Tell Us Dammit: What Did You Play Over Christmas?

The Christmas holidays is a funny time. Beforehand I always convince myself I'm going to catch up on hundreds of games. Then I get distracted by all the family stuff and the goddamn people and the socialising? Urgh. But I still managed to get a few hours in here and there. What did you play over the Christmas break?

The game I played most was undoubtedly Crossy Road. Take from that what you will, but it was truly difficult for me to get any real time in on a home console. I had relatives visiting. They had kids under the age of four. Most of the time our TV was commandeered in the name of watching Planes: Fire and Rescue and — if I was lucky — How To Train Your Dragon.

But when I did get on I tended to play the Halo 5: Beta. I am a huge, huge fan of what 343 has done so far. I also put in another couple of hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition before finally giving up. It's just nowhere near friendly enough to the first time player. Just doesn't cater to folks who don't know the universe. Shame.

I also started Shadow of Mordor. Seems quite good. Feels a little bit like a super polished Frankenstein's Monster of a video game, grabbing limbs and internal organs from a million other games, sewing them up together somehow. The Nemesis system — in this stupid metaphor — is the electricity that brings it all to life.


What did you guys and girls play over the break?


    I played as much disgaea 4 as I could which equals very little and most of my time I spent playing xenonauts and Dead State as im in a sort of turn based christmas mood

    I was staying in Canberra with @freya's family. No video gaming happened (although I've played a ridiculous amount of Spelunky in the last few weeks) but we did get some board games to the table.

    We played: Rampage, Suburbia, Seasons, Qwirkle and Coup. There may have been more but those are the ones I remember. First time that I've ever seen someone try to be tactical in Rampage. Normally we just try to be as destructive as possible.

    Halo 3, wolfenstein the new order, far cry 4 and fantasy life

    Mostly worked on my Halo 2 video. For games I put some time into Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Touched a little bit of Alien: Isolation and Halo: Reach (which is still the best Halo game released).

    Before Christmas, I was playing Smash for a while.

    Then with the Christmas break I decided to get back to Elite and then nothing else happened at all.

    A whole lot of small world 2, because I can play it with my bub under my arm and drop it at any time.

    Most other games would have required me to be able to drop the bub at any time, and that seemed unreasonable, though occasionally tempting.

    I struggled to find my next "game to play" over the Christmas break. Staples (for me) like Pokemon Omega Ruby and Disgaea 4 were played a lot in the down times but as for a main game I flittered about between things like Diablo III, MGS III, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Atelier Escha and Logy, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Megaman Zero.

    Nowhere near enough gaming. Steam says I clocked several hundred hours, but that was mostly me getting trading cards.
    Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, Far Cry 4, a bunch of interesting indie titles that I had open for cards, anyway.

    I too was away and played Kirby Triple Deluxe as recommended by someone here (sorry I forgot who exactly!). Apart from that was Hitman Go on the iPad, which I managed to get my sister-in-law hooked on

    TLOU MP, Minecraft (looking for new mobs but wither skeleton but the drop rate is way toooo low), started Evil Within but stuggling to get into and fight the desire to play TLOU MP instead lol

    Played a lot of Smash Brothers on Wii U, and The Witcher.

    I was away most of Christmas so it was 3DS time. My wife and I played co-op Fantasy Life. Went to my cousins a few times and played some lounge room Wii U. Otherwise my PS4 got no love at all this holidays.

    My holidays was spent more on board games than console games.

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    I had no real time to game, but I did download Another World 20th Anniversary edition on wii u - and had a quick few sessions

    Loved that game on snes, and now really love the updated graphics and the ability to switch between old and new

    I got Dragon Age for xmas ... now need a big chunk of time to play .. still wrapped : (

    Tabletop Simulator.

    A lot of Tabletop Simulator.

      Trjn is too weak to flip the table!

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    Wow and Persona Q, got half way through Unity, god was that bad

    Dragon Age: Inquisition. I just can't stop.

    Got in a bit of GTA5 and Lego Batman 3, but not much.

    Oh, and I got my girlfriend a 3DS XL on boxing day so I've been playing some Super Mario 3D Land

    DA:Inquisition - finished it, a few steam sale purchases, MGSV: Ground Zero on PC, Risk of Rain, transistor. Pokemon ORAS (Finally caught them all on X, transferred to ORAS now working on a living Dex).
    Towards the end, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
    And most consistently some Heroes of the Storm Alpha/Hearthstone.

    I played through Dragon Age : Inquisition. Loved every minute. Once finished I realized how much free time I had. I decided to go thru my steam game list to see what I haven't played before. (I buy a lot on humble bundle). Terraria popped up and I now have no life again. Feels good...

    I clocked Wolfenstein The New Order. Seriously one of the best FPSs I've ever played.

    Dragon age inquisition and the telltale Walking Dead games! Why I never played them earlier I have no idea. They are incredible!

    Few games here and there of Fifa 14, a bit of Destiny (although I think I'm done with it for the time being) and most importantly the Halo 5 beta. I really wish it didn't have to go away so soon and for so long. Gahh

    Sm4sh, Don Bradman Cricket 14, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Borderlands the Pre-sequel, This war of mine, Forza 5, and Halo the MCC. I also decided to return to FF XIV for the Rogue.

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