Remember This?

GerminalConsequence is a genius. A bloody genius. He guessed yesterday's (tough, I thought) Remember This. It was Mega Man, the original on the NES. Nice job!

Good luck with today's effort!



      upon closer inspection it probably isnt but I wanted to get in early :P

        That was my first thought. Then I saw the windows.....

    I'm no genius, the Mega Man series just has very distinctive wall patterns. ^_^ As for today's... yeah, nothing. Looks like an EGA game of some kind.

    Maniac Mansion?

    .... no, no its not. Hmmmm

    Dick Tracey?

    Last edited 13/11/14 12:30 pm

    yeah some sort of EGA game

    first thought was Police Quest

    I'm pretty sure it's wrong, but a part of me keeps wanting to say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Police Quest 1 on the Amiga?

    That right there is some 'Bad Street Brawler'

    played the crap outta that game on my Dad's WYSE 286!!

    the first PC incarnation of Reader Rabbit?

    I'm not sure why I remember that.

    Bad Street Brawler for the NES

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