between doing bounties etc. since I ultimately want to have a fully levelled character for each class.
    Hopefully will get a group together for the Vault of Glass too, assuming the serve holds up. I got dropped from every Crucible match I tried to play in last night, which sucks extra hard because I was actually doing pretty well for a chance.

    After playing Theatrhythm last week, it's led me down a rabbit hole that ended with me getting Duodecim: Dissidia for PSP/Vita, so that will keep me occupied. I will get Smash bros out of necessity, but am unsure of how absorbed I'll get into it.

      Ha! That's exactly how I ended up playing FFVII again. God damn Theatrhythm...

    Some Destiny, I should prob finish off TLOU remastered and hit that dlc I never played.

    Maybe some DS2. I really should start that game.

    I'm finally getting some time with Arkham Origins and enjoying it! Diablo III is progressing slowly, finally finished Act II...
    That Belial reveal was so obvious I was screaming at the TV from the moment I met that character... thankfully my Witch Doctor acknowledged that he'd known all along
    I've also promised to spend an inordinate amount of time unlocking pants in the Lego Movie game.

    Destiny. And if I can drag myself away from that, some Arkham Origins.

    Did you not mention Smash Bros because you failed to find your 3DS charger? Because dude, Smash Bros.

      I haven't bought Smash Bros because I am genuinely worried about breaking my 3DS circle pad. The d-pad is already cracked through the middle - I have no idea how it happened, one day I took it out of my bag and it was like that. So if the circle pad also breaks, I might as well throw the thing away!

      EDIT: Basically have this, with the second hairline fracture in the top of that picture also broken open.

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        Ah, I got a new 3DS XL from nintendo (replacement for my faulty one) a week ago so hopefully this one will last me a while. I have tried to be careful with it while playing the demo though, which results in me missing smash attacks and doing tilts instead. So that's not so ideal, but I need Smash Bros and I don't have a Wii U (yet).

    Last weekend, I'd had a bad week at work so I decided to have a beer and finally have a look at AC Black Flag.

    15 hours later I came up for air.

    I'm having a great time with this game! I wasn't expecting to like it so much, most people seem to place it in the meh - good category. But I think it's great. Made me realise how important setting is to me in gaming (I love the 18th centrury and the age of sail)

    So yeah, more ACBF...

      Black Flag was pretty great. Much, much needed revival for the franchise after the one-two drag of Revelations and ACIII.

      I bought that the other day for my new(ish) PS4... I think it's going to be the next thing I play. I'm pretty keen.

      A lot of people thought it was great. Nice breath of fresh air they all said.

    SMAAAAAAAAASH! Maybe. I'll at least be buying it. Probably forcing myself to not play it. Wait why has hardly anyone else mentioned it yet?

    Oh, also got Elite: Dangerous sitting there. Beta 2 was released this week, and I'm itching like hell to dive in and check out all the awesome cool new things. But again, other commitments ;_;

    Finish off Valiant Hearts, methinks.

    Then I've got a few options that I haven't touched yet: Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Origins, Beyond Good and Evil HD, Pikmin 3, Darksiders 2, and Zombi-U.

    Definitely be pumping some time into Shadow of Mordor, loving that. But I always tend to opt for multiplayer games with friends over solo, so most likely some Guild Wars 2 with a couple of mates, 1 has only just started and it's buried it's claws in him deep, I'm not a massive fan of GW2 but will happily plod along with my lvl 24 Char doing PvE stuff with him whilst he rapidly catches and passes me.

    Smash bros....
    Smash bros...

    My "what are you playing for the weekend" for the next 2 months will be smash bros, then for the next year after that it will be smash bros wii u.

    Guys I'm really excited for smash bros.

      ...until you find the equivalent of tripping and call betrayal.

    I'm playing Bloodborne (yeah that's right, be jealous), and Smash Bros 3DS which arrived this morning!

    I'm craving games so bad. SO BAD. But the in-laws are over from NZ and staying with us. So yeah, can't see myself having much free time.

    The plus side is that they are taking us to the NRL Grand Finals. Woop woop. Go Bunnies.

    Shadow of Mordor and Rocksmith, maybe some Destiny, maybe start on Sherlock C&P.

    I'm getting a weird Anno vibe from Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system... like I would enjoy the strategy of manipulating the Uruk/Orc hierarchy over the course of 10+ hours...

    FIFA 15, EB Expo and the game where you have to work for money. Is Shadow of Mordor already out???

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