Inside This Awesome Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car? A Working NES

And here's the crazy thing: if you have enough money, you can totally buy it. It's on eBay and the current highest bid is $520.

I suspect it will go for a lot more than that.

A couple of little details about this super cool work of art...

— It's not an actual NES inside there, it's the aftermarket Retrobit console, which I think is a good thing because old NES consoles are temperamental as hell. — The blue sirens at the top of the car totally light up when the system is turned on. A+ — Honestly, how awesome do the controllers look? That's not really a detail, that's just my personal opinion!

Actually the controller is probably my favourite part of this package. The buttons and the d-pad light up green! GREEN!

Via Gizmodo


    Holy mother&*^%ing bull%&^* #$%^er with a @#$%ing @#$!adonk.

    Pretty cool.

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