What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hi broken record here, this weekend I'll be playing Bloodborne. Also, if the occasion permits I will also eat and sleep.

What are you all planning to play? It's a long weekend, so plenty of time for you all to get some time in. I'm going to Canberra to visit family, which means that I might be fighting over a TV for time with the game, but hopefully I'll get some gaming in.

A lot of games to play right now but, yeah... Bloodborne. So good.


    URF is back. Time to make some mistakes in LoL.

    Euro truck simulator 2, just gave my g25 a bigger wheel and the harder spring mod for clutch and accelerator, unfortunately my CPUs on its way out so low graphics even thought the 280x can handle it all.

    I'll be jumping between Bloodborne and then, for something completely different, a bit of Scholar of the First Sin. I really like the mixup.

    Maybe also take some time for Life is Strange Ep 2.

      LIS ep2 ending is pretty big, I believe I got the depressing ending though so who knows, yours might be different.

    Pfft, Bloodborne is a doddle.
    I'm going to be playing try not to go insane while driving with 4 kids in a car for 5 hours.

    I think I've finally exhausted Wind Waker HD. Finished the Master Quest/Hero Mode run with all Heart Containers, Treasure Maps, Models, TIngle Statues, etc. I wish there was more to do but now I'm just sailing aimlessly.
    I've got a bit of a creative urge so I'm working out a big list of projects right now, but even if I start something I think I'll get Child of Light knocked over at some point within the next few days.

    I wish Bloodborne. Probably Dark Souls 1 new game plus, the poor mans Bloodborne, until then.

      Not a bad choice still. I loaded up Scholar of the First Sin yesterday to check out the DX11 version and my first reaction was "Meh, I'd rather play DS1..."

      Just something about it. Back when I was first playing DS2 I don't ever recall thinking it just looked so incredibly average.

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        I agree. The brighter level design, prop placement etc look... 'worse' than DS1. The technical and visual 'power' of each individual asset looks better, but it's accumulative style/ design looks worse IMO.

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    Grabbed Freedom Wars on Vita, pretty fun so far. I like how it mixed up the Monster Hunter formula a bit.

    Son just discovered LEGO Star Wars III ON MY 360, keep having to help him because the puzzles confuse us.

    Probably get a little further in Type0, in New game +. There's extra story & missions to be done!

    Diablo 3 and I wanna try to power through Dragon Age: Inquisition with my new Inquisitor so I can play Jaws of Hakkon!

      Started Jaws of Hakkon just now :) although certain happenings at the end of my original playthrough have only left me with one mage, it's a lot more difficult now without 2 mages in my party!

    Finished Bloodborne on Wednesday. I am probably going to still be playing NG+ this weekend though.

    Bloodborne. One boss down! Lol... I'm getting better at it, but it's slow going...

    Also GTAV, just to give my nerves a rest.

      Same here with Bloodborne - I have to explore thoroughly and slowly. Haven't even discovered the second boss yet after about 15 hours or so.

        It's so friggin dense! And farming still feels like an accomplishment.

    Soft jumped onto the souls bandwagon. Bloodborne. Nowhere near as hard as I remember demons souls being, but such a genuinely good game.

      I seem to remember in Demon's Souls you could just dodge roll past a whole lot of enemies and one-shot backstab them. Haven't really found that in Bloodborne, although some enemies seem to have less 'will' (die more easily) if you catch them after they've swung at you and missed.

        There is no backstab only stun. Either by stunning them right before an attack and immediately countering with a normal melee, or doing a full charged heavy attack into their back.

        I just remember dying a lot by environment surprises or cheap spear attacks. I'm sure it was a great game but it was way too depressing at the time. Dark Souls' amazing vistas made up for the challenge. Will probably give demons another shot one day.

    Finding bloodborne a bit samey so I've moved on to pillars of eternity, at the moment pillars is easily my game of the year.

    What, no-one's playing Borderlands? That sucks.

    I'll be powering through Pre-Sequel alone, while my friend's out of town. I think I'm one of the very few that likes to go solo for the most part.

    Other than that, I might attempt Rock Band 3's endless setlist.

    Badcompany 2 for ps3.rush of course and farcry 3 blood dragon. Looks like im playing classics this weekend. :)

    Dying Light. Dem Physics sucked me right back in again.

    Just wish I had manual controls.

    Probably speedrunning Bloodborne so that I can get back to the ending. Forcing New Game Plus is a bad idea.

    Also have to figure out in D&D what I'm going to do with my pet Death Knight.

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    Bloodborne. I took two days off as I played it way to much and thoroughly per area so I sorted burnt out.
    Pillars of Eternity - might install it and start it.

    Bloodborne. Up to another boss, looks hard. Wish me luck!

    I've been playing bloodborne on and off, bit of GTA to do rampages in bulldozers, I want to eventually play some URF, but I'll be working all four days so we will see.

    Visiting my mother down the coast, and I wasn't dragging my PS4 with me, so no Bloodborne.

    Have played a little MH4U.

    ... and, a boat just capsized, and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter is winching people to safety.

    Not good.

    I'm digging Bloodborne but I do find the difficulty a bit cheap, seems a bit like an easy way of making a game difficult is to have respawning enemies, limited checkpoints and diminishing health flasks. I like it, but it annoys me enough that I'm not sure I'll bother continuing from Old Yarnham.

    Well I have til tuesday off, I might grab Xenoblade Chronicles and play the shit out of it

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