That's One Pretty (And Expensive) Link Amiibo

That's One Pretty (and Expensive) Link Amiibo

I'll admit that this custom remodelled and repainted Link Amiibo is beautiful. But is it £70 ($132) worth of beautiful?

The figure's been slightly altered, with a repositioned head and the removal of the stand, which looks nicer but apparently makes him less stable. Although I can't see him being carried around whipped out of your pocket for quick round of Smash every week. He's more a display case Link.

Here's the original for comparison.

That's One Pretty (and Expensive) Link Amiibo

There have been a few customised Amiibos before, with this woolen Yoshi being my favourite so far. Link here is the work of Toby Thornton and, if the price is right, you can buy him here.

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    That's not the original, that's the pre-production model...

    That's the original.

    Not a bad job there. I cut the yellow stick off mine, but didn't go nuts with the paint, I prefer a more vidya look.

      Yep, that is not the one you can buy. Surely if you write a article about amiibos you should know about them. There was a heap of coverage about this.

    I actually have a Zelda 1 figure and was thinking of removing the link on the amiibo and replacing it with that.

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